Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Who are the Hoosiers?

Indiana basketball hasn't been Indiana basketball of late. Coaching changes and NCAA violations left Tom Crean in a major rebuilding mode with one of college basketballs most storied programs. Of course now that Crean has added depth and has the team playing well, we pull them in the ACC-Big Ten rotation. It should be an interesting game and another good test for Donahue's team. Here are some news and notes on the new look Hoosiers in preparation for tonight's game.


6-0 but it is a little hollow. They have yet to play a ranked team and have not played away from Bloomington. Their best opponent was probably Evansville.


Kenpom has the Hoosiers 58th nationally in his power rating. BC is 40th. His ratings favor us in a one on one matchup.


Indiana will mix it up on defense. Crean used to play a lot of man at Marquette but doesn't really have the size at IU to do that against most teams. They rely on different zone looks. Since we are not particularly big, we may see more man to man tonight.

On offense they have some strong perimeter players. Most probably now Maurice Creek, but Christian Watford has been their leading scorer and a solid rebounder. They won't chuck a lot of threes. They are more patient and will find the higher percentage shot and are deadly with putbacks.



What to expect

I think playing at home and playing with confidence will lead us to another win. I think we can set the tempo early and force IU to play catchup and shoot more 3s than they would like. They don't have size to give us problems, but they will force turnovers. It should be a good test to see if Orlando was a good run or the sign of this team's potential.


downtown_resident said...

Looking forward to tonight's IU matchup and Saturday's game against UMass.

Are you going to post your grades and thoughts about Syracuse, or are we turning the page?

Joseph said...

I also wondered about the grades and comments.

Erik said...

O/U on attendance? 4800?

I know I can't make this one.

John said...

I really hope the crowd is good. My daughter goes to BC and I was a guest lecturer this AM and told the class to make sure they go to the game and support the new regime. Go BC!

Richard said...

BC for undergrad, IU for law school. Going to have to go with the Eagles though. Go BC!

BCDoubleEagle said...

free online video broadcast of BC / Indiana game:

Galvin said...

BCDoubleEagle, thank you! This is working great for me

Steve said...

Why can't BC ever hold a lead...

I'm copping two... said...

Over the last few games, I have really enjoyed Rubin's ability to hit the big time three. He is clutch. Glad to have a real three point shooter for the next four years.

Big Jack Krack said...

I didn't see any of it, but that's a very nice victory for our team.

Some of these ACC teams are putting forth pathetic efforts in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge.

We can be proud of our Eagles - congratulations.

How was the attendance?

Dan said...

From what I saw on tv, attendence looked mediocre but by the end of the game the crowd was pretty into it. Good sign.

Big Jack Krack said...

It is amazing what a competent offense — an offense with spark and potency will do for putting fannies in the seats. The students will come as well as the alums. Donahue has these guys going in the right direction - and sooner than I thought he'd be able to. Encourage them and let them play ball - this isn't rocket science!!!

This applies to football as well as basketball.

Go BC - Men and Womens basketball.

Go Womens Soccer this Friday against Stanford in sold-out Cary, NC. It's possible, if not probable for BC to play ND for the National Title. But no one is looking at anything but Stanford.

thecommish said...

Folks, we have a COACH. Amazing to watch this guy during the game, calling timeouts, making adjustments, substitutions, and exuding positive energy. Crowd was not massive but decent (2/3rds full?) Definitely a vibe about Conte that we haven't seen since in a couple years. It's only going to get better with Steve Donahue on the sidelines.

Big Jack Krack said...

By the way - aren't we like 5 and 0 in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge?

Our game this year wasn't even mentioned in the national media. C

Let's keep gaining confidence and sneaking up on teams - I love it.

Dan said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, with York's extension, Donahue's new style and the youth movement on the football team I think we are embarking on a great era for BC athletics.

cwm2005 said...

That was a fun game to watch.

We did the classic BC second-half let down, but then the team hit clutch 3s, executed back door passing, and hit free throws to put the game away. Very un-BC--- a good change.

Southern is a changed man and is now a servicable ACC big man (almost). He's played 4 straight good games against quality competition, is passing well and hitting his FTs.

Rubin is a pure catch and shoot guy, but he's fearless and is hitting the big shots.

Raji played well as mop up guy (anyone know why he sat 2d half?). Trapani is solid but needs to find his shot.

And, the leadership of Jackson and Biko really shone through tonight. Jackson is playing All-ACC right now and Biko is showing fire for the first time in his career.

i'm excited for the bubble come March!

Ry said...

the only reason i can think of for raji sitting is due to the hard fall he took in the first half. it looked like he landed on his head/neck and shoulders. i haven't seen the replay though. he stayed in afterwards and played well, but he may have gotten tight or been more closely evaluated at the half.

cool side note: raji notched his career 1000th point appropriately enough after grabbing his own offensive rebound...he was poised to get it on a free throw but missed the second and my buddy said to me "it's alright, he'll get it on an offensive board, and he did

Lenny Sienko said...

Raji hit head on floor in first half...obviously groggy. I assume he sat out 2d half as precaution.

This team is fun to watch...crowd was pretty good, considering lousy weather in Northeast. They even made some noise in the 2d half.

Southern and Paris are like new men, blossoming under new system.

Dan said...

BC website is sayin 5,300 was the attendance tonight. Also, Albert Louis-Jean 4 star CB out of Brockton just de-committed from Miami. I hope Spaz is all over this.

Erik said...

ALJ's Dad seems so heavily involved in his recruiting, putting up newspaper quotes everywhere. Hopefully he wants to see his son play every week and will encourage him to go to the Heights!