Friday, January 07, 2011

Bowl stuff, Oreos, HD and other links

Who says you can't have fun at these bowl games? Pic taken by @duquette12

HD is pretty excited about this game. Here are her keys to the game. She doesn't think BC will win.

That good recruiting news I referenced the other day: Curt Evans switching from Wake to BC.

The first commercials from America's golden voiced, homeless man will air during the bowl game. As I've been tweeting, Kraft will also work in some of their iconic products into the game like the Oreo coin toss.

Nevada has to get used to playing on a baseball field. We are pros on the diamond.

Here is an interesting post on football game theory and the odds. As we've been saying, our ball control, field goal kicking strategy is very limiting and not supported by stats.

Christian Suntrup's highlight video is floating around. Let's hope he can redshirt next year and we build some long term stability at the position.


Ry said...

two thoughts about suntrup:

1. he is in love with the touch/timing pass.

2. did anyone else notice how many of his completions were to well-covered receivers who just had size advantages and were able to make plays on the ball?

not saying that either is a good or a bad thing, but definitely common themes throughout

mod34b said...

This Ted Williams golden voice homeless (& hungry?) guy is a very cool addition to the reasons to watch the bowl game. Maybe BC can open its Jesuit heart up and do something special for the man and the fight against hunger too!

And Ted is also another reason why the Kraft Bowl is a heck of a lot better than Shreveport, Charlotte or D.C.

mod34b said...

Ry -- Agreed as to #1 (or the highlight video editor is in love with these passes). Seems to read well and has very nice touch.

Was a little surpised by the seeming lack of arm strength on the longer balls. Passes had a lot of air under them, very high arcs and tended to wobble when approaching the end of the arc (i.e. the receiver). Kid will need to get to the weight room to get some more arm strength.

JBQ said...

St. Louis Chaminade was not a pass oriented team. Rob Standard (Iowa St recruit) set the St. Louis area for rushing yards. Therefore, he was highly profiled. His statistics are amazing in that light. Last year, he led the team back against the eventual state champion Webster Groves only to see a miracle pass of 80 yards beat them at the gun.

HUGE said...

Excited about Evans. He had offers from (arguably) more prestigious programs that always outrecruit BC at skill positions (WV, S. Car., Tenn), but still chose twice to go to a smaller, more academically challenging school. Looks like a BC guy to me.

Patrick said...

Is there any word on who the next BC OC will be or will there be a search? I ask because if the Stanford OC (whoever he is) needs a job i think he'd be a great fit. Similar offenses, similar players, similar schools - seems like a perfect fit.

Kevin said...

I actually thought suntrup showed pretty good arm strength and was also extremely accurate throwing on the run. However, I did notice that a number of those balls were completed because of his receivers going up and making plays. Hopefully that can be replicated with curt evans on the heights. He could definitely use a redshirt year to work on his straight drops, particularly getting more depth on the 3-step drops, and play action, those pumps won't move d1 safeties.

mod10aeagle said...

I'm somewhat baffled by Nevada's ranking. Yes, I've seen the stats on scoring and rushing yards, etc., but their competition has been crap with few exceptions (Boise, Hawaii, Fresno St.). I couldn't find the strength of schedule index or whatever that's called relative to BC's. Anyone know what that might be?

BCDoubleEagle said...

There are different SOS rankings. Sagarin is a popular one. He has BC at #54 and Nevada at #86.

Michael said...

2-0 vs ACC

0-2 vs Ivy League!!

It's Gene's fault. Why is he scheduling the Ivy League!!!

Bravesbill said...

Boy did that get interesting there for a while. Good to see them show some resiliency and hold on even with Jackson on the bench with foul trouble.

Bumpaz said...

What #23? He has about 12 TDs ..we should sign him!

Ry said...

good win, reggie looked awesome when he was on the court...the fourth foul he got whistled for on the offensive end was somewhat suspicious, at least in person.

raji was a beast today....gotta love it when he plays like that.

trapani is just so mistake-prone sometimes, it's so frustrating to watch. ditto on elmore, awful shot selection sometimes.

good minutes from moton. he has a great handle and plays solid D, but i still cringe when he chucks shots up there.

we had a hard time with the press as well as on inbounds passes again.

also looks like dunn has either fallen out of donahue's good graces, or something is wrong with him. we could use another big body.

Lenny Sienko said...

On the Suntrup video, his ability to throw on the run was most impressive. However, will that fit into our offense? I would love to see our offense expended to include a mobile qb.

I have to agree with Bumpaz; i.e., find out who 23 is and sign him. He is just the kind of possession receiver BC needs.

EasyRider said...

#23 is Giovanni Ferrara. I say we take a flyer and sign him.

Ry said...

that's a quarter million dollar flyer

mod10aeagle said...

Thanks EE for the SOS stuff.

Trapani seems to have gotten clumsier over the last couple of years, frequently looking more like a freshman who hasn't finished "growing into his body". On the other hand, he had some big rebounds late in the game, along with Raji, which sealed the deal.

Regarding the inbounds plays, they still seem to just jog rather than cut and get almost no benefit from screens. Of course, it doesn't help when the screener starts to set the screen before the ref has even handed the ball to the inbounder, which happened several times.

One other thing that's really bothering me is Rubin's inactivity on offense. What's the point of having a one dimensional (3 pt. shooter) player on the court if you're not going to make any effort to get him some open looks (and he's utterly incapable of doing that himself). I foresee him settling into some lengthy bench time if he (or Donahue) doesn't figure out how to scrape him open. He's a liability anytime he's not shooting.

And finally, anyone know when Southern is scheduled for hip replacement surgery? Or is it arthritis? He moves like the big guys in my over 50 league, which is to say not much but painfully.

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