Monday, January 10, 2011

Flutie talks offense and other links

Doug Flutie is usually out in front with positive BC spin, but even he can't escape the fact that our offense is terrible.

BC grad and former BC assistant Jason Swepson is the new head coach at Elon. If he does well there, he will be in line for bigger jobs.

Even though we have some bad losses, Andy Katz still thinks we can be a factor in the ACC.

2012 recruit Devin Mayo is waiting a BC offer.

There was nothing insightful about this Kraft Bowl article, but I appreciate that Rettig's hometown paper cover the Bowl.


xiaoxia said...

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Big Jack Krack said...

Hello Walter - I hate to look at the downside, but sometimes I have to do that. I am generally very optimistic about everything in my life - and that includes BC Football.

We should have seen some improvement in our offensive game plan approach - and we did not. The best I could have expected of this team was a VICTORY. That's why so many of us are frustrated.

All I want is for the coaches to give the players a chance. Tranquill did not do that - we knew he wouldn't - and our offensive imagination was reduced to desperation passes in the 4th quarter. Tranquill doesn't even realize that if he's going to run the ball up the middle when everyone in the stadium and the television audience knows what is coming, that it is prudent to provide a blocking back for the runner. His approach has been almost insane - he keeps doing what is unsuccessful over and over and over again.

I am committed to BC but at this stage of my life, I expect the Head Coach to be committed to improvement - and committed to winning the game, not that it might be a positive outcome.

Give me a break.

Walter - do you think that was BC's best effort? Do you think BC was incapable of winning that game? Incapable of beating Nevada?

If you believe that, all I can say is WOW!

Let me be clear - Boston College should have won that game on the strength of its top-notch defense and SOME improvement in its offensive game planning.

We fell short on the offensive coaching side of the ball. As stated previously - we knew Tranquill would fall short - and that's the real shame of it. Our players played their hearts out, and I am very proud of them. God bless our seniors - they gave us everything they had!!!

As Doug Flutie said - ......"But the bottom line is, the young freshman [quarterback Chase Rettig] started a bunch of games, they had a whole month to get ready for this game, and there was still no improvement. So that's frustrating. I'm sure it's frustrating for them, but it's frustrating as a fan of Boston College for them to not move the ball on offense."

We need marked improvement next season - and we know that it is attainable with our players. No excuses.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Looks like Doug supports our head coach:

"Doug Flutie: Frank Spaziani has done a great job."

Big Jack Krack said...

Doug supports the Head Coach - especially if he makes a change at OC.

Joseph said...

The remarks about "white Return players" is totally stupid and unworthy of any BC grad. The Patriots among others use a Edelman on a regular basis and he has done very well. Welker has also been used. That post was a disgrace. Use your best players no matter what. Ability to get the job done should be the only criteria.

eagle1331 said...

Anything more on a new oc? In haven't seen anything referencing any actual personnel decisions other that your post, bill. And trust me, I've been hoping to find some reassurance that your not Getting our hopes up...

mod10aeagle said...

According to an article in today's Boston Globe Tranq is going to make his decision (to come back or retire) tomorrow or Thursday. I presume it won't be entirely his decision.

Joseph said...

Official: He has retired. Gone!!!

BCDoubleEagle said...

Tranquill retires:

Ry said...

GDF looked oddly at peace when I saw him at lunch...must not be too broken up about the loss of Tranq.

Big Jack Krack said...

Good luck Gary - we wish you the best in your retirement. Stay healthy and enjoy!

Big Jack Krack said...

Good luck, Coach Spaz. Now you have the opportunity to put all the pieces together and field a VERY competitive team.

We wish you the best as well.

2011 is the year for "Ever to Excel"!

mod10aeagle said...

Spaz really dug deep for that quote: "I'd rather coach with him than against him."

I assume they're going to name a replacement pdq, right? Is Ryan Day really it? Who are his heroes? If he uses the word "continuity" in his acceptance speech I'm gonna hurl.

Lenny Sienko said...

I hope Bill's reporting about Ryan Day being the choice is wrong.

I have nothing against Day; but he is not what I think we should be looking for. BC needs a clean sweep of our offensive staff. The poor play of the receivers and the inconsistency of the o-line are not recommendations for the current occupants of those positions.

A position coach, with two (2) years as a grad assistant and three years as a WR coach, and no OC experience is now going to run the BC offense and call the plays?

Please, GDF, make Spaz do a search. Find someone with OC experience and new ideas about offense. Its not a matter of age (look at Coach Ault); but of mindset.

EAGLE_IN_LA said...

Mark Whipple is close to being hired at UConn.

CT said...

Unless Swigert takes a half second off his 40 time...give me a break. Best players no matter what? Exactly my point, Joe.

Welker and Edelman are exceptions to the rule. Plus, Welker ain't exactly a deep threat, now is he?

We need more speed. Don't care what color. Asians are pretty fast. That'd be cool to have one returning punts, if that placates your sense of political correctness.

But, I mean, come on...your righteousness is cool and all...I certainly hope you feel better now...

Recruit the south. We're faster.

Bravesbill said...

I never realized how much of a disaster on offense Joe Trapani really is. He can't hit the open shot and he rushes and forces shots nearly every time he possesses the ball. Plus he forces passes into traffic which are easily picked off. I swear he must be 0-10 so far this game from the field. I'd rather have Southern shooting than Trapani at this point.

eagleboston said...


I don't know who made the comment about white guys returning kicks, but I thought it was the stupidest comment on this blog the entire season. What does race have to do with the guy returning kicks? Last I checked, this was the year 2011, not 1955. And it is not being politically correct to call out someone making a blatantly racist comment. This blog has no place for bigotry and when we refer to the BC student athletes, we should be commenting on their talent and abilities, not the color of their skin.

Greg said...

Agree on Trapani. Some of his shots just made no sense. Pulling the trigger, so quickly without being set, and without any reason. He's one of those players that I keep thinking will be really solid...and yet...

Big Jack Krack said...

Bravesbill - Michigan got your guy - Brady Hoke. In a year or two it will be "Happy days are here again" in Ann Arbor".

Let's see how fast he can turn that disaster around - even with RichRod's players.

cwm2005 said...

This game is rough to watch

Weird rotation, poor play from Biko and Southern, Trapani playing rushed.

Reggie is going to have to finish strong and get a little help. THis is a sneaky big game, especially after Harvard

cwm2005 said...

great finish to a strange game

Reggie is the real deal

Conte was empty, per usual. 9pm start, but still, were students even there?

BCDoubleEagle said...

Students on Christmas break + 9:00 pm Tuesday night game + impending blizzard = empty Conte

Last year after 17 games: 10-7 (1-2)
This year after 17 games: 13-4 (3-0)

Walter said...

My friends in san fran said classes don't start for another week, so that's why there were even fewer people than usual. Also a snow storm hitting ny right now, so i imagine boston can't be far behind.

I'm so concerned with Trapani. He has gone from an all around serviceable player to someone who is banking 3's and forcing bad shots.

Reggie has stepped us so much this year. He is doing a much better job sharing the ball.

BJK, I wouldn't have gone to san fran hoping at best for a loss, but it was kind of in the same way that eagleinatlanta nearly always predicts us to win. Losing by 7 points when 7 of those points were on a punt return isn't the worst thing in the world.

I don't think we were incapable of beating Nevada, but you're also not giving them any credit. It was essentially their best football team of all time against a perfectly mediocre bc team. They beat Boise State. They had one loss. In the WAC, sure. But to expect that we were somehow even with them going into the game is unreasonable.

Chase Rettig playing "a bunch of games' is sort of a stretch. How many of those games were high pressure games? and how many of them were against even halfway decent opponents?

That said, our offense was disappointing - no way around that. But having an extra month wasn't going to magically change the problems they'd been having all season. I'm thrilled Tranquil is out. Hopefully the next guy can make some big changes.

mod34b said...

Well said EagleBoston and Joesph!

CT's racial comments are offensive and CT should delete them.

If he refuses and continues snarking about them, I would request ATL do so.

Lenny Sienko said...

I said nothing because I thought CT meant his racial comment ironically, as in "White Men Can't Jump". I thought CT was referring to the movie-not making a racial statement.

If he was making a racial statement, then I agree that there is no place here for such and request that the moderator take action.