Saturday, January 29, 2011

OC rumors and other links

Since I am the guy who said our new OC would be Ryan Day my updates probably come off as hedging. That's not the intention. I am just trying to pass on what I know. Here is the latest: Minnesota Vikings QB coach Kevin Rogers got a serious look. Don't know if this means much in the big picture. I still think Day gets it. Rogers might make sense in that he could be a comprise candidate with ties to Gene and Spaz. Gene's son was a GA for Rogers at Notre Dame and Spaz has known Rogers going back to his Navy days. Personally I would rather see Day or Brock get the job than an outsider whose best days are behind him. I expect this all to conclude after signing day.

Just after Michigan made their push, Miami went hard after BC QB commitment Christian Suntrup. So far he still plans on being an Eagle. I will be relieved when he finally signs.

After a great week in practice, Anthony Castonzo struggled in the actual Senior Bowl. But we should note that he was playing out of position at guard. I think his practices, experience at BC and personality will keep him as a first round pick.


Dustbowl said...

Kevin Rodgers has coached for 36 seasons and was never a head coach. Always an assistant something or other

This guys sounds like a Spaz repeat.

Can't we get a successful FCS coach? The next Chip Kelly? The Delaware OC was a good start. And what about internal choice Devine, wasn't he an OC at UNH and a Kelly protege?

Erik said...

Junior right winger Cam Atkinson scored twice on separate goal-mouth finishes in the first and third periods to lead No. 2-ranked Boston College past UMass-Lowell, 5-1, in a Hockey East showdown before a standing-room-only crowd of 6,488 at Tsongas Arena last night .

ULowell is in last place and sells out. Maybe their campus library was closed and the kids had nothing else to do?

Lenny Sienko said...

When Rogers was at SU he had McNabb. at ND, he had jackson. His college experience is with mobile quarterbacks who could run and pass. Do we have anybody like that in the pipeline?

His SU and ND offenses' winning percentages are impressive.

I suspect that he would be more of a Steve Logan than a Gary Tranquil and the powers that be will not go for him.

mod10aeagle said...

Hockey should be named #1 tomorrow after winning nine of their last ten and Yale's loss to Union this weekend. Typical York season; he has the team peaking just as "trophy season" starts.

BCDoubleEagle said...

There were a ton of empty seats at Tsongas last night. They mave have sold 6,488 tickets, but there were more like 5,000 people there, of whom I'd say about a third were BC fans.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Should be "may," not "mave."

CCW said...

Best days behind him? Are you kidding. Compared to the Tranquilizer, we can only do better.

It's not like Rodgers is some college retread. He's had some good pro and college experience.

Who cares if he's never been a HC? THat's not what we're hiring him for. If he's a career assistant, maybe he's pretty good at it.

Matt said...

I've followed Rogers' career since I was in grade school in Syracuse, because I went to school with his kids for many years. I eventually got out of Syracuse for BC, but as he moved on to other programs I've continued to follow him from afar, and he really is a great coach. I'm far from unbiased, but I can say without reservations that he's a great guy and I think he would be a good match at BC.

I feel like it'd be nice to get some new blood at the OC position. Plus he's had a lot of experience as a QB coach with great QBs. I think Rettig could be great with the right coaching for the next few years.

eagle1331 said...

BC just got an interesting shout out at the Hockey Skills Challenge. Apparently one of the announcers (Devil's crew) once saw the reverse of the survivor shoot out round at a BC practice, where the loser had to eat half a lemon..

BobW said...

Everyone who was involved with the offense must share the blame for the inept offense this past year. It would be a mistake to go with anyone associated with BC's offense. I will be thrilled if Rogers is named. It appears that he did a terrific job at both Syracuse and VT and there appear to be a lot of VT people who would love to have him as their OC. Sign him up as soon as possible.