Saturday, January 15, 2011

One of those days

BC basketball lost a winnable game in Miami. But you can breathe a sigh of relief regarding Reggie Jackson. He rolled his ankle on the final shot but expects to play against UVA. I'll have more on the game Sunday.

Matt Ryan and the Falcons got smoked against Green Bay. I know there are plenty of BC fans who don't care about the Falcons, so I will keep it short. Happy for Raji and will be rooting for all BC alums in the NFL playoffs.

To top it off, Women's Hockey lost to BU.

Let's hope Sunday is a little better for BC folks


Dustbowl said...

It was quite a BC moment when Raji sacked Ryan!

A first?

Dustbowl said...

Raji's play at fullback was pretty cool too (echos of Wm the refrigerator Perry)

Patrick said...

Great news on Reggie --- tremendous relief.

A33Jim said...

As much as I dislike the packers, it was fun seeing Raji on offense on that TD.

Matt's got ice in his veins, and has the poise for fourth quarter comebacks... but not if his D doesn't come to play.

BC_85_SandySprings_GA said...

BC's going to lose some of these close games - it's the first of these that we've lost. I think Reggie got anxious on that last layup after UM turned it over - there was still time on the clock. We trapped well.

Erik said...

Those losses do happen, but man it felt winnable for all 40 minutes (less the Tennessee State coverage).

For selfish reasons, I'm glad our team saw that empty arena and the same situation down at South Carolina. Let's the players know it isn't just Conte Forum. Hopefully Conte is at least rockin for UNC.

ATL - I'm glad to hear you're pulling for Dan Koppen's boys this afternoon! Brace is out for NE, Woody is out for NYJ.

Nick P. said...

I think men's hockey plays Maine tonight in Oreno. Lets hope they pull out the win after the long haul up there.

Big Jack Krack said...

I was surprised by the play call by Atlanta at the end of the 1st half - bad call, plus Ryan telegraphed the throw all the way = pick 6.

Hopefully Matt grows even more this off season. I stopped watching early in the 2nd half - it must have been something seeing Raji at fullback.

Sorry about the basketball loss - but we're still doing better than anyone could have imagined.

Go BC.

Lenny Sienko said...

What did the DVR of jackson's drive to the basket at the end of the game show? That was the turning point of the game.

The brief replay on the ESPNU telecast seemed to show that jackson was fouled on the wrist and forearm. The defensive player never got a piece of the ball. The on-air commentators had called it a 'good block" before the replay and said little when the replay seemed to show otherwise.

If that foul is called, Reggie goes to the line for two foul shots and BC goes ahead with the momentum.

I think Reggie suffered from the officials expectations that a guard can't jump as high as he did. They 'saw" what they expected to see; i.e., a block by Miami's inside player.

Bad calls are a part of the game; but this was a crucial play, which pretty much decided the game.

Glad to hear Reggie is not seriously injured. Beat UVa.

Calvin said...

Glad to hear Reggie's okay. On a side note, that Texas A&M win is looking better and better.

JBQ said...

Great show at fullback from Raji. This ingenuity should shame BC for its lack thereof. What happened to McCluskey in the bowl game? In fact, what happened to all of the seniors in the bowl game? What a lousy way to end the Tranquil reign!

eagle1331 said...

Just change the title of the post to "One of those weekends" and you can cover the hockey game, Hasselback, and the Pats too..

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm with you, JBQ.

The Pats' receivers looked like BC's receivers - couldn't get open intermediate or long.