Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recruiting news, hockey video and other links

BC is nearing its scholarship limit with this recruiting class, but there may be room for DB Terrell Chestnut. The four star player was a Pitt commit but the coaching change there has opened the door for new programs. Miami is coming hard and his trip to BC is tentative.

Here is a dorm room tour with a few BC hockey players. Hockey players never change...and I mean that in the most endearing way.

Damien Woody won't be part of a Jets playoff run. New York placed him on injured reserve with an Achilles injury. That is a tough injury to recover from at any age, but will be a real tough road at 33. Let's wish him the best.

Atlanta has been shutdown this week because of four inches of snow. I would hate to see how we would react to the type of storm that just hit BC.


BCMike said...

It's been borderline comical, no? Today is my first day back in the office and even today is optional.

eagle1331 said...

Snow Days as adults? That's just not fair. I live in Hoboken NJ and after 24 inches of snow 2 or 3 Sundays ago I was expected to be at work Monday.. the city hadn't begun plowing yet and I have a 45 minute drive...

eagle1331 said...

Hey Bill -

Just thought I'd add that your blog got a shout out on ESPN (in the Rumor Central section), because of the comment about Day being the favorite to get the job:

"Brock, who has been an OC at three previous stops, for a total of six seasons (two at Hofstra, three at Temple and one at Kansas State), would appear to be the safer choice, but Conroy seems to suggest that the 31-year-old Day could be the favorite. Hiring Day -- who one blogger already says will get the job (though his sources are unclear) -- would follow a trend of teams turning their offenses over to younger, innovative minds. (Down the road in Foxborough, Bill Belichick has done it twice in recent years, turning to Josh McDaniels to replace Charlie Weis and then to Bill O'Brien to replace McDaniels.)"

Big Jack Krack said...

Football-related - I don't know if you will get the chance to review the SF game with Nevada, but it would be a good way to put this season to bed.

We should do some comparisons, but this had to be one of the lowest scoring offenses at BC since my freshman year - and that was a long time ago (1964).

I remember that we thought Joe Yukica's offense was bad - but our 1974 team averaged 34 points per game!!!!! Yukica's others were not at that level - but much better than the 18 ppg that Spaziani and Nyquil put up this year.

Of course Flutie and Bicknell put points on the board - probably 38 or 39 ppg in 1984.

Coughlin's 1993 team posted 34 ppg and O'Brien's teams were consistently in the high 20's - 4 touchdown per game range.

Jagodzinski was 28 ppg and 25 ppg.

And now we are at 18 ppg under Spaziani as a result of RRPP Offense (Lenny Sienko - run, run, pass, punt). Some of us call it the Prevent Offense. Have we hit rock bottom? Can our team ever score less ppg than this year?

Will the new OC develop some schemes to get us back to a level to which we are accustomed as BC fans? We need a 10ppg improvement in 2011.

downtown_resident said...

BJK, I had the same thoughts as you and so I killed time during lunch a few days ago researching those numbers.

The 2011 18.5 ppg is BC's worst since 1995 under Henning. We also had woeful offenses in Bicknell's final season in 1990 (17.2 ppg), 1980 (18.1 ppg), and of course the 0-11 campaign of 1978 (13.9 ppg). The 1964 season we scored at a 12.4 ppg clip and in 1961 a BC team put up 11.7 ppg, but the game has changed so much I'm not sure we're comparing apples and oranges.

In any event, this was a historically bad BC offense and the worst in at least a generation.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Women's hoops just beat #13 Maryland in College Park to improve to 14-3.