Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Seniors in Mobile and other links

Mark Herzlich is one of the bigger stories at the Senior Bowl. For the first time Mark addressed the realities of his decision to stay at BC in 2008. Although his "stock" has slipped a bit, Mark recognizes that the cancer would have been discovered then and he would not have been drafted AND missed the opportunity to play one more year at BC. So the silver lining is that he got to be part of BC football again, rehab from the cancer and complete his degree.

Castonzo joined on the Senior Bowl roster. He is still expected to be a first round pick.

HD listed Herzy's return as one of her best moments in 2010.

Now that classes have begun Spaz can officially discuss his early enrollees. Albert Louis-Jean is the local kid and more familiar name. Canadian Mehdi Abdesmad was under the radar but could contribute right away. An added bonus is that early enrollees count against last year's signing class so BC can take an extra big class this year.

On the recruiting front, BC has interest in Ohio lineman Derrek Ross.

North Carolina is looking at BC basketball target Kaleb Tarczewski.

This isn't a sports story, but the BC community is mourning the loss of former professor and Executive Vice President Frank Campanella. His accomplishments are too long to list, but Campanella was one of the driving forces in transforming BC from a regional to a national school and giving the campus the facilities it has today.


Ry said...

I was lucky enough to have taken one of Frank Campanella's classes last year and was definitely very sad to hear about his passing. He was an incredibly bright, friendly, and caring guy...he will be missed.

Erik said...

Tonight's UVA game is pretty important, in my view. We should have had the win against Da U, now a loss tonight leaves us in danger of a 4-game losing streak heading into our UNC game (which might escalate from there). Get the win tonight, guarantee above .500 in the league before UNC, and maybe we'll get one enthusiastic crowd for a game this year. I mean I hope tonight gets a good crowd, but I know our fans so Feb 1 is what I'm looking toward to give our players a good environment.

dixieagle said...

We can expect more stories about Herzy during Senior Bowl week down here; the TV station my husband anchors for will be doing an interview, and they've already talked him up. I hope he just tears up the offense and improves his draft stock. Looking forward to seeing Castonzo too.

Dan said...

Any status on the OC search? I figured we'd have heard more by now if/ who they are interviewing. Is it wrong to assume this is a bad sign for Day? If he was the guy you'd think they would have named him by now.

Side recruiting note- Rivals bumped Connor Wujciak up to a 4 star so that gives us 5 four stars in this class so far. Not too shabby at all.

Dan Popko said...

Kaleb Tarczewski and Alex Murphy both attending BC/UVA right now. Figure ppl would want to know.

A33Jim said...

THE BC vs UVA game is on channelsurfing:


dixieagle said...

Thanks, Jim!

Scott said...

Anyone know what prompted Chris Dukes to settle for Toledo? something is clearly off.


Dan said...

Maybe it was the Haden Effect.

P.S. Danny Rubin gets younger everytime I see him on tv.

Erik said...

Good win, Eagles! I'm happy.

Bob B. said...

Attended the BC basketball game tonight and saw someone special in the crowd, Harvard men's basketball players Christian Webster and Laurent Rivard sitting courtside. Might Donahue be trying to get them to transfer??

Ry said...

glad to get the win tonight. UVa isn't great but they made it interesting.

Trapani was on tonight thankfully. Played aggressively without getting out of control. He's at his best when he takes more shots in the lane than from the perimeter, which is what he did. He consistently drew contact and made the most of his chances.

It is getting harder and harder for us to get the kinds of looks from the perimeter that we were getting earlier in the season. We need to keep seeing enough of an interior threat in order to open them up more consistently. Other than that, Donahue needs to find ways to generate those looks.

One of the strangest aspects of the game tonight was Donahue inserting Cahill with just under 4 minutes to go in a close game...especially since it was the first time he played all night. Don left him out there for most of those last 4 or so minutes and he made a few good hustle plays including coming away with a loose ball/rebound in a scrum and a heads-up tie-up under the hoop for a jump ball where a foul would have been a very dumb play. There also was a moment where things got chippy between Raji, Biko and UVa's big man and Cahill was able to get his teammates to move back down the court and away from the confrontation...pointing at his head as he did o telling them to be smart. He's not going to give you much on the offensive end, and I still don't know that I love seeing him out there in that spot, but I have to say that he acquitted himself well tonight.