Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why the wait on the new OC and other links

HD tackled BC's delay in naming a successor to Tranq. She concludes that Spaz is naming an outsider and not promoting a current staffer. She says it is just a hunch. I am sticking with my initial report that our new OC will be Ryan Day. I've seen all the speculation, but my tipsters remain firm. But HD did raise a good question: "why hasn't BC already made the announcement?" I actually think the explanation is simple: there is no benefit to naming Day now. Currently they can tell recruits "we are still looking for the right fit, but we are likely to promote from within and keep the same offense. Only it will be more dynamic and exciting with you on board..." If they say Ryan Day is the new man in charge you open a door for other schools to recruit against you. They can question Day's experience, what sort of offense he will run, staff continuity, etc. Who knows? For a conservative school that doesn't get a lot of attention our staffing always provides more drama than you would expect. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe Spaz will bring in an outsider. It wouldn't be the first or last time I got bad info. But whoever it is, I just hope things get better on offense.

BC 2012 target Jason Sylva had a good visit to Rutgers.

BC commit Paul Gaughan dropped out of the prestigious Big33 game. No explanation was given. Let's hope it is not injury.

There is speculation Jags could be Matt Ryan's new QB coach in Atlanta. I don't see it happening for a variety of reasons. But I could see Steve Logan in the role.


chicagofire1871 said...

Speaking of Steve Logan, could we hire him back as OC? Hell, if he were already in the program, when Spaz gets fired after next season, he'd be right in line!

Erik said...

I am not afraid to say I wasn't crazy about Logan. He was too stubborn and stuck to few little plays/formations - most noticeably when they weren't working.
Defense has been the key to our success in both the Logan and Tranq eras.

mod34b said...

Great, let's make a 32 year old kid the OC. He has never called a play before and his only bona fide experience is as BC's receivers coach for e last 4 years. (he was grad assistant, eg water boy, at Florida, and also a grad asst for a year at UNH)

Let's simply look at his work in 2011 with receivers and collectively cringe at his inability to teach his kids how to get open! And this is the choice?

No wonder why Spaz is hiding the ball - this is embarrassing

Is this the best person BC is able to hire?

mod34b said...

There is also a rumor floating on Eagle outsider that Suntrup is visiting Michigan ala Joe boisture last year. E.g decommiting,

Now is time for Spaz to announce an impressive hire, not lay low with a weak choice.

Bravesbill said...

Erik--if you thought Logan ran few too little plays/formations esp. when they didn't work, what in the world did you think about Tranq? Tranq made Logan look like a Chip Kelly offensive guru.

Erik said...

I was underwhelmed by Tranq.

Big Jack Krack said...

In thinking about Ryan Day (who may or may not work out well) we should look at Clemson's experience with Billy Napier as OC.

They fired him immediately after the bowl game this year.

At 31, Napier had been the youngest offensive coordinator in the Football Bowl Subdivision when he was elevated from quarterbacks coach before last season. He spent five seasons with the Tigers.

He did not get the job done for Clemson.

Anfield10 said...

Alternatively, we could look at Will Muschamp. He had been a grad assistant at Auburn then spent a season each at the University of West Georgia and Eastern Kentucky University as the position coach for the defensive secondary, before serving as the defensive coordinator at Valdosta State University in 2000.

In 2001 he was LB coach at LSU, and at 31 years old was made defensive coordinator despite his age and limited experience. The next year they led the nation in D and were Natl. Champs. Now he is head coach at FLA.

I feel like there is a lot of negativity about Day. A lot of people say he can't handle it, hasn't got enough experience and point to other failures (Napier). All I am saying is this guy is associated with Chip Kelly and could be a Muschamp. Many people claim Spaz is too conservative, and now they complain he is going too far out on a limb appointing a kid?

I for one would be excited for Day and someone that knows our program. I do not want another year of adjusting to systems and rebuilding. Rather put faith in a creative young mind who should know how to use the pieces in place.

McDaid said...

1) Day's age is irrelevant. Look down the road at the Pat's last 2 offensive coordinators - McDaniels and O'Brien were both Day's age when they took over one of the most complicated NFL OC jobs.

2) Day will be the OC. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they made a deal with Day when Spaz was hired - Tranq comes in for 2 years to provide grooming / mentorship, then Day takes over. It was the only way to keep Day at BC.

3) The lack of development by the WR's is a huge knock against Day. New blood might be needed. And Spaz doesn't have the offensive skills to help him. The 2011 offense could be just as bad.

4) Personal preference - find someone like Donahue in hoops. An innovative guy who can groom 3-star guys to their potential.

Anfield10 said...

While I agree the lack of WR development is an issue, is there a reason for it? I mean is it hard to really groom and develop frosh wr during the season? The only 3 "impact" frosh WRs I can think of recently are AJ Green, Julio Jones and Crabtree, and our guys ain't them. Maybe it was all Day could do to get these Freshman to not crap their pants when playing at FSU and be as serviceable as possible. Having Larmond and a healthy Phillips would have helped.

Anyway I am not saying that IS the reason they didn't progress. Maybe Day wasn't good enough. I am just saying it must be hard to get too much out of a true freshman WR with no real older WRs to learn from (like a Gunnell, Adams, Hazard, Gonzalez in recent years). If he is our next OC, I certainly hope the WR play this year was not down to him being clueless

HUGE said...

Any chance that we're looking to bring in someone with experience and name Day as "co-offensive coordinator." That's what Texas did with Major Applewhite. It seems to solve many of the concerns addressed here.

BCDoubleEagle said...

The last OC was too old, and now apparently the leading candidate to replace him is too young. You guys crack me up.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'd like to clarify my position - I agree with McDaid about age being irrelevant.

Had I chosen college football as a career and began at 24 years old - I personally feel I would have been ready for the challenge in my early 30's.

If Day gets the job, he has my support all the way. Please don't go prevent offense, RRPP - that's all we ask!

Lenny Sienko said...

Can anyone tell me what Ryan Day's offensive philosophy consists of? What system does he like? Is he a "pro-set"; double I-back; winged-T (for the old guys); spread ; run & shoot; you-name-it?

Age is irrelevant. Football philosophy is relevant; e.g, "Three yards and a cloud of dust" or "There are three things that can happen when you pass the ball and two of them are bad".

With Steve Logan, there was a body of work to evaluate and a clear philosophy and system. With Tranquil, there was an enormous body of work; but I was never certain of what his offense could be, beyond RRPP.

The worst case scenario would by young Mr. Day as a cipher, not likely to overshadow Spaz.

A truly secure HC (say, with a long extension in his pocket) ought to feel comfortable enough to bring in somebody with some offensive cred and a definite system/philosophy of his own to implement.

CCW said...

The argument that naming Day as OC as being advantageous to us in recruiting is totally illogical.

Not having an OC in place is enough to give any good offensive player pause. Any other school should be able to plant the logical seed around the OC uncertainty.

So, delaying is a tactic? It's like we're trying to pull a fast one on recruits by naming Day.

Assenine argument.

eaglephile said...

@ Lenny, My understanding (from a former UNH player and current football coach) is that Day would probably use a spread offense. As a QB at UNH he led a spread O with Kelly as his coach.

I'm not sure what to think of this. It would be nice to have a change of pace on offense after Tranq, but spread offenses can put a lot of pressure on their own D as they don't always use a lot of clock. This can be especially true if there's garbage weather, which this year aside, we usually get for at least 2 home games up here a season.

That said, I would rather give Day a chance to prove himself at the Heights than let him go somewhere else and do it.

mod34b said...

A four star recruit decommiting from BC and going to Florida? maybe???

Lenny Sienko said...

Eaglephile, thanks!

Its good to have any info on the possible OC. As an insomniac who watches late night games from Hawaii and the West Coast, I enjoy watching the spread.

It would be interesting to see if our personnel could run such an offense. I suspect the result would be much like Coach Donahue getting Coach Skinner's recruits to believe in a new system; i.e., if you can win, they will go with it.

I would certainly encourage BC to offer more transparency in its search and hiring decisions, ala John Elway and the Denver Broncos, putting up portions of interviews online.

Big Jack Krack said...

Clemson is going to the Spread Offense this coming season.

Greg said...


"Assenine argument."

Might want to run that through a spell check chief.

Scott said...

ATL, you're exactly right. BC's best play is to delay the announcement, while hinting we expect to keep the staff together and promote from within.

There is no advantage to an early announcement unless you go outside, and hire a big name who will make a media splash. So Heather Dinch has it backwards. Her theory makes sense only when there is just 1 internal candidate (i.e. a quick hire shows confidence and stability). But when you have 2 aspiring internal candidates, you have to expect the one passed over will depart.

Erik, don't know you can question Logan. The dude knows how to scores points. He can match Xs/Os with anyone, and he's known to be ultra creative and aggressive. If he stuck with something, it's because he had to. He's not scared to take chances. What impressed me most is how he completely changed the offense to match Crane's skills. Somehow, he found a way to stretch the field without much of a passing game or speed.

Like everyone, I'm concerned about Day's experience (not age), PRIMARILY b/c we have a defensive head coach. If this is going to work, I hope Gene will pay $$ for top assistants who can share their experience.
Even assuming Day is a bright light and rising star, it's a big risk having a rookie cut his teeth in the ACC, without the lifeline of a mentor.

Hopefully he learned a great deal from Logan and Tranq, but his best qualification to design and offense and call plays probably comes from being a multi-year starter at UNH.

Lenny Sienko said...

Norm Chow now OC at Utah. It is hard to understand how someone can do such a great job for so long in one place, then not be able to catch on at three other places.

I'm sorry, but I must respectfully disagree about delaying. If I'm a recruit and/or his family, wouldn't I want to know who the OC will be and what kind of offensive system I'm going to be playing in?

I wish there was a sense of urgency about choosing our OC. It might indicate that somebody actually cared about our offense.