Sunday, February 27, 2011

Herzy takes the stge ad other links

Mark Herzlich was one of the big stories of the NFL Combine. He answered all the media and medical questions with poise. Now he will have to show that he has his old speed and agility during the Linebacker drills.

Castonzo's stock is also rising after good times and numbers in the drills.

Here is a Hokie take on our basketball team. It hits the obvious points but gives too much weight to meaningless stats like Rebound Margin.

The women's basketball team's slide continued with their loss to Maryland.


Bob B. said...

looks like someone had a couple too many brewskis tonight..

apbc12 said...

Dude, just because Kirk Douglas slurs his words doesn't mean he's drunk. He's like 100 years old and he had a stroke. Not cool.

blist said...

think maybe he's referring to ATL headline, not Kirk Douglas

Erik said...

If I gambled I'd happily grab the Eagles +9 in Blacksburg.

Scott said...

Wow, Costanzo's has the top the shuttle time, probably the top IQ, one of the best bench press and 40 times, and a stand-out on agility/balance.

That sounds like a sure fire 1st round pick (especially for a pass-first team)., I'm just surprised we didn't see more pure domination (especially given Laptham's rise.

Herzy in the 5th round and moving up. Hopefully the interviews and inspections will remove enough the "risk" factor to get him back in the upper 2nd or lower 3rd. Herzy's one of this guys who will make his living on the 2nd contract.