Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Mock Drafts and other links

Everyone thinks Castonzo will be a high pick but no one knows which teams really like him yet. This mock draft has him going to the Dolphins at No. 15.

The also forecasts Castonzo as a Top 20 pick.

For a position coach and nice guy, Sean Devine draws a lot of criticism among the diehard BC fans. He has been the whipping boy for our OL struggles the past two years. But maybe he has more value to BC as a recruiter. Rivals listed him as one of the best recruiters in the conference. I am glad we have a closer but I also want think we need a great OL teacher. If Devine's pupils don't improve this year now that we are "free from Tranq" than I think we might want to keep Devine as a recruiter but move him to another position.

The BC women will be playing in the Championship of their Beanpot too.


Nick said...

According to Wednesday's version of, BC's RPI actually went UP 1 spot after yesterday's loss at Clemson (from 44 to 43). For all of the inconsistencies and various disappointments from the basketball team over the last few weeks, the team's RPI - which is the most overanalyzed number, for better or worse, come Selection Sunday - remains somewhat mysteriously (and reassuringly) pristine. Shows how valuable SOS is.

bostonfoodie said...

It looks like Wisconsin has an opening for opening day.

Why not jump at it and try to get a home-and-home with Wisconsin to start the season?

mod34b said...

Is Castonzo really that good?

Who has he dominated?

This last season, I thought Castonzo and the OL would beat up on Weber State or Kent State. But shockingly, that did not happen.

In fact, the Castonzo and the OL did not dominate anyone except maybe Syracuse this year. Not Wake, not Duke etc.

So why is Castonzo so highyl regarded? because he is 6'7" and 305?

I really see him slipping into the second or even third rounds. But what do i know? I hope for BC's sake he goes in round #1, but I think in truth he is overrated.

the 2010 OL flop is not all on Devine. But a lot of it is. How can you have 3 possible NFL drafts on your line and still suck against Weber State, Kent State, Nevada, Duke, Wake and UVA?

Bravesbill said...

Foodie--There's no reason for TCU to take the Wisconsin game. First, they already have Baylor on the schedule for that date, who is a big intra-state rival. Second, the game would be held in Wisconsin and there would be no return game at TCU. It would make no sense for TCU to take the game.

Ry said...

piggybacking on Nick. Lunardi still has us in the bracket and not even necessarily on the bubble. We really need a win against Maryland this weekend. From there we can probably concede a loss to UNC. We'd then need to win three out of the remaining four (Miami, @UVa, @VTech, Wake). VTech is probably the toughest game, but the other three are definitely winnable games. That leaves us at 9-7 heading into the ACC tourney where we could hopefully lock up a 20th win that would go a long way towards solidifying our NCAA bid status. The most important thing right now is taking care of biz vs the Terps at home this Saturday. Hopefully the students make a better show of it than they did last weekend.

Big Jack Krack said...

How many of us thought that we might have a chance to make it to the Big Dance this year?

I certainly didn't - so any success is a complete bonus and I'm proud of these guys.

Big Jack Krack said...

Re: the announcement for the OC - I'm with Lenny.

Do we have smoke?

mmason said...

Got a chance to read everyone's takes on the Clemson game and (I know, days later, but I have these kids and that job etc...) have to say, we're the "same underachieving team" we've been for years. We have no big man inside with any presence and our shooters need too long on the open looks to get key shots off--we always have potential but are never a threat to any team that's a threat to everyone else.

With Dudley & Co. we had a combo of
shooters, ball handlers and confident, smart guys. Now we have a team with talent but never have all those skills at the same time
when it's time to win against anybody we face. Remember the 18 game win streak a few years back? That team almost coached itself and was ranked in the top two behind Illinois late in the season. They had poise and guts and no quit in 'em. These kids today are unsure, awkward and make bad choices in crunch time. We're not going to the dance...because we can't dance.

Greg said...

Not sure you can say that we are underachieving this year in BBall. Who really thought we would have a shot at the tourney right now? We are missing some serious pieces of the puzzle, and it has shown in our losses. But we have also managed to overcome that to win a good number of games. Not having a big man (or at least a man who plays big, like Craig Smith) is killing us, and it is hard to coach around that. So far, I think Donahue is doing a solid job with what he has. It will be interesting to see how thing progress over the next couple of years.