Sunday, February 06, 2011

Super Eagles

I can't read lips, but I bet BJ and Robert's celebration mentioned something about BC. Congrats guys.


Erik said...

I wonder if Billy Flutie played his "Ro Fran Don't Touch Me" song for pre-game good luck?

eagle1331 said...

More disheartening OC news, from ESPN:

"When we last checked in with Boston College, the Boston Globe was reporting that Minnesota Vikings QB coach Kevin Rogers was the favorite for the Eagles' offensive coordinator opening, and that a decision should come within a few days.

Well, in the interim has thrown two more names into the mix. It's unclear if these candidates were interviewed prior to the Globe's report and are now just being made public, or if they were interviewed subsequent to the report, which suggests that coach Frank Spaziani might not be sold on Rogers.

At any rate, FootballScoop says that UFL coach Mike Kruczek has interviewed for the job, and that Spaziani has interest in South Florida QB coach Peter Vaas. Kruczek is a BC alum who played in the NFL in the late '70s and has had a long if uneven coaching career, including a six-year stint as head coach at Central Florida and a one-year stint as OC of the Arizona Cardinals under Dennis Green. He did not coach for two seasons after Green was fired before resurfacing in the UFL in 2009.

Vaas is a Kruczek contemporary who should also be familiar to Bay Staters, as he is a Massachusetts native, a Holy Cross alum and a former Crusaders coach. Since then he has done stints in NFL Europe and with Notre Dame, Duke and Miami of Ohio (he was OC at the latter two, for one season each).

If Spaziani hires one of the above-mentioned candidates, who are all in their late 50s, we imagine that part of his responsibilities will be to groom WR coach Ryan Day, who turns 32 next month, as a future OC."

Joseph said...

Why "disheartening"? Age? Experience? Character issues?

eagle1331 said...

Joseph -

Just not a fan of either guy.. track records of letting players' issues develop, poor recruiting work, poor offenses when given a shot...

Plus I'm also on the boat of let Brock, Devine, or Day have the job. Not that I think they necessarily have a better resume but I think they come from a unique situation that may bring some excitement to an aging coaching staff/gameplan