Sunday, March 27, 2011

Adios Atkinson and other links

Everyone expected Cam Atkinson to go pro after the season ended. But with BC's early exit from the NCAA Tournament, a few hoped he would return for one more season. It was not to be as the JR forward signed with Columbus. York gave a positive quote and we wish him all the best.

Thomas Claiborne knows he has a lot to prove to the NFL. Once a sure-fire draft pick, his uneven 2010 season has him looking like a free agent.

Bill McGovern told NFL scouts they didn't have to worry about BJ Raji's off the field issues.

Although they lost the finale, the baseball team took two out of three from Virginia Tech over the weekend.

Also, I am not ignoring this Skinner article. I just want to get my thoughts together before I rehash what so many have talked about already.


CT said...

Not a lot of sizzle to that Skinner article. Pretty non-descript, I thought. Most interesting seemed to be the acknowledgement from the asst. coach wrt the heavy lifting. Could be worse...we could have Bill Self.

Bravesbill said...

Hasn't Bill Self won a championsip?

mod10aeagle said...

Compare York's comments about Atkinson to what Jack Parker had to say when asked if David Warsofsky's had made a good decision to forego his senior year:

“I think he did,” Parker told USCHO between player meetings in his office Thursday afternoon. “He needs to be challenged in a different way. He didn’t perform as well as he could’ve this year, and I think it was because he wasn’t challenged. He needs to be on eggshells, worrying about how good he is compared to everybody else, and I think this year he thought it was going to be too easy for him.”

“He didn’t have a bad year, but he didn’t have an All-American year, either,” Parker said. “I thought he’d be that type of player for us. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that he might’ve had one leg out the door already, you know, thinking that he might be gone at the end of the year.

“I think the challenge of going to play for the Bruins — going to professional hockey and having to prove something all over again — he needs that.”

Read more:

Ry said...

the beginning and the end of the story is that Parker's guys don't like him. they don't like playing for him. jerry's guys do and that is as big a part of our continued success as anything else.

Lenny Sienko said...


The reference to Bill McGovern's comments about B.J. Raji off the field behavior's effect on his draft status was an article from 2009.

Was this a quiz for alertness for some of us "senior" readers? or just lack of sleep due to your young family? [grin]

Dan said...

Not sure if this was posted and I just missed it, but if not here is a great piece on Keuchly.

Keith said...

And the exodus continues… Jimmy Hayes has signed with the Blackhawks

CT said...

BBIll, true, I guess it brings up the conundrum of whether winning one makes up for underachieving every other year with your pick of recruits.