Thursday, March 03, 2011

BC women upset and other links

A disappointing end to a disappointing regular season as NC State upset BC in the first round of the Women's ACC Tournament. BC has a winning record so they are likely to get an invite to the NIT.

BC was the first to offer a scholarship to Jarron Jones, but now that he has made ESPN's 150, most major programs will come calling.

If you find the ACC Tournament seeding scenarios confusing, this post should help clear it up.


Deacon Drake said...

I guess the biggest question is: What does back to back games against Wake do to the RPI and how will that affect the tournament profile of BC going forward?

The wins are nice, but giving the Deacs consecutive chances to wtf us seems counter-productive.

Erik said...

I'm sure 20 wins looks a lot better than 18 wins no matter what happens to the RPI.

Erik said...

Huge game tonight vs UNH. Need to avoid a loss to have a chance at 1st place Saturday night.

Danny Boy said...

Anyone see HD's mailbag today?

She said it was up to BC to promote Luke Kuechly's greatness, not her (and, I would imagine, by extension the media as a whole). If it isn't the media's job to highlight outstanding athlete's why allow them to vote on awards?

Did she misspeak here, or should we place any blame for our absence in the national conversation squarely on GDF's shoulders?

Snuffy said...

Dannyboy, HD is an idiot, and even worse than the ESPN dude that covers the SEC.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Wonder if Crawley will turn down the NIT bid like last year.

What a horrible end to a promising season. They started 11-0 (best start in program history) and cracked the Top 25, then went 7-12 down the stretch.