Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reggie Jackson has one foot out the door

As expected, Reggie Jackson declared for the NBA Draft (kudos to the Heights for their good interview). As long as he doesn't hire an agent, the rules give Reggie a window to return to BC prior to the actual Draft. This is a thin Draft so I expect Reggie to keep his name in the Draft and go within the Top 20 picks.

I wish he would return but don't begrudge him at all. His stock is still relatively high and I think his game and his build translate well to the NBA.

If he stays in the Draft, it is certainly a setback for Donahue Year 2, but I don't think it is as severe as some are stating. Even with all the new pieces, I don't expect our offense to fall of a cliff. Defense will be a different issue. My very early prediction is that BC will near .500 and win 5 to 7 ACC games.


WI_Eagle said...

Who was the last BC player to do this? Did Troy Bell, Craig Smith, Jared Dudley, or Tyrese Rice do it? Where were each of them slotted to go after their junior years? While Troy, Craig and Jared were all better college players than Reggie, they each had flaws that made them less desireable to NBA scouts (Troy-height, tweener betwee the 1 and 2...Craig - too short for a 4...Jared - not athletic enough). Reggie doesn't seem to have a major flaw other than maybe he needs to bulk up a bit.

I obviously want him to stay, but one could argue that playing without him next year will be better for the program in 2-3 years as all of the new freshman will be asked to do a lot. That being said, please stay Reggie.

Dports1 said...

Rice was heavily scouted by the Spurs and thought to be a 2nd round pick after his junior year.

Sean Williams was the only player during the Skinner era to declare early.

Bob B. said...

If Reggie is gone then Dallas is gone. Reggie will probably be gone, so Donahue will lose Elmore too. Elmore is reportedly visiting schools out west this weekend. He probably wants to finish his disappointing career closer to home at a mid-major where he can make an impact.

Brian said...

If Reggie goes, how in the world do you expect BC to win up to 7 games in the ACC when they only won 9 games in the conference with him last year?

Donahue's huge class better pan out or otherwise this program will be relegated to become an ACC bottom-feeder. I will take a few years to reserve judgement on him, but losing Jackson early would not help his recruiting efforts as the program will have no shot to make the NCAA tournament next year.

Patrick said...

A more realistic assessment is 7-9 wins total --- with four freshman in the starting line up, and one transfer. Chalk up a fourth straight loss to Harvard, and this one won't be close. In fact, the team coming in next year will be the fourth best in Boston (Harvard, Northeastern, and BU, in that order, will be better).

EaglesBro said...

7 games seems a little ambitious but I can see them winning 5-6. Who is getting that much better in the ACC?

We have a top 100 recruit coming in (significantly higher ranked than Reggie was), a legit center, and a bunch of other role players that should work well together. Regardless, if Reggie goes, I think most fans will realize that we are building toward the future and not playing for right now.

EaglesBro said...

Patrick! c'mon!

it won't be that bad, will it? will it?

John said...

Let's stay away from recruits and rankings. The only guys who are for sure are the top 20-25. THE Wall St Journal had an article on this. Two 2-stars made the 15 guys from the AP All America Team this year (Ben Hansborough and Fredette) but normally it is 4 and 5 star top 25 guys.

Bottom line with T Bell, Cookie Monster, Sean Williams, Dudley you never know.

I remember everybody going crazy over the Josh Southern /Rakim class.

That worked out great and Trapani who was a transfer ended up being the best player.

Donahue is 3 for 11 on making the tournament and it was not exactly spread out. He struck gold with Wittman and Foote.

4-12 ACC , 13-18 overall and that's if Humphery is good.

Humphery is 37-67 from the foul line in his career- 55% so much for a shooter

EaglesBro said...

Oh please, don't pay attention to meaningless things like recruits and rankings but use a guy's tiny sample size FT percentage as indicative as his overall ability?

Btw, ESPN has Anderson rated as 4-star guy. Not saying he'll be an all-american but he's certainly the highest ranked guy we've had in a long time.

Benjamin said...

DOOOOOM! GLLOOOOOM!!! That's what I predict.

Ry said...

Elmore is definitely gone...take it to the bank

EL MIZ said...

"Coach took me aside and we watched film day after day to really get back into an attack mode and really making my first dribble a purpose to go somewhere and I started getting to the basket...."

"That slump kind of sucked. It sucked very much and it came at a bad time, especially against the top three teams in our conference. I believe Coach did a great job of pulling me aside and getting me back into the groove of things."

as pertains to Coach D, it's great to see the praise from the best player. Clearly Jackson isn't going b/c of Coach issues. Obviously I hope Donahue can convince Reggie to fine-tune his PG skills and be a top 10 pick in 2012. If not, I'll root for him in the League.

The sooner Donahue's kids can get into the program, the better. If Elmore wants to transfer, so be it. Surely we can get 2 points and 1 rebound from someone else, and I'd rather have another freshman come in with this group than have an upperclassmen who doesn't want to be here.

BCNorCal07 said...

Oh my gosh, Patrick! A college basketball team that has to rely on freshmen! That has never happened before and is a certain recipe for utter disaster!

Patrick said...

Yep, you're right. Next year's team will just be our own version of the Fab Five.

Four freshman and one transfer with no depth whatsoever, and no PG who has been successful at the college level...not a recipe for success. None of that is the current coaching staff's fault (for example, why won't we have a single junior on the team excluding a transfer? Not Donahue's decision).

Unfortunately, while our recruiting class is decent, its not as if John Wall is walking through the door...every one of them will need time to develop. And the development will result in a single-digit win total.

EaglesBro said...

don't forget about potential walk-ons. we may have a junior on the squad yet.

Fran said...

It is a very thin draft class and if he's top 20-25 then he's got to go. Danny Rubin could be the leading returning scorer (ouch).

I think Donahue will be alright. He's a great recruiter and seems the get the most out of every player not named Josh Southern. Not bringing in any recruits two years ago is really hurting the program but that was on Skinner, not Donahue.

Also Sean Williams did leave early but it wasn't like the man had a choice. There was no way he was ever playing for BC again.

harrow said...

Why don't we recruit Sim as seen below. I think he may have a brother too and that his Dad is a professor or whatnot. Years ago he said he wanted to go to Duke. His parents want academics too. We have the scholarships to use now, if he is a bust he is a bust. Supposedly he was insane at the U-18 world's.