Friday, April 29, 2011

More baseball problems and other links

The baseball team opened a series with UVA Friday and lost the first game 17-0! This is becoming sad. UVA is good, but BC's meager bats are head scratching. I know help is supposedly on the way, but I would hope that the current talent finishes the season strong.

This article and link has a great behind the scenes look at the Castonzo draft party.

Finally TOB's stubbornness pays off for BC as he released Russell Wilson from scholarship. I know BC was 2-1 against Wilson but I still dreaded facing him.


mod34b said...

Thank you, TOB. You've now pushed (shoved!?) Wilson out of the picture and created problems for your future recruiting abilities.

BCDoubleEagle said...

From the linked article:

"Pick a perspective: N.C. State just let a potential Heisman Trophy candidate walk off campus and into some other lucky coach's arms. Or, a football coach finally put his foot down with a player who had held the program hostage for two years as he fiddled with another sport. The reality, of course, is somewhere in the middle, as it always is."

This is not a story about "TOB's stubbornness." Of course, ATL and other BC fans will shun any attempt at objectivity and instead use this as an opportunity to beat the tired old "TOB sucks" drum. Pathetic. He left us almost five years ago. Get over it.

Erik said...

Ugh, Phi Eagles just took an OL in 6th rd from tOSU.

Would have been great spot for Mark, hometown team.

BCDoubleEagle, talk about "getting over it". Way too mad about the content of a post for a Saturday in April. Get over yourself.

Scott said...
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Scott said...

Just listened to Harbaugh explain his reasons and excitement for picking kaepernack. Naturally , said he loved his height, arm, athleticism, and said he's got the character/drive he needs. But the tipping point was the bowl game against BC. He said BC was the best and most disciplined unit, with lots of disguised schemes and very different from anything else Reno ever saw. What impressed him was that he simply took what BC gave him, and consistently made threw the deep out on time and with accuracy, and never got greedy or frustrated. That's when he believed he could coach him and be an effective of a well designed scheme. He mentioned at least 3 times that they look at how players react to defenses like BC's when evaluating.

Scott said...

UVA baseball is more than just good, they are number 1 in the country Still, BC should never get smoked that bad. Horrible. And UVA's park is very hitter friendly, with its mixed turn infield, and grass outfield with deep alleys.