Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recruiting news, UMass Football and other links

Practice is over so recruiting is heating up. As usual we are competing with many other Northeast programs. Dalton Crossan likes BC but still has more of a connection to Rutgers. Sam Grant enjoyed his visit to BC. The prize visitor may have been Tyler O’Connor. The Ohio QB doesn't have an offer, but thinks one is coming from BC.

The UMass to FBS level football news started up again today. The latest report has them joining the MAC and playing games in Foxboro. Most BC fans seem indifferent and are predicting failure. I actually think it is a good play by UMass. They are probably betting on two things: the Big East going Football only and/or the NCAA creating a football playoff. In either scenario they will earn big revenue shares and raise the profile of the school. I also think it is a win-win for BC. We get a local school we can play at a low cost. It raises the profile of college sports in the area and helps local high school football. We shouldn't really fear them on the field or on the recruiting front.

This is a great take on the woes of BC baseball. Most of the blame is pointed at Aoki's subpar recruiting. Hopefully Gambino turns it around quickly.

This is a fair breakdown of the two top OL prospects in the Draft: Anthony Castonzo and Tyron Smith.


mod34b said...

I read somewhere that the UMass football program was losing $3 mill a year and the new approach is fueled in large part to make more money. Apparently, the MAC teams get paid a $1 mil to get rolled by an Ohio state, an Alabama, ND, USC etc at their home. 2-3 games as Guaranteed Loser and you are in the black financially. This is the state NCAA football.

Really pathetic. But you are right, this is all part of a play to get into the Big East, so it does makes sense as a first step.

Not to mention how unnatural playing other MaC teams will be Umass v Holy Toledo -wow! Talk about a fish out of water and some really boring football.

Games will be at Gillette because FBS require something like a 30,000 seat stadium - Gillette is the closest such stadium - 2-3 hour ride from Campus. Umass will build/modify present 17k seat stadium.

And the UMass fans are among the biggest BC haters going- so now we have 2 dogs in the neighborhood - Umass and UConn.. Let them play each other, we can play Maine, Unh as our FCS game.

Teej said...

a solid 1 day "showdown" at gillette. BC, UMass, UConn & someone like URI. 2 games in day, fill the place up

Dan said...

I think this is great for us. Offers us a great chance for an in state rival and an annual cupcake game that will still fill the seats. It also builds more general interest in college football in Mass which we all know is lacking. An annual game at gillette might not be an instant fsu vs. Miami but it would most definitely be a ratings draw due to the amount of bc and umass grads in the ny nj new england region.

I get the potential of losing this game is a drawback but really folks are we good enough to turn our noses up at too many other schools (other than Uconn)?