Monday, April 25, 2011

Scouting Report: Richard Lapham

This is my annual attempt at being Mel Kiper or Todd McShay. I'll cover the big names and the likely BC free agent. First up is Rich Lapham

If you went back in time to when each signed on with BC, few would have predicted that Anthony Castonzo would be a first round left tackle while Rich Lapham was hoping to be a late round pick. The heavily hyped Lapham was a three-year starter but never earned any conference honors. He played an important position (RT) but faced injuries and inconsistency. Many of his linemates over the last few years were better college OLineman, but they weren't 6'8 and 315 lbs.

Size is a big reason Lapham will get a second look. He has trouble blocking faster players, but still moves well given his frame and weight. On paper he looks like an NFL lineman.

I never particularly cared for Lapham's play on my second viewings. He was above average in the run game, but not great in pass protection. He seemed to make a mistake or two throughout. His length never seemed to be an asset, but he showed good strength on power moves. Also -- and in a way most damning -- when he went down, I thought his replacement (Cleary) played better.

The good news for him, outside of his size, is that he truly did work in multiple systems. Unlike Castonzo or Claiborne, Lapham did spend time playing OL under TOB. He then slimmed down under Jags for the zone. Then he moved to our mixed scheme under Tranq. His ability to adapt is a good sign. It means he's coachable.

As far as downsides, I don't know if Lapham can play anything aside from Tackle. I also don't know if he has the balance and speed to handle Left Tackle in the NFL.

I don't expect Lapham to get drafted. But I do think he will have multiple teams interested in tryouts and free agent deals.


JBQ said...

Jags and OB had blocking schemes that made sense. Tranquil got plenty of people hurt including Lapham in practice. In fact, two lineman were hurt in the same practice. This is where the team went wrong. That is why Claiborned had the big run in with Spaziani.

eagle1331 said...

Some Jackson news, courtesy of Chad Ford and ESPN:

UPDATE: ESPN's Chad Ford wrote yesterday that of the underclassmen who have yet to hire an agent, Boston College's Reggie Jackson may be the most intriguing name.

"He's still very much on the fence about leaving," Ford wrote. "We have him ranked No. 19 on our Big Board and a few NBA teams have him in the lottery. However, there are other teams that see him strictly as a second-round pick. He's hearing starkly different assessments from team to team. That could scare him back to school."


In the updated Big Board, which now excludes the players that are returning to school, Boston College combo guard Reggie Jackson has moved all the way up to No. 19.

With Jackson's stock continuing to rise, it appears less likely that the athletic guard will return to BC for a senior season.