Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Herzy caught in Condon-Pats spat and other links

I tweeted it during the Draft, but NESN expanded on how Tom Condon's testy relationship may have impacted the Patriots thoughts on drafting or signing Mark. Fortunately most NFL teams are pragmatic and will sign Mark if it makes sense for them (regardless of who reps him).

The big news of the day was the release of the ACC's TV schedule. Currently BC is slotted for six televised games, but more are likely to be scheduled. The big news are the increased ACC regional games. In the past there was only one, which led to many relevant ACC games being placed on Now with occasional ACC regional double-headers, more games will be on TV.

BC is involved with QB Nathan Peterman.

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CEW said...

The Patriots are among the most pragmatic teams in the NFL. The Patriots make practical decisions about who to acquire and who to play based on the facts they have available.

Tom Condon has burned them in the past and they are right to be wary of negotiating with him. Still, the Patriots would make the pragmatic decision to adjust that stance for the right player.