Friday, June 03, 2011

Another recruit, who is paying for Alumni and other links

The other day I suggested focusing on Ohio in the wake of the Jim Tressel mess. Well it didn't take long for my new strategy to start paying dividends ;). BC added to their 2012 class with a verbal commitment from Ohio Tight End Sam Grant. Grant had offers from some Big Ten schools too.

I received confirmation today that the Patriot players used Alumni for free. This sort of surprised me. I assume BC would have wanted a few bucks and would also want to set precedent. But then again if Tom Brady and crew keep doing things like visiting the Town School then it will all be worth it. BTW, Dan Koppen was the Patriot who originally reached out to BC to coordinate the practices.

Former Eagle Ron Brace's family were near the eye of the storm in Springfield.

One of the dominoes of Big Ten Hockey could be Notre Dame joining Hockey East.


SaturdaysOnShea said...

It will be interesting to see, if ND joins Hockey East, how that effects the rivalry with BU. I think BU is our overall hockey rival, but any opportunity to outshine ND is always welcome. It would be interesting to see if the ND-BC hockey game became a hot ticket.

blockparty said...

kudos to luke russert for calling out bill simmons on PTI yesterday for the BC shirt in the new york times article. i was dying laughing when LR said it. the sports guy had nothing to say afterwards.

Lenny Sienko said...

The Boston Patriots have used Alumni before--see 1970 exhibition game with Washington when fire broke out in stands.

The Boston Patriots had an excellent relationship with BC. I can still remember Patriot players coming to BC games on Saturday. Jim Nance, former NCAA heavyweight wrestling champ and Patriot fullback, was an amazing physical specimen. He had no neck whatsoever--just muscle.

JBQ said...

This is not good. BC should have charged a nominal fee. The Patriots are users. BC should get some pride.