Thursday, June 16, 2011

Appreciating Matt Ryan and other links

When talking heads discuss Matt Ryan the usual theme is that he's good but not in the elite. Finally someone has crunched the numbers to show just how good Ryan really is. All he needs now a deep playoff run to change the perception about his style of play and his upside.

HD's posted a series of rankings articles. I ignored the coach version, but cannot let the QB one slide. I know Rettig still has a lot to prove but do how can he be ranked behind so many guys who have barely played?

Jason Sylva is excited about his BC offer.

Here is more speculation on Reggie Jackson having a wink-wink deal with an NBA team. I hope Reggie is getting good advice. If he doesn't get drafted, skipping the workouts will look like a huge mistake.

Finally, I just found out today that former BC linebacker and backup QB Kevin Kiley is now WWE superstar Alex Riley.


JBQ said...

There is no doubt of the greatness of Matt Ryan. When he played in the ACC championship game against Virg Tech, it was obvious that the "fix was in". One drive after another was ended with a controversial penalty. It was obvious that the ACC did not want another "miracle finish" against VT and ruin their money maker. Can I say it again? There is no doubt that "Jags and the boys" were cheated. That is the ACC that GDF and WPL want to "snuggle up to". Now, BC is "peddling backward" and the ACC is smiling. Chase Rettig probably looks better than Matt Ryan did at a similar stage. However, Doug Flutie stated that he "stagnated" under Tranq. Tranq had the credentials and appeared to be "good to go". He was "clueless" and it appears that Spaziani is "rowing the same boat". That is why Rettig is not raed highly. He did not produce and even went backward. If Spaziani does not "take the wraps" off of Rogers, then he needs to be fired before the season is even half over. The way things are shaping up, Central Florida and Northwestern are both "losses". Both are enthusiastic and "up and coming" squads with well disciplined coaches. The lingering issue of how Spaziani treated his senior players leaves a "sour taste" in my mouth especially in regard to Billy Flutie. Also, Jordan McMichael was the best receiver on the squad with a number of big catches. It appears that he was a friend of Flutie. It is obvious that Spaziani is "petty and vindictive". (See Thomas Claiborne) who was a friend of Herzlich and Herzlich was not treated real well by Spaziani. It was obvious that if it wasn't for the media campaign and sympathy, he would have been benched. The amount of jealousy toward D. Flutie on campus "oozes" out of the pores from my visit to campus in March.

D-Murph said...

1. What jealousy of Flutie on campus are you talking about? I just don't know what this means.

2. McMichael couldn't stay healthy and had one good catch.

3. Billy Flutie was good for trick plays on special teams (against Maryland). That was about it.

blist said...

Come on , ATL - Bryce Renner had one of the better spring games. Of course he's better than Rettig.

blist said...

Also, even if someone had promised Reggie they'd take him, that doesn't mean they really would. Very easy for him to get shafted by being so gullible.

Herzylax22 said...

Not going to comment on JBQ's accusations regarding Billy Flutie and Jordan McMicheal as I'm not close enough. I can say I have no idea where the "Herzlich was not treated real well by Spaziani" comment comes from. Spaz was great with Mark. He kept Mark active and involved with the team when he was sick, having him on the sideline, helping at practice and traveling with the team. Spaz was completely flexible with Mark's schedule, understanding when treatment got in the way of attendance or left him so sapped that he just couldn't be there.

As Mark recovered and prepared to play again, Spaz encouraged and supported him all the way. I think Spaz was cautious, at times probably more than I would have liked him to be, but that was out of concern for Mark's well being, not because he was "petty & vindictive". Sure I'd have liked to see Mark get more opportunities to rush the passer and display what he can do than he did last year, but that's a selfish desire. The defense did just fine with the scheme and personell they were using and that's the coach's responsibility. Bottom line is that Spaz cared about Mark, kept him intimately involved with team when he was on IR (something that's not normally done) and gave him the benefit of any doubt when he came back, starting him in every game and letting him play himself back into shape and potential.

You're entitled to your opinion on any aspect of Spaz's coaching style that you want to have, but to say he didn't treat Mark Herzlich particularly well is just factually wrong.

mod34b said...

ATL -- The Rettig ranking is bogus, but consider the source: HD.

HD has zero credibility as a sports writer -- hate to even associate that word with her. I wish ESPN would put a better writer on that blog.

But it won't happen. The ESPN blog is about attracting eyeballs -- nothing more. The more they write about the big state school -- VT, FSU, Clemson -- the more readers they will get.

mod34b said...

"JBQ" -- "Really!" Why "bother" with your "comments"

eagleboston said...

JBQ, are you still high from the Bruins celebration? Herzlich openly lobbied for Spaz to be hired as head coach. Don't spout off a bunch of third-hand rumors. It makes you sound like an idiot.

Yes, Spaz is struggling with the offense, but the defense is consistently in the Top 10. Not bad for a small, academic Catholic school with very low fan support.

In an earlier comment, I was critical of fans who blamed the schedule for not buying season tickets. I stand by that. What I agree with is the atmosphere at Alumni is horrific. In the late 80's when I went to BC, the team stank but the atmosphere was unbelievable. Those days are long gone. But the fans are also contributors to the crap atmosphere. Not going to a game because the competition is weak is a horrible excuse. Texas, Alabama, Michigan, Iowa, Florida all fill their stadiums when they play cupcakes. And can you please get your ass in the stadium by kick-off? You have at least a week's notice as to the game time. How hard is it to show up and cheer the team on the field?

Yes, BC has made the game experience a complete hassle. I fly out to one game a year and I have noticed this over the past few years. But the BC fans are also to blame.

Jeff said...

JBQ you sound delusional. What a disgrace to the BC fanbase.

Regarding the QB rankings - wow. Even for HD, this is naive. She openly bases them on (1) Spring games!!! and (2) coach-speak! Really? Reaaaaally?

The sense I got from looking over this list was "wow - all the veteran QBs are gone from the ACC." We've been at a QB-experience disadvantage ever since Matty Ice left. That's (finally) no longer the case. Let's hope Rettig can continue to progress - he could well become the best QB in the ACC this year.

Speaking of Matty Ice, that article was dead-on. Look, the no-playoff wins thing is going to hang on to him until he wins one... but the sample size (0-2) is extremely small. Every quarterback loses games. As soon as the Falcons make a deep playoff run, suddenly everyone's opinion is going to change. Don't worry though, I see the superbowl in their near future.

Jeff said...

One more thing that the article forgot to mention about Matty Ice:

"Ryan has led the Falcons to 33 wins which is tied in NFL history with Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino for most wins in his first three seasons in the NFL."

Ry said...

jbq is a isn't even worth reading his garbage.

blist said...

And he's going to be hit hard by the new tax on quotation marks.

A33Jim said...

It's kind of fun if you picture JBQ reciting that rant out loud and making comically excessive use of finger quotation marks.

matthew2 said...

Agreed Jim... "and now, with another update commentary... Mr. Bennett Brauer (JBQ)". That's all I can think about!

And I agree with your thoughts on season tickets, eagleboston. Although, I will admit that it's frustrating when I see them so easy obtainable at a fraction of the cost.

mod34b said...

The return of Matthew2 - quite intriguing.

Ry -- I do not think JBQ is a troll. Just a little "kooky" and presently reveling in his "bad boy quote rep"

Galvin said...

JBQ is nothing if not "consistent". He has been pushing this McMichael and Flutie thing for a long time now. Ugh. I'm not sure who said it prior, but winning some games will put a lot of fannies back in the seats. Let's hope our new guy Rogers brings some excitement. Regardless, it's gotta be better than Tranquil. Holy moly was that guy "boring" and "predictable".

mod34b said...

The ESPN moron strikes again!

Today, HD predicts we will not even become bowl eligible. I can't wait to prove ESPN and all the others wrong. (this mind set is, by the way, a very good BC mind set ... we need to be underappreciated!)

JBQ said...

Everyone "lobbied" for Spaz to take over the team. It appeared to be a "no brainer". He had enthusiasm. Once it happened, the "bottom fell out". Jags took the team to two championship games. Once Jags fell out with GDF, they turned to Spaziani and he could not handle the job. His player personnel moves were atrocious. His use of Tranquill was horrific. He is "caught on the elevator" about halfway up. When they lose to Central Florida and Northwestern, the "writing will be on the wall" and we'll see who is a "troll", who is "delusional", who is "kooky". who is "bothering with comments", and who is "high in the Bruins celebration". If Kuechly gets hurt, they may not win a game. Flutie and McMichael (2 touchdowns: 50 yd Wake Forest, 9 yd trick field goal from Flutie)were tied to Jags and were "shown the door". "Stone hands" Momah will be back for more. He is six foot six and can't tie his shoes. Let's wait and see what happens with Northwestern (Dan Persa) and Central Florida (George O'Leary) and we'll see who "laughs last" and yes the "quotation marks" are pointed at your "arrogant butts".

jrtmurphy said...

you can "suck" "it"

We may somewhat delusional BC fans but aren't we all on the same team

mod34b said...

But, JBQ do U having anything "GOOD" to say?

Or r u in it for the anticipation of the "joy" of being a contrarian who is - against all odds- proven correct?

No BC guys views another as arrogant , so maybe RY is right. r u a troll with a vested interest in BC failures and perceived short comings?

Wait were you the Jags water boy who was not retained by Spaz.