Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Busy Donahue, sailing win, Herzy quote and other links

The basketball roster filled out a bit with three new players. I don't expect any of them to be big factors, but it is nice to round out the roster. Plus the new crew had pretty good success with walkons and post grads last season. Donahue also has offers out to members of the 2013 class.

Admittedly I have a hard time keeping up with the different contests, but the sailing team picked up another title.

The other day in my Stanley Cup post, I failed to recognize Cory Schneider as a key backup for Vancouver. (Thanks to Peter F and the others who called me out.) Although he's from Massachusetts, his family is clearly rooting for the Canucks.

Mark Herzlich raised a few eyebrows with this quote: "I'll be the Cam Newton of free agency..." Personally I think the USA Today took his quote out of context. It makes him seem like an overly cocky guy...especially considering he wasn't drafted. However, if you read the full quote in context, you would quickly realize that Mark still has perspective.

Assessing his current value, Herzlich chuckled, "I'll be the Cam Newton of free agency, who knows?"
I bolded the key phrases.

This has been floating around for a few days but I thought it was worth highlighting. I hope someone from BC can get through to Spaz that he needs to change his approach to the media. The poor us, empty cupboard stuff is charming when you've won championships. When you are coming off mediocre seasons the poor us meme just kills marketing.

Of BC's current seniors, Donnie Fletcher might strongest NFL prospect.

It looks like former Eagle Alejandro Bedoya will be playing for the US squad this summer.

BC is still in play for Georgia Tight End Joshua Parris.

Reggie Jackson did have surgery in May, which explains why he did not take part in some predraft workouts.

Although I wanted BC to take advantage of the NFL Lockout, I didn't have Patriots' practices in mind.

Luke Kuechly should be on multiple preseason All America lists.


Rob said...

Pretty sure that Isaacs has a football offer, not basketball.

Herzylax22 said...

The Herzy quote was taken totally out of context. It was apparently part of a free form, fun type interview. The reference was to being signed quickly once the lock out was lifted and I'm sure the reporter asked him if he thought he'd sign quick. What wasn't mentioned is that Mark and Cam Newton are now training at the same facility. For all I know, Cam was standing right there and that was part of the joke. As part of the same interview, Mark also joked that he figured his stock was probably rising, "since 250 guys have already been taken". Anybody who interprets that comment as being cocky misses the gist of the interview and doesn't know the kid.

mod34b said...

ATL -- agreed. Spaz needs some media lessons. He needs to learn to accentuate the positive. Make BC sound like a great place to be (which IT IS SPAZ!).

I hope Rogers really shines and gets Rettig going. And then in 2 years Rogers just might be the obvious choice for HC. We'll have to wait and see.

eagleboston said...


Check out this article:

If this does not get you excited for Rettig and Rogers, nothing will. Since we already have a great defense, the only thing holding BC back in the Atlantic is the offense. This article stresses Rettig's work ethic and his private QB coach thinks the Rogers' hire was huge for Rettig and the offense.

mod34b said...

E/B. Yeah. I saw that. It did get me psyched. Seems like Rettig has real potential be a star in the ACC. God, that would just the shot in the arm BC needs