Friday, June 10, 2011

Explaining my Gene D tweet

Earlier today I tweeted this:
FWIW Gene D to Tenn has legs. Also interesting the Gene hasn't pulled his name out of consideration.

Since then I've been asked to elaborate a few times. This is what I know. (After being wrong about the Ryan Day Offensive Coordinator stuff, you can take this all with a grain of salt.)

Gene is one of many names being considered for the position. He's popular with those aligned with Phil Fulmer. He is not considered the front runner but is a real candidate.

What is surprising is that many around BC think Gene would take the job if offered. Despite what has been implied in the past, Gene was never offered the job during Tennessee's last AD search and therefore never turned the job down. If he is actually the selection this time and offered, a few people think he would take it. The pay day, prestige and the "challenge" would be the motivation to leave Boston.

Tennessee named an interim AD Thursday. That buys them some time, but I doubt they want to drag this process into the football season. Football is their time to get fundraising going. They need the new AD in place soon. And as I tweeted, as long as Gene doesn't remove his name publicly, there is a chance BC will be looking for a new AD too.


Dan said...

Well the ultimate irony would be Leahy firing him if he interviews for the job

Erik said...

If you're GDF, I can't imagine there being ANY motivation to make a public statement now that he isn't a candidate. Being discussed for this job gives him bargaining power, now or in the future, for raises, responsibilities, or anything else he can think of with his bosses. Why would he just throw that leverage away, even if he never plans to use?

At the same time, there are no negative effects to BC resulting from him being in on AD candidate list. Unlike a head coach, this isn't going to hurt recruiting, donations, public relations, etc. It won't even scare the current coaches into doing something drastic. The only impact that can be done is if he actually left (which 50% of the BC crowd would debate to be harm), but lingering as a candidate for another job is a non-factor for any facet of Boston College or BC Athletics.

I think this situation is very different between a revenue sport head coach and an AD. I don't think there needs to be any effort on a media spin or on damage control.

I think GDF ultimately stays at BC, but even so there's nothing gained or lost by him making a statement.

Think we'll see Cory Schneider tonight?

mod34b said...

Funny Dan!

Here is what GDF said about Jags after firing him:

“I think Jeff Jagodzinski did a great job here,” said DeFilippo. “But I want a person who wants to be at Boston College

fast forward to next week:

“I think Gene DeFilippo did a great job here,” said Father Leahy. “But I want a person who wants to be at Boston College

But then loyalty is taken too far and Spaz is promoted to AD!

Jeff said...

One hopeful benefit of any administration change would be washing out some of the bad blood between BC and UConn. I would love to get that football series going again! Maybe they'll even put up a fight this time... :)

mod34b said...

Jeff -- no way on UConn. Are you kidding????

Jeff said...

mod, I'm not kidding! I have a lot of friends that went to UConn, and would love to get a regular series going. The value of their geographic proximity should not be underestimated.

JBQ said...

Unless you live in a "fishbowl", you have to be aware of a strong feminist presence at BC. They had an "Attila the Nun" in the Theology Department. GDF has been "juggling" for years the Jesuit "thrust for equality". USC brought in Pat Haden to give their program viability. Pat Garrett was the A.D. of note and he was on the team in 1964 which "concocted" some very strange sequences in the second half, which he admitted by the way, to dump ND and Ara Parseghian in 1964. The point is that Tennessee may need a "Mr. Clean" to come in and restore integrity to a "damaged" program. Athletics at BC is going the way of the "great white buffalo" and WPL won't and can't stop it. Why should GDF stay around and watch the "fading of the British Empire".