Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I often feel responsible for some of my dad's agita during football season. Other than the dent in his wallet from tuition, BC should have been out of his mind 12 years ago. But through my fandom and later blogging, he has been fully sucked in. He bleeds maroon and gold like the rest of us. But then again it's all his fault. Like all good role models, he taught me about pain and suffering as a long distance fan years ago. Let me explain.

My father was a San Francisco 49ers season ticket holder in the 1970's. As he got married, started a family and watched that family grow, he kept the tickets. His reward was watching the 49ers lose...a lot. Even after suffering through back to back 2-14 seasons, he was still a diehard. Late in the 1980 season, we moved east for his work. He had to give up his seats. In 1981 the 49ers won the Super Bowl and started one of the greatest runs in NFL history. Now a transplanted fan could still watch every game and follow the team with ease on line. In those days, my dad had to savor any Monday Night Football appearence or the occasional late game on CBS. News, analysis and rumors? Forget it. His only source for news was a makeshift clip service my grandmother set up. She would cut out articles from the San Francisco Chronicle and mail them. I can't even imagine.

But through it all he still had the passion and still loved his team. I never became a Niners fan, but his passion obviously rubbed off. But I do want to thank him for all he's done, for understanding my love for BC, and for giving me hope. He stuck with the 49ers and it paid off. Maybe one day BC will have their moment in the sun.


Defensive Cyborgs said...

i love it atl, great post.

mod34b said...

ATL, Great Father's Day Post.

Fathers and Sports and Sons go together like hand and glove.

Greg said...

True, Mod, but I wouldn't limit it to sons. My young daughter is right there with me watching BC or the Mets. Nothing cuter than seeing a 3 year old girl saying "Go Eagles" after a TD!

mod34b said...

Good point Greg. Upon reading ATL's post, I was thinking of my relationship with my own father. But you are right.

Hope it continues for you. Your 3-year old does sound very cute. My girls used to watch sports with dear old Dad.

But alas, not so much any more (maybe just the Super Bowl these days).

Now if they are actually at home, I might watch the Kardashians and Jersey Shore with them! (those shows are not bad). I still refuse to Watch Sex in the City, though!

Greg said...

And who knows what great shows await me by the time my daughter is that age! Yipes.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Great stuff ATL.