Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jackson looking like late 1st rounder

With the season over and the NBA Draft approaching, things are starting to come into focus for Reggie Jackson. Early speculation about him going undrafted or concern about his injury seem overblown. Here's what others are saying.

SI.com restates what we've all heard: the Celtics will take Reggie if he is available. Danny Ainge attended many BC games over the last three years. He probably has a better feel for Reggie than any other NBA GM. I believe the speculation. Plus Reggie could fit in with the C's as a backup for Rondo and Allen. The only question is whether Reggie could fit in defensively with Boston.

In Slamonline's Mock Draft, their Rockets GM selected Reggie at 23. That actually maes sense. Houston's big on metrics and versatility and Reggie would be an efficient scorer who can play multiple positions.

This roundup of the Heat's needs mentions Jackson as an option. Despite their success, I actually think Miami would be a bad fit for Jackson. He'd battle for minutes and they already are wing heavy and without a clear offensive philosophy.


Clifford said...

For what it's worth, no less a source than Jonathon Givony at Draft Express says that the rumor of the Celtics guaranteeing Reggie is "100%" false. He seemed to intimate that he knew more that he wasn't allowed to say.

That doesn't mean that they won't take him, it just means all this talk of "Reggie doesn't make it past the Celtics" is just talk.

Calvin said...

I think Reggie could make an impact very early playing for the Rockets. Celtics would also be nice.

Andrew said...

Danny Ainge attended many BC games? I go to almost every game and I've never seen him at Conte. I could definitely be wrong but I usually notice "famous" people at BC games- Andy Katz, Bob Ryan, Flutie etc. Just another reason I'm very skeptical of these Celtics rumors

Rob said...


I watched most of the games this year either through the CBS online feed or espn3, they panned over to him on the TV feed at several games, especially later in the season, tended to sit over in a corner close to floor (CBS feed didn't have commercials, so would scan around the stadium during commercials).

Andrew said...

I stand corrected. I'll keep any eye out for him next year

Michael said...


A debate that pops up a lot: the mid-major star who didn't have much competition drag him down or the flashy player that had his ups and downs against far better competition?

Go with Reggie.