Sunday, July 10, 2011

Advice on selling tickets and other links

Lou Imbriano teaches Sports Marketing at BC. Previously he was the Chief of Marketing for the Patriots. Unfortunately the Athletic Department doesn't consult him on issues related to marketing BC sports. In his most recent sports marketing chat he had something simple to say regarding ticket sales.
Think ticket sales folks have to spend more time understanding the fans likes and dislikes and less time thinking up gimmicks.

I don't expect change in the near future but BC needs to improve the gameday experience...especially if the product on the field doesn't improve.

BC's 9th commitment keeps our pipeline to Canada open. I actually think Canada should always be a good source for BC recruits. Canadians usually have a solid academic foundations, are a little older and don't seem concerned about the weather in Boston.

Swiggert and Freese are the latest BC players to be added to award watch lists.

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eagle1331 said...

I had Imbriano for Sports Marketing his first year with the class. He was an absolutely awful teacher, which was a shame because his speeches at school were always great. By the end only a handful of kids were going to the class because they were so dry and useless.

I can honestly say I learned nothing, and he certainly didn't help anyone get jobs in SM after. Aside from that, on the projects that made up the vast majority of your grade, if he wouldn't have done the marketing idea you paid the price in terms of your grade. Two of my 3 or 4 ideas that I received grades of C or below on have since been used by pro-teams with a great amount of success.

He's successful and experienced, but he's also as arrogant as they come, so I scoff at him saying ticket sales people need to get in touch with the people...