Sunday, July 03, 2011

BC's version of fireworks

Enjoy the holiday.


mod34b said...

Thanks ATL. Always fun to watch. Happy 4th to all!

Calvin said...

I can play that clip a hundred times and still not get sick of watching it.

eagleboston said...

The greatest moment in BC sports history! No matter what happens, we will always have the Miracle in Miami!

It's hard to put that play in context in a way that today's younger BC fans could understand. This was before blogs, before texting, before the Internet. Heck, even ESPN was just a fledgling network that had yet to broadcast football. But everyone had heard of this amazing guy out East named Doug Flutie, a little guy with big numbers in the passing game. And everyone was tuned into CBS that day (this was before Black Friday became such a big shopping day) to see mighty Miami take on the Eagles.

There was no defense that day and Flutie and Kosar tossed the ball all over the field. The passing stats were unreal, even compared to this era of the spread offense. And I can't recall how many future NFL players played in this game but it was a lot. But, Flutie's confidence to win this game on the final drive cemented his iconic status and put the Eagles on the college football map for eternity.

Thanks Doug!!

JBQ said...

Just take a look at the uniforms. Gold helmets that shown like the sun. That was the magic of "Macy's". That is what put BC on the map and begged for an encore. "A Man's reach should exceed his grasp or what's a heaven for". Joe Paterno borrowed this phrase and Doug Flutie lived it. Even King Arthur believed in "once upon a time".