Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dudley connects with Donahue and other links

I always thought Jared Dudley had the highest basketball IQ I had seen in a college player. Now I think it is pretty clear that he is a smart beyond basketball and understands relationships, marketing and giving back. While in Boston this week for his own camp, he also stopped in to see BC's new players -- even though he had no relationship with them or the coaching staff. Then he made the effort to get to know Steve Donahue (not his coach) and then used his twitter account to blow up Donahue's account.

The Sporting News and Orlando Sentinel both released BC previews. You would hope that with its resources and reputation the Sporting News would be better, but I actually think the Sentinel's version was superior.

We've known about German signee Patrick Heckmann but now it is official.

Florida DB Justin Simmons joined Spaz's recruiting class. At this rate Spaz will have the class closed out in August. Here is more on his future teammate Michael Strizak.

Mark Herzlich signed a deal with Saucony. I found it interesting that one of the bigger name companies didn't work out a deal. Even if they think Mark is a longshot, there is very little downside in him endorsing your product. Good luck to both Saucony and Mark.

Here is a story on incoming BC player Spencer Rositano.


A33Jim said...

One of my favorite Dudley memories came when I was watching him my Sophomore year. He was dribbling and about to pull up for a long jump shot, but saw another player barreling towards him. He deftly stepped back behind the arc and drew the 3-point foul. He then proceeded to run over to the crowd and point to his forehead with both hands as if to say, "look, THIS is where the intelligence is."

Dan said...

Dudley has always and continues to be a class act and a great BC ambassador.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Love Dudley- couldn’t ask for a better BC basketball alum.

Three seasons ago, I was back for the Duke game and lo and behold, so was Dudley, sitting courtside with some arm candy though in spirit, he should have been in the student section (was hooting and hollering throughout the game, jumping up out of his seat, etc.). As the clock ticked down on that upset victory and both student sections readied to rush the court, so too did NBA regular Dudley. Too funny. I’ll always remember him in that mass of fellow Eagles (players and students alike) post game.

Eagle in Brighton said...

You have to think Dudley would have phenomenal coaching potential if and when he went that route.

Bket said...

Agree with all the above. Dudley was a class act and always friendly to and appreciative of fellow students on campus.