Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eagles landing in the NFL

After all the ups and downs, all we wanted was for Mark Herzlich to have a chance. The New York Giants gave him one. As others have noted, Herzlich is just the latest BC-Giants connection. Multiple teams had interest, so I assume Mark signed with the Giants because of their assurances that he would make the team. I am happy for him and his family and cannot wait to see him make an impact in 2011.

Herzlich wasn't the only undrafted free agent to sign. Alex Albright -- whose injuries kept him from reaching his potential in college -- signed with the Cowboys. This deal surprised me a bit. Rob Ryan kept the 3-4 in Dallas, which leaves me wondering what position Alex will play. I don't know if he has the size to play DE? Can he play LB in the 3-4? I know Albright turned heads in his UFL tryouts, so he probably had options. Let's hope this was the right one.

Rich Lapham signed with Buffalo. Despite my occasional doubts about his potential, Rich's size will always open doors for him. Buffalo may prove to be a good opportunity.

James McCluskey joining the Raiders might be the most interesting signing of the day. After some UFL tryouts, McCluskey was somewhat resigned that the NFL would not happen. And then he got the call. I will stick to my guns that McCluskey can be a perfect NFL FB. He just needs to demonstrate his versatility.

Damik Scafe signed with the Chargers. Like his teammates in this class, Scafe had some real great BC moments, but just couldn't stay healthy.

The path from signee to official member of the final roster is long and treacherous. All of these guys will have to fight hard. I will update the news as it happens.

The new guys aren't the only ones making news. Some veteran Eagles like Matt Hasselbeck and Jamie Silva are looking for new teams. Pro bowler Damien Woody has decided to retire after a great NFL career.


Dan said...

This link should help take the sting off of the Shakim loss.


Lots of great quotes from Larmond basically saying Rogers offense is much more diverse and resembles Logan's.

Also, claims both he and Amidon have gotten faster.

All good things to me.

mod34b said...

Quality linkmanship Dan!

Erik said...

McClusky has 4 years of college playing experience, leadership experience being the captain at Boston College, and he probably has more miles left on his tires than anyone in the NFL because BC NEVER USED HIM - despite the offensive being more effective 100% of the time he saw the field (made up stat!)

Great Larmond article. As far as Dan's comment, I just hope Rogers is different and better that both Logan and Tranq. Logan was always so stubborn in his play calling, even when they were ineffective he'd stick to the plays. Logan called only one great game at BC (Chris Crane at NCSU), and our fond memories of Matt Ryan comebacks happened because we were losing in the first place, and in the final minutes of the game is when a team abandons the OC's game plan and lets the players' talents take over.

I have high hopes and expectations for Rogers. I liked what I saw at the Spring Game. I hope we're truly getting an NFL-quality play caller to go up against College-quality defensive schemes (not in a Charlie Weis way). The only reason I'm not All In now is that a quick look at his resume seems that his most successful stints were with QBs that make things happen when plays break down (most recently Favre, long ago with McNabb) and I don't think we're there with Rettig, so it remains to be seen how it works out.

In any case, couldn't be happier that we have made the upgrade from Tranq.

mod34b said...

Erik, McC was used as a blocking FB and his play was a big key to Montel's success. He was picked up as an UDFA becuse he is a quality blocking fullback.

Scott said...

I'll bet Herzy received a substantial signing bonus, that is more than most 7th round picks. It happens each year when an auction breaks out for a few overlooked UDFA, and that's how teams are made to express their hints of making the team. It's a good landing spot for Herzy in many respects. Coughlin likes them tough & smart. He can settle into the A.Pierce role (also an UDFA & slower), which looks for smart, heady/IQ, tough LBs. Plus, NYC is a good place for Herzy to work on his post-NFL career in sports broadcasting.

I think Albright was smart to seek out a 3-4. He's too small and injury prone to bang inside against tackles all day. But he's fast enough, and looks the part to play the 250 lb, 6-5 OLB in a 3-4 on the edge. It's a new position for him, but at least he physically fits the role.

Wonder if Garay can teach Scafe the path to transforming his body to a monster DT & shedding the injuries. The one advanage is that the Chargers have the best trainer in the business, Todd Durkin. My old buddy from W&M, and a pretty good QB.

Dan said...

Yea, it remains to be seen how Rettig will develop in terms of managing after the play breaks down, however, what he does appear to be good at is rolling out and throwing on the run and judging from the spring Rogers has noticed this and will take full advantage. Given our strength at RB it would be nice to see Rogers throw and option wrinkle into that so defenses will be left guessing when Rettig rolls out with Montel or Andre trailing him.

Sean said...

Buffalo needs all the help at tackle we can get. Hopefully Rich stays in the fold beyond training camp.

eagleboston said...

Man, hearing Larmond got me big time excited. Love how he subtly ripped on Tranquil by mentioning how in the Rogers' offense, when he lines up, there are 30 different possibilities and he will not telegraph what the offense is going to do.

Kevin said...

claiborne to the bucs, congrats to him as well. Good year for our UDFA