Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lift for Life after Herzy and other links

If you ever doubt that BC continues to have the "right" kind of guys, look no further than this year's Lift for Life event. Mark Herzlich is gone, yet his former teammates are keeping up the event because they know it is important.

Jake Sinkovec was one of the team leaders in the fund raising and as you can see from this tweet, he is getting some media training too. While all the players get some media training, Sinkovec getting featured may be an indicator to keep your eyes out for him on the field.

Alejandro Bedoya got a three year deal with Rangers. While it is not EPL, in terms of European Football, Rangers is a big deal. This will help as he tries to become a more permanent fixture for the US National Team

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Dan said...

Montel's on the front page of Rivals tonight. We should all show him some love, visit the page toss a few comments and get some hype going for Ninja's last year.

Montel Harris = Ninja and Ninjas Kick Ass

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