Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Local commit and other news

BC picked up another verbal commitment. This time from Catholic Memorial defensive back Donovan Henry. Welcome aboard, Donovan.

While Henry's commitment is good news, there is a growing concern that BC is collecting a few too many under the radar recruits. I am not concerned about stars or ratings. My bigger concern is that we didn't seem to close on some top recruits or seemingly easy sells. Maybe we need to freshen the message. The silver lining is that on the field, BC continues to outperform our recruiting.

BC High's Preston Cooper is hoping for a BC offer.

Rivals has us 41st in their preseason rankings.

Donnie Fletcher is another player added to a preseason watch list.

BYU keeps mentioning potential games against BC. While its not the same as playing an SEC power, BYU does represent solid scheduling for BC. We are on a similar playing field and would get decent respect for winning.


chicagofire1871 said...

If true, I like the trend in our scheduling. USC, Northwestern, Army, Notre Dame, Syracuse and...BYU. Awesome. Hopefully we can continue this trend and just plug in UMASS in place of the yearly I-AA teams.

Dan said...

While we have yet to land a big time recruit yet, our average rating for this class is a actually slightly ahead of the incoming 2011 class which is considered to be a very solid class. Plus these ratings are fluid and have a tendency to move up as these kids play out their senior seasons.

Dan said...

FYI by slightly ahead in ratings I mean as per Rivals and ESPN. Neither, however have this newest kid on there yet.

Erik said...

I hadn't heard much about Donovan Henry before this. Maybe he can convince Armani Reeves to hop aboard and keep the band together.

Rob said...

Is it me, or is this like the 6th flyer in this recruiting class. Henry seems like he has nice measurables, and I'm sure we'll redshirt him, but still, did he have any other offers close to BC? If not, why are we bringing him in now?

Walter said...

I'm glad I could be the first commenter to point out that our last trek against the SEC didn't go so well.

ah ha. ha ha. ha ha. /thatgameblewiblametherefs

Erik said...

When was the last time we played an SEC team in a regular season game? What comes to mind - Vandy, Georgia (circa 2001), Tennessee (circa 1992) were all bowl games.