Monday, July 18, 2011

What others think of Gene & Spaz and other links

In select interviews this spring, Gene made an effort to distance himself from his meddling reputation. While it was unchallenged by the mainstream writers covering the team (Globe, Herald, Dinich), I've found plenty of summer previews critical of Spaz, his offense, BC's slide the past two years and Gene. Today, in his fair preview of the team, Dr. Saturday captured how Gene is painted into a corner:
But DeFilippo also wants to avoid a reputation as a meddler who goes through head coaches like socks. Even after two backwards steps in his first two seasons as head coach, Spaziani seems safe barring a worst-case collapse.

This analyst thinks we will finish fourth in the division.

Athlon considers Kuechly the best player in the conference, but slights Montel Harris. Kuechly's on the Camp watch list too.

Colin Murphy is on New Zealand's Under 20 team.

Finally, this pic of Ben Affleck made the rounds today. I appreciate the support but I have yet to hear that he's a real BC fan. Regardless of his passion, I want to know where he got the shirt. I assumed Retro, but they don't have that version. If you have the shirt or know where to get it, leave the info in the comments section.


chicagofire1871 said...

This isn't exactly it, but it's pretty close. It's adidas originals. I remember seeing the Ben Affleck one of the BC site a while back.

Hope this helps.

Edmonds4Life said...

It looks like a Banner 47 - though right now on their site they only have one BC shirt listed, as far as I can tell. The Bookstore sells a Banner 47 shirt with the same eagle graphic here:

At least in Boston you also see them in places like Bloomingdales.

Patrick said...

It's sort of sad that the generalist college football media --- be it blogs or cites like Yahoo --- has a better grasp of the internal dynamics at BC and understanding of the roles of Gene and Spaz than our local press does.

mod34b said...

oh boy!! what kind of BC T-shirt is Ben wearing? How kewl! I've got to get one. I want to look like Ben. Should i run to Bloomies to get one . . So KEWL.

OMG . . . new 'unis' . . also so KEWL. what kind of piping does it have? I luv what they do with the neckline. Oh my! I want a new Jersey that says "HERZY" Weee!!


Football football football

Jeff said...

You really think that "Dr. Saturday's" preview is "fair?" His "best-case" scenario would be equal to our worst season in ten years. I hardly think that's our best case. He's just like everyone else in the media, perennially overlooking BC.

John said...

If Rogers is any good, we could have some fun this year.

Big Jack Krack said...

I second that thought.

As usual, we can't have injuries piling up. In order to be a good head coach, all Spaz has to do is let Rogers do his job - open up the offense and give the players a chance.

I saw one report that basically stated Rettig did not progress at all last year (the inference being that therefore he won't be much better this year). There was no mention of Rogers vs. 3rd&9quill. No mention of up the middle, up the middle, get sacked and punt. Tranquill was a disgrace to the coaching profession - hopelessly dated and clueless - he stole the money for his 401K.

If the coaches give these guys a chance, the first 5 games might provide us with some juice going to Clemson.

Hey, it's summertime - let's be optimistic.

Coast said...

Mod34b, you might not care about seeing a BC t-shirt, but when you're a small school in a pro-sports town, this kind of thing could be a big deal. Kids care about shirts, sweatshirts, etc. The fact that BC could potentially spread its gospel through apparel (just as Texas, USC, Notre Dame, and others do) is an encouraging prospect.

mod34b said...

Coast -- BC is not a small school and T shirts are not a "big deal". BC's message is not spread by t-shirt. Do you really believe such nonsense?

And some chump from Hollywood wearing a very faded BC T-shirt is really not worthy of comment. But if it is, then let's talk about his arugala too! So green, so curly.

BCMike said...

Hey, I'll take support anywhere we can get it. All for it.

Thanks, Ben.

Galvin said...

Are we sure that's Arugala?

mod34b said...

Galvin, you know I really jumped to conclusions about arugula. My apologies. I now think it is actually frisee. What was I thinking??

By the way, is Ben wearing a cotton T, or is it a blend? Seems a little thin and little clingy -- probably a blend.

Mike -- You have no standards!

apbc12 said...

I'm just glad to see him rocking his Dazed & Confused haircut again.

O'Bannion forever.

Coast said...


Yes, I do believe that nonsense. But it doesn't matter what I think. It matters what prospective students think. Sure, a kid in NE may find BC gear here and there, but what about fans in California? Texas? Don't you remember the pride of wearing school stuff after you got your acceptance letter? Don't you remember coming home with nothing but college gear in your wardrobe?

BC used to be a nice commuter school for kids. If BC wants to be as national as they hope to be, this means getting your brand out there as much as possible. Go back a few posts to the pillow pets-- no, you might not be dying to get one, but give one to a young child and plant that BC seed in his or her mind as young as possible. Kids pop out of the womb in Texas as Longhorn or Aggie fans. There's no reason BC can't try to market itself like that.

No, they won't own a state like some schools, but they can do better than, "Boston College? What's that?"

mod34b said...

Does Ben have man-boobs?

mod34b said...

Coast -- you've drunk too much branding Kool-aid. Did you go to Carrol SOM and get propagandized???

And you are relying upon a myth. Yes, BC was a commuter school -- but that was over 50 years ago. By at least the early 1970s, BC was well known nationally, academically and sports wise, and the majority of students were not commuters from Boston. When I went -- a few years later - there were still a few strange "mutah" people -- but they were few in number (less than 10-20%) and they sat in their own cafeteria -- Lyons, I think.

BC rose to prominence by creating and growing an excellent institution (creating a "product" in CSOM speak), not from frickin' T-shirt sales, brain washing youths with soft animals or even the Flutie "hail Mary". Just Go ask Father Neenan. He'll let you know the scoop.

Galvin said...

It's totally frisee!

Coast said...

Sure, maybe I'll bring him to one of our sold-out bowl games.

BC can always be better. I don't think you get places by being content and satisfied.

Dan said...

This Dr. Saturday article lost credibility with me when in reference to depth behind Montel he wrote: "Other reliable weapons are few and far between." I know Andre isn't a proven veteran yet, but to say he doesn't at least look like a reliable back up is kinda silly. Plus Kimble and a mono-free Deuce Finch aren't to shabby either.

We pulled in yet another recruit today. Justin Simmons 3 star DB out of Florida. Spaz is on a roll.

While I'm not a huge Affleck fan (although Good Will Hunting and The Town were pretty awesome)I think any extra PR we can pull in helps.

chicagofire1871 said...

Yeah, agree with Dan and Coast, I'll take support from anyone in the public eye. I think Ben's political leanings might be clouding mod's view of this. Too bad BC wouldn't let in Schwarenaggars kid, that would've been a helluva endorsement. Admissions be damned!;)

mod34b said...

Chicago, fire smoke must be clouding your thoughts. I could care less about Ben's politic and am unfamiliar with his views . I like him and his movies. Good guy. My comments - aside from the Man-boob crack - are not about Ben Affleck

some Hollywood star - on his obvious personal time - wearing a BC T shirt, is not publicity. It is a big nothing and embarrassing that one of the better BC sports blog is featuring this meaningless drivel.

Is the modern day BC crowd that insecure about their status they grasp on to this drivel? Are they totally desperate for any crumb of attention - even a faded stinky t- shirt?

Letting Ah- nold's dumb kid would be an endorsement of BC??? Get serious buddy. It would have been an embarrassment.

Let's talk X's and O's! It's football season.

eagle1331 said...

I'm just assuming Mod has been engulfed by Observer College at this point.

I'm fairly certain Bill is not posting this picture because of Ben Affleck, but because he likes the shirt, would like to get it, and cannot find it anywhere (nor can I).

While you may not think it is "special" that a Hollywood Superstar is walking around with a BC shirt, thousands if not millions of people look at these paparazzi pictures daily and it is subliminal marketing. He has been a huge supporter of everything Boston for his entire career and I do think it's nice that we're included in that, even if it's just wearing a cool shirt.

mod34b said...

eagle1331 -- you are pathetic!

eagle1331 said...

Mod - you are posting on a blog hating on what I can assume is your alma mater, the writer of the blog, and the posters. And I'm the pathetic one? You're an embarrassment to yourself.

mod34b said...

eagle1331 -- hate? no hate from me. you better go back and re-read.

My "you are pathetic" comment to you was also in jest my thin-skinned friend.