Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Other teams deal with injuries too

While some still feel a bit of "woe is me" regarding our injuries, it is important to remember that our future opponents are dealing with the issue too. Case in point: Dan Persa is still limping. Now I respect Persa and we saw Matt Ryan have a great year on one good leg in 2006, but this has to help BC's cause.


anonymous said...

memo to BC Defense:

Please help Dan Persa 'feel' like a football player again

"None of the quarterbacks is allowed to take a hit during this part of camp. Persa said he wishes that wasn’t the case, so he would know what it feels like to get hit again — especially after having such a long layoff from football"

rumple said...

"the Knights lone game against a BCS school, is a home game against a so-so Boston College team in Week 2. If UCF wins that game, it was "just" Boston College, and the Knights still don't get the respect they so badly crave. "

The view from UCF

Dan said...

Wow, can you say bulletin board material?

ChiTown said...

Too early. Beating NW. Makes it important. Losing to NW makes the Board.

BCMike said...

lol @ "bring out the gimp" being used as a hashtag here. Well done, sir.

cherry ghost said...

what a line by Coach Fitz:

Said NU coach Pat Fitzgerald: "I think he's doing great. Your limp could be somebody else's pimp walk. It just depends on how you look at it."