Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Bounce back games, a short history

BC's hasn't lost an opener since 2003. Saturday's "L" has many of us believing the sky is falling. But our recent run of winning the 1st game of the season has been somewhat padded. A list of patsies benefited the win W-L record, but didn't always test the team or tell us much about the season ahead. Maybe it is good to play a decent team early. Let's look back all the way to the Coughlin days to see how losing the opener impacted BC the following week.

2003: BC 28, Wake Forest 32
This was before we were conference mates with the Deacons. It was also a painful loss. BC wasted multiple opportunities to put the game away, had some costly turnovers and allowed Wake to move the ball up and down the field. (Sound familiar?). People were down in the dumps and questioned Quinton Porter and our defense. The next week we upset Penn State in State College. In that game BC seemed extra motivated. We were aggressive on offense and Kiwi was all over their backfield.

2000: BC 14, West Virginia 34
This was one of those games where BC just looked over matched from the get go. The team was coming off of TOB's first winning season and many wondered if the Marine would actually build a consistent winner. The next game, BC throttled Army. They obviously put the opening stink bomb behind them, but the WVU loss showed that BC would struggle with quality teams throughout the 2000 season.

1997: BC 21, Temple 28.
This was a stomach punch of a loss. BC had optimism about its new head coach and he ended up losing to the dregs of the Big East in his debut. A few mistakes including allowing a special teams TD killed BC that day. The next week BC bounced back and beat West Virginia. Neither game really foretold things to come.

1995: BC 6, Ohio State 38
Back before 12th games, there were a few sanctioned "kick off" events on neutral sites. In 1995 BC played Ohio State in the season opener at the Meadowlands. We got drilled. Ohio State would go on to be one of the best teams in the country. Meanwhile BC would struggle with the toughest schedule in all of DIA. However, BC did recover from the beatdown to defeat Virginia Tech in our next game.

1994: BC 26, Michigan 34
BC took an early lead in this game only to watch the Wolverines take control and pull away. It had a bit of a moral victory feel. That proved costly as BC lost the following game to Virginia Tech. The offense, which seemed capable against Michigan couldn't do anything in the redzone against the Hokies.

1993: BC 7, Miami 23
This is a reminder that a tough opening loss can happen to anyone. Coughlin at this point was one of the hottest names in college football. Yet BC couldn't slow down Miami. Not only did they lose the first game, but they followed up with a loss to Northwestern the next week. To show that the two duds didn't capture the talent of the team, BC ran off eight straight wins after NU.

1991: BC 13, Rutgers 20
Like many BC coaches, Coughlin lost his debut. Rutgers hadn't bottomed out yet and BC was still making the transition from Bick to TC. After losing the opener, BC lost to Michigan. It would be one of seven losses on the season.


Darius said...

Calling Penn State an upset in 2003 is a bit dubious, however it might have seemed at the time. That PSU team turned out to be one of the biggest disappointments in the country that year, at 3-9.

It was the *way* we beat PSU that merits notice. If we open up the playbook and jump out to an surprising early big lead this weekend like we did in that game, I'll say there's hope yet. But I'm not holding my breath in eager anticipation of that. Is anyone?

Also, this year's UCF is not 2000's USMA. It's distinctly possible they're better than all but one team on their schedule--to be contrasted with an Army team in 2000 that was better than ONLY one team on a schedule that included otherwise winless Navy. They're probably better than Northwestern.

I know you're trying to be optimistic, but consider the possibility that we've got trouble. Real trouble. So many comments have been posted throughout the fan sites about how BC needs to start 5-0 rather than 4-1 before hitting the meat of the schedule. I'd welcome your thoughts about what happens to the program in terms of players, recruits, coaches, and higher leadership if we start out about 1-4 or 2-3. That seems a whole lot more likely, especially in light of what we saw on the field and sidelines against NU.

Big Jack Krack said...

UCF could be better than they were last year. We had better show up - maybe even with a chip on our shoulder.

They think if they win it's no big deal, because it's only BC! Can you imagine such an attitude after we destroyed them 3 years ago?

Let's go Frank - we want to go forward not backward.

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

UCF Two Deep is out, Spinney still at Left Guard, Gallick still at Center, and Richman at back up LT. I continue to think this is a tremendous mistake. Hopefully we figure that out well before ACC play, but I'm sure we won't. Ugh.

Big Jack Krack said...

We are all losing interest apparently.

EL MIZ said...

ATL just tweeted that Richman back to Guard and Spinney back to Center.

Also from the World of Twitter:

"Yesterday was a great practice. We're gelling as a team & feeling comfortable again. Its going to be a great week for us." - Nathan Richman

I am cautiously optimistic for this UCF game. we are a young team that made a lot of mistakes week 1, no doubt about it. but if someone last year told me montel would miss a game against a big 10 team and rettig would throw for 375, i'd laugh in your face.

if the offensive line improves, this offense will only get better. only one way to go: UP!

mod34b said...

Miz, nice update.

A couple of questions to any one that might have seen a game replay

1. Was Momah hurt of the kickoff (yes, I think), but was it due to any kind of dirty play from the NU guys (from the stands it looked like a mugging 20 yards from the ball)

2. What was the deal with the Freese shank missed FG attempt? It was way, way off the mark. What seemed to go wrong?

mod34b said...

ATL -- I saw a picture of your family on twitter. What a beautiful family you have, and such BC fans already.

Lenny Sienko said...

Any television coverage for the UCF game? I don't see it listed anywhere. One would assume there was a (TV) reason for an 8:00PM starting time.

BCDoubleEagle said...

It's on the CBS Sports Network cable TV channel (not to be confused with regular CBS).

mod34b said...

In the Boston area, for those using Xfinity (comcast), the game is listed as being televised on ch 261 (CBS sports network)

Erik said...

DirecTV has this network. It's in the 600s. Somewhere halfway between VS and NESN.

Lenny Sienko said...

Thanks...I think it used to be called "College Sports Network".

Great to know we are on!