Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Montel Harris decision

As Duke made its comeback on Saturday, I was reminded of another blown lead under Spaz -- the 2009 Florida State game. That day BC retook the lead based on a big play from Montel Harris. Now that Harris may play, I am wondering if he will make a difference going forward.

The answer really depends on Montel's health. If he is 100%, I do think he can make a difference. While Williams and Kimble have shown some upside, neither are a versatile as Harris and neither have Harris's ability to make consistent positive yards in traffic.

If he is not 100% and cannot cut or doesn't have 100% strength, Harris might not be any more effective than our other RBs.

I don't believe in giving up. I want BC to win and play hard for the remainder of the season. Spaz is the lost cause in my mind. But Montel is not. So what do you do? I would wait a week. We should beat UMass without him. If he is still pain free after two weeks of practice, then you play him for Wake. If he's not ok prior to Wake you shut him down for the year. He's earned the rehab time, plus the redshirt would give the apologists one more excuse for this year.


Anonymous said...

Spaz needs Harris to play so he can save his job. He can't redshirt him and wait till next year.

doorknocker for 3 said...

spaz has no job next year but we still have a team. keep harris healthy for the next staff. 5th year back, junior QB, experienced line. give the next coach a chance.

Erik said...

It's true, ATL. His game has never been pruely about making defenders miss and outrunning people,. he takes contact and finds his way to another 2-6 yards. He's an elite back at using leg strength and leverage to move piles or prevent any backwards movement. With a bum knee, Montel won't have his best tools.

Hopefully that isn't the case and that he feels great and will be fully healthyand remain that way for whenever he sees the field again.

BCI has been killing Blauds on twitter, which is fun. But he's dead on, Blauds would so rather discuss the Big East (which he keeps calling the Beast) than give us updates on Montel's health, or Momah's medical redshirt, or how the team looks in practice.

canttakeit said...

Heard straight from a former high profile running back is very connected with Montel that under no circumstances will he take a medical red shirt year. He wants to finish up and get out even he plays 4-5 games at 80%. The wheels of this bus fell off long ago. It is now a matter of who is going to jump off. Don't look to Luke to come back.

mod10aeagle said...

If we can't beat UMass without Harris the season is already over, or rather "O-fer". There's no sense risking whatever chance Montel may have for a future in football (at BC or elsewhere) just for the chance of one meaningless win in an otherwise thoroughly abysmal season. The difference between zero wins and, say, two wins is nothing. Sucks sucks.

Big Jack Krack said...

Best of luck, Montel Harris. I hope this is the right decision and that you are not being forced into it.

It seems as though your knee is not quite ready - and may never be ready this year - but you are going to play anyway.

I truly hope that you do not injure yourself more. You have been and are a great contributor to BC Football, and you will always be in our records book - nothing but the best wishes for you.

txeagle said...

I know Spaz is not highly regarded right now, but I have to believe he does what's best for Harris. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just dont see him playing montel if there is a significant chance that he isn't fully healed.

Big Jack Krack said...

Let's go Spaz - Go BC.

Pound UMASS and don't let up on the gad pedal.

Get the team fired up - 35 to 14.

mod34b said...

It is amazing how no one -- including me - seems to care at all about the game this weekend.

Fishing (with ESPN txt updates via iphone) is a better option!

The ESPN college football APP for iPhone is terrific if you are remote during game time -- as I was last week. It even includes video highlight clips of scoring plays! Anybody else have an APP recommednation for remote viewing/updates?

mod34b said...

ESPN has us beating UMass by a single point. HA!! I am LMAO.

"Boston College 14, Massachusetts 13: UMASS will play in the FBS next season, and this game will show you why. It's ranked No. 19 in the latest FCS coaches’ poll, and has the No. 1 rushing defense in the Colonial Conference. BC is still looking for its first win of the season, has struggled in all three phases of the game, but should still be expected to beat an FCS team."

Oh, Spaz, this might get ugly ... hope you've got the boys prepared... hmmm.. why do I think you don't.

Maybe you are like Jags and you are really committing professional hari-kari -- in your case so you can finally retire and share a few laughs with Tranq (Tranq's got it good now, doesn't he!!) Just think, as early as this Sunday, you might be retired. Now that's exciting.

Big Jack Krack said...

If ever there was a need to pound a 1AA rival it is this Saturday.

We have an upstart in-state rival in UMASS that will be playing its "home" games in Foxboro next year as it moves up to 1A.

This is a day to break out.

This will tell us the story.

Erik said...

ATL - if Army really is part of a Big East football future, do you think BC will lose its games in West Point and the Bronx? They'll have to play a fair amount of OOC games, but can't keep all their contracts I'm sure.

Erik said...

Montel Harris PROBABLE has a "Danny Larusso's gonna fight" feel to it, and the whole blackbelt thing makes it even more appropriate.

My head is spinning with "This is How We Do It" and "You're the Best Around".

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

Knucklehead said...
If we lose to UMASS Spaz needs to be let go immediately. Otherwise it shows we are a half-assed program that doesn't care about winning. I do not care about loyalty or any of that garbage. College football is big business and BC is being run more like a mom and pop shop than a fortune 500company.

Maybe that analogy will wake up the benefactors of school(who all made their money on Wall St) to force a legitimate full-scale coaching change.

If the school wants to have a football team then it has to be committed to its success

EagleManhattan said...

We already lost to Duke. We're on our way to solidifying our spot as the worst team in the BCS. How would a loss against UMass be any more justification for Spaz's firing? Our bowl is already full.