Friday, September 16, 2011

Severin nearing decision and other links

Canaan Severin, Massachusetts' top player and one of BC's top targets is nearing a decision. It doesn't sound too promising but maybe there is hope BC can sell him hard this weekend.

Duke's backup QB is injured.

A new mental approach has made all the difference with Charlie Davies' productivity.

Damien Woody plans to lose more than 100 pounds now that he is retired from football.

This CT QB has a BC offer based on his work at BC's camp.


I'm Keith said...

Syracuse and Pitt in NY Times about potentially leaving for the ACC.

Mike said...

Those two are my first choices for Big East teams coming to the ACC. Fit the mold well I think. It would be great to have some more teams in the conference north of the Mason-Dixon.

NEDofSavinHill said...

No Big East teams. They don't add anything to the Conference. Form a new 18 team conference. Call it the Atlantic Gulf Conference (ACG), Have the Big 12 dissolve. Have the ACC disolve. Then have five teams from the ex Big 12: Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and MIssouri, join with the 12 ex ACC schools, and then invite Notre Dame or Penn State. If you can't get either of them, get BYU. The new ACG can split into two divisions: The original 9 ACC teams, and the Gulf Division with the five Big 12 Schools plus Miami, VT, BC and ND. This arrangement would allow the ACG to nullify all the short-money TV currents and enter into new contracts. This new conference could demand more money and attract more fans than any other conference. The ACG would have significant National appeal.

EL MIZ said...

NED that is a very interesting idea. there is nothing i love more than playing the game "lets do conference re-alignment hypotheticals."

i do wonder what will happen with the remnants of the big 12 -- i do think that texas is a strong enough brand that it could even be an independent and do alright. wasn't there talk of texas and OU going to the pac-12?

if the ACC does get cuse and pitt, at least the basketball in the conference would improve. that would be some conference -- NC, duke, cuse, pitt, maryland, wake all very strong in hoops. i'd venture to say that we'd be the strongest basketball conference in the country.

do the contracts conferences sign for football also include basketball, or are they different? if they are different, maybe cumulatively you can get more money by going into northern markets like pitt and NY (lots of cuse alum in NY/NJ) for both football and basketball than you could going all into just texas basically in your re-alignment scenario.

it seems like this stuff leaks "prematurely" all the time, and only about half of it is true. we shall see!