Thursday, October 20, 2011

BC-Virginia Tech preview

I read the BC message boards, other bloggers and BC related tweets. I also have plenty of Facebook friends who have BC ties. Sadly not one of these people said anything about "missing" BC football last week. There is always a little bit of apathy and bandwagonism surrounding BC sports. Losing only pushes more of our fans from the passive to the apathetic camp. That's why this game is important. BC needs to show some sign of life. BC needs to play well and play hard. If we get blown out in Blacksburg, the second half of the season could be a long and boring drive. I would call it embarrassing, but that would require that more than a few thousand of us care.

Overlooked storyline for the game: The former Tight Ends coach is not getting Tight Ends involved in the passing game
Due to how and when he came to have the job, current Offensive Coordinator Dave Brock is not coming under a lot of scrutiny. For the most part our offense has seemed a lot like the scheme we ran under Gary Tranquil. One difference however is how little we are throwing at our Tight Ends. In part we have been using them as blockers, but as teams plan for that, counter and passing opportunities should open up. You would think the guy who coached that group the past three years would do more with them. Maybe we will see that in the second half of the season.

Three Simple Keys
1. Run after the catch. Getting the ball to Swigert in space worked against Clemson. I would like to see more crossing routes in this game with the hope of breaking a big play again.
2. Stopping the edge rushers. Our tackles struggled with Clemson's speed on the outside. I expect Virginia Tech to attempt the same. We will need the TEs and RBs to help out and give Rettig a little more time.
3. Don't allow big plays in special teams. Spaz is right on one account, we have very little margin for error. We cannot allow them to Beamer ball us.

Gambling Notes
-- Spaz is 0-2 against the spread when facing Virginia Tech
-- BC is 3-5 all time in Lane Stadium
-- Since this series moved to the ACC, BC is only averaging 14.5 points per game against the Hokies
The current line is BC+21

Although we've played VMI, a Marine team from Quantico and William & Mary, UVA, Richmond and Virginia Tech are the only programs BC has played in the state of Virginia.

Scoreboard Watching
I'll be watching Maryland and Florida State. Both are inconsistent and in our near future. If the game is lopsided in favor of one team, it will give me hope that we can still upset the loser.

I hope to see...
BC play as if we have a chance the whole game. Because things are so bad we probably haven't harped on Spaz's "giving up" down two scores at Clemson. If we are down two scores in this game, I want to see a no huddle offense! At least try!

BC is in trouble if…
Virginia Tech gets up early. Simple, sad and true. Comebacks are hard in any circumstance. Harder against the Hokies. They are impossible when your coach won't adjust his gameplan.

Bottom Line
I predicted a BC loss for the first time last game. It didn't feel good. But once again I don't see us winning this game. I think the guys will have a better start but won't convert in the redzone. I fear we will force some things and they might get a pick-6 or two. I don't think the final score will be close.
Final Score: Virginia Tech 35, BC 9


BlockParty said...

its a sad day.

--The current line is BC+21.

--If the game is lopsided in favor of one team, it will give me hope that we can still upset the loser.

--But once again I don't see us winning this game.

--I don't think the final score will be close. Final Score: Virginia Tech 35, BC 9

amazing how quickly we have fallen.

Patrick said...

At least Spaz buys lunch for the maintenance staff.

mod34b said...

Ok ATL, you have gone too far! a 26 point loss!!! Losing by nearly 4 touchdowns!

Have you been hanging with Bravesbill in the cave of darkness and doom. Snap out of it!

There actually are slivers of sunshine and hope peeking through the gloom. Carpe Diem!

I am not going to predict a win, but I am not going to foreclose a win either.

I am simply going to say that the game will be decided by 5 points or less and BC might be the winner!

(we gotta get some luck going our way at some point!)

Big Jack Krack said...

With the amount of true freshmen and true sophmores on the two deep, it's a huge leap to think we will keep this game close. It's tough enough playing these guys with a team full of veterans.

We need to see some positive things on both sides of the ball to give us some hope.

But if our team comes out with the exact same plays and same approach that have not worked against lesser teams, I am going to be livid with the coaches and particularly with Spaziani.

ATL - I have been openly calling for tight end usage all year - we can't block anyway. Bring back the guy who was O'Brien's TE Coach and later OL coach - Don Horton.

If VT gets 2 or 3 quick scores it will be "Oh Boy!" time.

dixieagle said...

Sadly, I have virtually no hope for this game, and simply hope that it isn't a total blowout, but I fear the worst.

I wish all the best for the team, but with coaches that seem not only unimaginative, but downright incompetent, I think this will be really ugly. So sad.

Rob said...

Maybe its the excitement I have for the upcoming basketball season with all the good stuff we're hearing from Donahue and the team, but I'm feeling good about this week.

We're coming off a bye, the players are talking a good game about a new season, a lot of these guys are angry about being embarrassed two years ago, VTech was embarrassed by Clemson and really is not that good, they have a young QB, Brock finally has a week off to prepare an offense of his own, everyone will be healthy and rested, Finch looked very solid at RB.

There were tiny sparks in Clemson of hope from the players (of course the coaching staff squashed them by giving up), I say BC pulls this off and then surprises us all down the stretch with wins here, at Maryland, and against NC State. If we play anyone else besides FSU and ND, we win that one to and get to 5 wins. If that means we're stuck with this atrocious head coach for another year, so be it, I want these guys to win a few.

BC in a major upset 24-20.

Go Eagles!

dixieagle said...

Rob, while I love your BC guy attitude, I am afraid you may have started the drinking game proposed over on BC Interruption a little early... ;)

Rob said...

Miami, that's the 5th win, we beat Miami. Too much talent for even Spaz to screw up. I haven't seen any quit in the players so far, if the coaching staff can just get its act together even a little, that hard work pays off and we break through.

Plus Herzlich was up to visit the team today. That has to be a good omen.

Drive for 5 starts in Blacksburg.

Go Eagles!

eagleboston said...

Let's hope the BC offense does not score in the final 3 minutes of the first half. I cannot take yet another squib kick, prevent defense followed by an opponent's touchdown with seconds to go.

I am in utter shock that ATL has abandoned his tradition of never predicting a BC loss, now for the second consecutive game. Maybe the world will end next year!

Laxman said...

Perhaps the TE issue is that they have to stay in and block more than normal to assist the sub par offensive line?

I used to plan my Saturdays around BC I still do but I make sure I'm busy during the game..

mod10aeagle said...

I'm with Laxman regarding the TE's. I think Brock would love to get them downfield, but he can't trust the O-line to give Rettig the 4 seconds he'd need to get them the ball.

I don't recall Tranq using the TEs all that much, either, certainly not to the extent they were under Logan or whoever preceeded him going back a couple of decades.

mod34b said...

I see this game going like the Clemson game and prior Tech games -- Opening as "Deer-in-Headlight", giving up stupid early scores, and then gaining our footing when the game is too far out of hand for our anemic offense to mount a real comeback.

But we do kinda catch up and we do earn a moral victory. (Ok, as noted yesterday, my more hopeful side sees the possibility of success too -- but i guess some RealPolitik seems to have been sprinkled into my morning coffee)

As we all know too well, Spaz himself will be intimidated by VT and will not prep his team to come out with a wining attitude. 90% chance the team starts flat, frozen and scared. UGGGGHHHHH

To compelte the nightmare, Spaz will probably give some assinine halftime comments too (but i must say in the last few games, there has been no Spaz half time interview -- did Spaz blow off the reporter or did the reporter blow off Spaz?)

EL MIZ said...

VA Tech beat wake, at wake, 38-17.

BC lost to wake at home 27-19.

i expect something similar to the Clemson game tomorrow. my prediction: Va Tech 42, BC 16

down 35-13 with 8 minutes left in the 4th, spaz decides to kick a field goal on 4th and goal from the 4. "it was the safe play" he describes after the game, citing the loss to a lack of mental toughness and failure to execute on the part of the players.