Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New hoops recruit and other links

2012 prospect Joe Rahon committed to BC and Steve Donahue. Rahon fits into Donahue's developing template as he is from California, has some mid-major offers and is a shooter. Because the 2011 class was so big, Donahue can be somewhat selective with this class. I expect a few more verbals especially once the staff has a better understanding of what their new players are lacking.

This article captures the young dynamic of this year's BC basketball team. I know they haven't played a game yet, but I am excited for their potential. I expect us to struggle in November and December but think we will be competitive in the second part of the season. Eric Hoffses also had a good article on this year's team.

Steve Donahue is onboard with the expanded ACC. But when he talks about the "talk" regarding the Big East in Boston, I can't think is giving too much weight to the Globe's work. I really don't think the average Bostonian sports fan thinks twice about Big East basketball.

One of TOB's Massachusetts recruits just decommitted from NC State and is in talks with BC. Doyle is saying that he wants to play QB at the next level. At this point I think BC can slow play him until signing day and see how the class fills out.

BC is already targeting 2013 recruits, including New Jersey linebacker Buddy Brown.


JBQ said...

From here in St. Louis, I wonder if there is any feedback on Christian Suntrup (13)which is Kurt Warner's number. I am hoping that he does well.

chicagofire1871 said...

Hearing about these new potential recruits sounds good, but who knows if Spaz won't drive them out in a few years anyway. We need new leadership before I can believe again.

EL MIZ said...

Rahon the bball commit was also recruited by USC, oregon, san diego state, and washington state.

he sounds like a great fit for coach D. here is his scouting report from ESPN:


Rahon has an ideal frame for the 1 or the 2 with broad shoulders and long arms. His chiseled frame allows him to ward off strong defenders and he shows signs of becoming a point guard someday with his decision making. He is quite good at driving and kicking it to open shooters and he always has his head up. However, the strength of his game at this stage is spotting up for the 3-point shots (nailed six 3s in a resent event). In addition, he is a tremendous competitor who plays to win at all costs.


He doesn't quite have the burst and quickness that he once had, but he is definitely heading in the right direction. He needs to improve his finishing ability in the paint area with a possible runner/floater and his left hand needs to get better. If the point guard position is his position for the future, he needs to continue to polish his lead guard skills (game management).

Bottom Line:

Joe Rahon, who is the younger brother of San Diego State sharpshooter James Rahon, is slowly recovering from a devastating knee injury that occurred over a year ago. He has continued to improve in every facet of the game and projects to being a solid Division I prospect.

mod10aeagle said...

I can't figure out who Blaudshun thinks he's writing all this Big East crap for. Are there any BE schools (current or projected/speculative) within the Globe's readership territory? As far as I'm concerned it's almost as much a waste of ink as Shaughnessy's daily drivel.

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

Sounds like Rahon is recovering from a very serious knee injury, let's hope that he was underrecruited because of that and makes a full recovery.

blockparty said...

there will definitely be a lot of growing pains with the basketball team this year, but coach donahue seems like a stellar person and someone who is genuinely excited to coach up these kids. i love what hes trying to do with conte, setting up the donahue's disciples, and believe he will have us competing very shortly. i really hope for all the best with coach donahue, i am proud with how he is leading this team.

TheShowGoesOnLupeFiasco said...

Donahue is bringing up 2013 players Anthony Dallier and Peter Miller to visit this weekend, and 2012 guard Olivier Hanlan is coming up too.

canttakeit said...

Another slow white guy

mod10aeagle said...

Yeah, but he seems to have a pretty quick release, from what I saw on youtube. Then again, if he doesn't have the quick to get space he could be another ... what's that kid's name who hit a bunch of three's early and then disappeared? Rubin?

Knucklehead said...

Thats great. It will be great when Rahon reads this and sees. . . UUUUGGHH looks like another slow white guy.


Who ever wrote that . . You are the problem.

Ry said...

The kid was coming back from a knee injury, give him a break. And he's still a 3 star recruit for a reason....a far cry from Rubin.

CEW said...

College Hoops fans are not plentiful in Boston but the ones that are here definitely talk about the Big East. Decent contingent of Syracuse and UConn fans in Boston. If you like College Hoops, you like Big East basketball, plain and simple.