Monday, October 24, 2011

No ignoring offensive failure

As defenders and critics of Spaz get more entrenched in their respective stances, I suggest we look at the objective issues. The biggest is the failure of the offensive side of the ball under Spaz. In an era of video game scoring, BC remains unable to put points on the board. In 30 games against FBS opponents, Spaz's teams have only scored more than 20 points nine times. They are averaging over that time 18.5 against FBS opponents. BC has failed to exceed 20 points for nine-straight FBS games. We were fortunate that Spaz's first two teams used defense to cover up this glaring issue. That's not the case of late.

Now there are a whole host of reasons as to why the offense has struggled. But all those issues cannot rationalize the end results. We are failing on offense. We are failing in how we plan it, how we execute it, how we teach it, and how we practice. When the parts are greater than the whole and areas of weakness are not addressed through recruiting or schemes, then you are failing.

Spaz's background has been defense. But as head coach it is also his job to empower the offensive decision makers and help them build for success. We are not doing that.

Focus on the positive. Let's hope we get better soon, but ignoring the elephant in the room is not going to change the scoreboard.


Jimmy said...

As I predicted in my post last week, BC is now the worst BCS school in America.

BC is the WORST.

The worst BCS schools (from the BCS rankings) are in order of worst to "less worst"

1. BC #111 out of 120 (rest non BCS schools)
2. Indiana #109
3. Minnesota #108
4. Colorado #105
5. Northwestern #96
6. Washington State #91
7. Duke #87
8. UConn #86
9. Mississippi #80
10 Arizona #78

Not also that UCF is #94 on the list. So BC lost to teams ranked #94, #96 (NU) and #87 (Duke)

BC is totally inept and non-competitive in BCS football. and that all can be properly laid at the feet of some BAD, BAD COACHES

Laxman said...

0 BCS wins
3rd year
do you need anymore analysis than that? Go find something more productive or enjoyable to do with your time...

mod34b said...

One thing I have observed as of late is that Spaz's excuse making knows no bounds. (GDF too). every week he serves up new excuses.

One new excuse I see from Spaz and his apologists is to try to blame the Rettig woes on the offensive line. Jags did not recruit enough O-line talent and we can't get Rettig enough protection and time to play (which is not even true b/c when Rettig does have time he is still not accurate). In other words, Spaz, Devine, Brock do not take responsibiliy in being bad coaches, they pass the buck and deflect blame.

Jimmy -- Worst BCS team in the country really says it all. At this point in the season, it could hardly be a worse indictment of our football failures. But is anybody listening?

TheShowGoesOnLupeFiasco said...

Minnesota is far worse than BC.

WhereIsJags said...

Via Grantland:
"Trendy Defensive Hopeful Who Will Never Win: Luke Kuechly, Boston College. Here's everything I know about Luke Kuechly: He leads the nation in solo tackles with 61. Also, he plays for one of the worst major conference teams in America. In other words, he spends his weekends throwing his body at gigantic men for a team that will probably not win a game."

Couldn't have put it better myself.

Evertosmell said...

Bad coaches are the last to recognized how bad they are. It's never their fault.

Bad AD's likewise are never able to see how bad they are. Take a look at the USA polls out today on the coaches picks in men's and women's basketball. Among the fifty men's teams BC got no votes; among the 41 women's team listed BC got no votes.

How can one school that pays an athletic director accept the football and both basketball programs falling apart without holding him responsible? BC football team the worst in the BCS from number 2 a few years ago; BC men's basketball not among the top fifty when they used to be in the NCAA championships; the same with the women's teams.

Pretty disgusting for one who likes BC sports but finds little to follow outside hockey. By the way the coach there was there when the AD came on board.

John said...

Wow. All these comments are depressing. Love to be a fly on the wall in GDF's office. I love the emails I get via Facebook touting BC's athletic prowess. Net net - Hockey is fringe sport and the two sports that drive a school's reputation are football and basketball. This year BC will last in the ACC in both. It will be very interesting to see what happens to GDF and Spaz post a 1-11 or 2-10 season. Not sure how they can rationalize the status quo to season tickets holders. Thank god their are only two home games left.

FYI, Maryland favored by 7 1/2.

Eagles2294 said...

Anyone see Lenn Robbins' column in today's New York Post? According to the esteemed Mr. Robbins BC has become "irrelevant in college sports." Funny how Mr. Robbins column appears during the worst BC football season in years. Doubt he would have written a similiar column during Matty Ice's final season! If BC followed his advice they would as irrelevant as SUNY Stony Brook-Mr. Robbins' alma mater!

BCballer said...

I think we play Maryland this week.

How pathetically sad that a guy who set his wedding up around BC football, and made often-Herculean efforts to attend games, home and away,...I don't even FREAKIN' KNOW for sure who we even play. And the worst part is, I don't even feel guilty. In fact, I feel nothing...

We suck and are completely irrelevant on the national landscape.

Thanks Gene.

chicagofire1871 said...

Given how strong Spaz' defenses have been in years past, I might be able to let the offensive woes slide, but considering that the D is now equally inept, it seems that Spaz has completely lost his way and must go.

Leather D said...

Spaz has defenders?

Rob said...


Hopefully Rogers is close to coming back from his medical issues and will be able to turn things around upon his return!

BaltEagle00 said...

ATL- When are we going to see the potential head coaching replacements for Spaz blog? I think he should hang around for the season, but i don't think its too early for the column

Pano said...

Not to pile on, but the numbers against BCS conf opponents is even worse...

In the Spaz era:
25 Games Played
10-15 record
18.24 points per game

Only 7 times in those 25 games have they scored more than 20 points!!!!!

1 time they have scored over 28 points and that was the 52-20 blowout agains NCST in '09.

Take out that game and they avg 16.83 ppg against every other BCS conf opponent

The only BCS conf teams scoring less point against other BCS conf teams in the past 3 years are Vandy at 12.92 who is dealing with the great D's in the SEC and Washington St at 15.63.

About Five said...

Wow!! Wonder how the Trustees evaluate job performance?

Kinda hard to keep Geno who works for years to run off O'Brien, falls in love in the interview process with compliant Jags, run off Jags, then Spaz and the Tranquilizer, and week after week....

The manly thing to do would be dump Gene to give the student athletes hope. Let Spaz go when convenient. If they don't do Gene first they totally lack leadership.

JBQ said...

The label of "Tranquilizer" is an act of genius. He actually came in with a good rep and Navy background. Even Spaz looked like the right way to go to stabilize the program. A young and aggressive offensive coordinator would have done it.

BCDoubleEagle said...

It's really a shame that we're so awful this particular year, given that we have nationally televised games against FSU (Thursday night ESPN game), Notre Dame (NBC) and Miami (ABC, day after Thanksgiving). That's three times we'll be humiliated on national TV. Ugh.

Big Jack Krack said...

If we could just get a couple of standout OL per recruiting year, we'd be okay - and a good OL coach. Devine needs to go. These are some of the guys I remember -
Ross, Pat
Trueblood, Jeremy

Josh Beekman
James Marten

Gosder Cherilus
Ryan Poles
Tom Anevski
Ty Hall

Clif Ramsey

Matt Tennant

Thomas Claiborne
Richard Lapham

Anthony Castonzo
Mark Spinney

Who do we have as standouts for 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011?

Emmett Cleary?
John Wetzel?
Ian White?
Andy Gallik?
Robert Vardaro?
Harris Williams?

A lot of others to come along as well. It seems as though these guys should develop properly under a good coach, but this isn't happening.

There's no good reason for our OL to have fallen so far down. Recruiting and more importantly - COACHING!

bostonfoodie said...

BJK, you're absolutely right on the coaching dept. It reminds me of the Weis era at ND, where they had plenty of recruits but no execution.

In other news, both our former coach (TOB) and Spaz are on another "hot seat list"

Knucklehead said...

Whoever is making the decisions needs to give Tom Coughlin a telephone call.

He parlayed Boston College into the first GM/Head Coach job in NFL history. Went to a AFC Championship game and then won a super bowl in the toughest city and toughest conference in the NFL against the "best" offensive team in NFL history - Patriots.
He along with the Mara famil;y has gone out of his way to draft BC players because of their class and toughness . . . Keuchly next.
He would definitely point/advise Gene on who a good coach would be . . . actually did a few years ago Kevin Gilgride but Gene went with his guy and made a terrible choice. So now Gene has managed to agitate the schools biggest advocate(athletically speaking). That being said, a mea culpa phone call to Coughlin would result in some good guidance and a chance to restore credibility to the football program.
Unfortunately, I think Gene has burned alot of bridges with sports alumni in the media(flutie, deossie, mayock) and he needs to recognize that and make some changes to his attitude.

Imagine having Doug Flutie, Chris Snee, Tom Couglin, Matt Ryan, Matt Hasselback, Mike Cloud, Chris Hovan on the sidelines the way other school bring back their old alumni. Don't you think people like Steven Boyd,Tom Waddle,or Pete Kendall would come back and say a few words to the current "kids" if asked. Wouldn't that build some cohesion amongst the coaches and players?

The more I write here the more I realize there is an ego maniac in charge of the BC Athletic department. A Jesuit school should not be all about the freaking money(spends more time on the ESPN TV Contract then on the teams that represent the school that pays him). It should be all about treating the people who have the athletic department(school)great AND with some class and respect.
Jeff Jagodzinski and Coach Spaz are not BC people. They are University of Wisonsin Milwaukee and Penn State people. They do not givce a crap about Boston College . . . . WAKE UP.

hsk said...

agree with Knucklehead completely, BC has enough connections everywhere to right this ship, however, it is this present administrations responsibility to call this meeting to order or we will be involved in the "which team is worse" conversation for years to come. We are falling behind dramatically as far as talent goes, and this season has sucked the soul and spirit out of us.... imagine how the players feel. And what future prospect would be willing to sacrifice themselves for this situation. Sadly, I believe that money will talk in the end. Hold back donations, don't buy tickets, and I predict that the number of apps. for the next class will fall as well, and suddenly there will be movement. OCCUPY THE HEIGHTS !

eagleboston said...

Where are the former BC players? Where is Flutie, Waddle, Boyd, Romo, Cronin, Foley, Woody, Ryan, Herzlich, Bicknell, Peterson, Hasselbeck, Costanzo, Deosie, Stratford, Martin, etc.? This is their legacy. They will always be BC guys and they have a stake in BC football being successful. With all of the BC guys that have been in the NFL, you would think a few of them would go into coaching. We need BC guys to take over this program and return it to excellence.