Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Round up of growing Spaz criticism from national outlets

The national guys are starting to weigh in with Spaz comments. Some are more critical than others and some deflect blame from Spaz to Jags or Gene. In the end though I think Spaz will be judged by his record and how the team responds in the second half of the season. Of course the best line of the week was from SBNation as they quoted an exchange between two BC fans on BCI.

SBNation's Exchange of the Week:

SoaringToGlory: Never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d be flirting with a 2-win season.

CSOM_97: FLIRTING? We are whoring ourselves out on a cheap crack-infested strip in a bad part of Detroit on the off chance Richard Gere happens by with our second win

SoaringToGlory: Please tell me no gerbils will be harmed in the making of this football season. That would be the last straw.

Pat Forde's Forde Yard Dash:

Coach who should take the bus to work
Frank Spaziani (38), Boston College. Spaz was dealt a bad hand when running back and preseason ACC Offensive Player of the Year Montel Harris got hurt and missed the first three games. But still, the offensive ineptitude in Chestnut Hill has been sobering.

In Spaziani's first year as head coach, the Eagles averaged 24.8 points per game and went 8-5. Last year the scoring dipped to 18.5 points and the record to 7-6. This year BC is 1-4 and averaging 20.6 points -- but just 14.5 against FBS competition. And after playing four at home in the first five, the next three are on the road.

ACC Journal:

There Are No Winners In The BC-TOB Divorce

Pre-snap Read:
This season is turning into a disaster for Spaziani and Boston College. Just through the first week of October, the Eagles have lost to Duke for the first time since 1927 and at home to Wake Forest for the first time since 2003. And before that, B.C. was absolutely manhandled by a U.C.F. team that went on, after that victory, to lose to F.I.U. and B.Y.U. in consecutive weeks. This isn’t the Titanic. It’s not the Poseidon Adventure. Boston College’s season is going down like the Andrea Doria: it’s not like no one thought the Eagles were unsinkable, but few thought things would go so foul, so fast. Someone will be held responsible; Spaziani will be the fall guy, and I won’t argue that it shouldn’t happen.

The Alphabetical:

Q is for Quaeritur. Latin for "the question is asked," as in "who was the last ACC team to lose to both Wake Forest and Duke in one season?" Boston College, the double-barreled shotgun of eastern seaboard football failure just went off in your mouth, because you are the answer thanks to a 27-19 loss to Wake this past Saturday. We remind everyone that Boston College fired a perfectly good coach because he went on a job interview, and deserves all of this.

Yahoo! Sports:

FRANK SPAZIANI. Boston College fans seem like a basically patient, reasonable lot, especially when it comes to a guy who helped bring the program back from the brink in the wake of an epic gambling scandal in the mid-nineties. But the two most high-profile B.C. blogs on the web were unequivocal after Saturday's 27-19 loss to Wake Forest: It's time to fire Frank Spaziani as head coach. Like, yesterday.
With the loss, the Eagles fall to 1-4 — the one win coming against an FCS patsy, UMass — and have now lost home games to Northwestern, Duke and Wake Forest in a span of a little less than a month. Of course, that was supposed to be the easy part of the schedule. From here, forget extending the 12-year bowl streak: If they can't beat similarly flailing N.C. State on Nov. 12, they're spiraling fast toward 1-11.

Stewart Mandel:

And while I'm not sure whether to blame coach or athletic director for this one, Gene DiFilippo's well-intentioned but risky decision to fire Jeff Jagodzinski in January 2009 when he interviewed for an NFL job is costing Boston College dearly today. While Frank Spaziani is the easy target to blame for the Eagles' downward spiral (they're 1-4 so far this year), a team can't go through three coaches in four years and not have it affect recruiting.


mod34b said...

It is interesting to see reference by the sports "journalists" to the BC blogs. Kind of a compliment to you and BCI, and I guess Eagle Outsider (but that one requires too much time to find the good stuff and discard the stupid and offensive stuff)

But the reading of blogs - however flattering - points to a bigger problem: these guys don't know the basics about BC and thus have to read (very quickly) the BC blogs. They just seem to want to quickly get some snarky, snappy crap published and move to the next story. Most irritating is the reflexive recycling of the Jags-was-unjustly-fired story - just total nonsense. (the better and true story is the Spaz-was-unjustly-hired story)

Bottom line: if you want to know about BC sports read BC blogs, not HD at ESPN and not these other big name chumps either.

Ryan said...

They're going for fan emotion here - you don't get that from ESPN and other journalists.

Anyway, I hope they keep the hate coming. At least it's getting noticed and the higher ups have to see it.

Joe Bags said...

"...epic gambling scandal..."

Can you see me rolling my eyes? I expect better from Hinton.

William said...

The alphabetical put it best:

We remind everyone that Boston College fired a perfectly good coach because he went on a job interview, and deserves all of this.


Agreed 110%, this was entirely self inflicted

Joseph said...

Jags was a perfectly good coach? Look at his resume since he looked Gene in the eye and said,"FU".

mod34b said...

William. Troll much?