Sunday, October 09, 2011

Second viewing thoughts and grade report: Clemson

Watching a game back after being there in person is probably the best of both worlds. I get to hear things I didn't in the stadium and get to see angles that you can't from the corner endzone. But most telling though is seeing the players in person. These guys are capable enough to be better than 1-5 and are certainly playing hard. Watching this back confirmed that they are not well coached. As for the game, there were some good moments. Just not enough of them. You see flashes of potential from many but we don't play with enough consistency yet.

Offense: D+

Rettig started off a little rough. He missed a wide open Swigert with an errant pass. He also threw the ball away too early. The fumble wasn't his fault but he's got to be more aware about the short widow to get the play off. Yet despite the bad start he never seemed rattled. He made some really nice throws. Other than the INT, I don't think he forced things. If anything we need to pass more if we ever hope to win.

No Harris, no Williams, no problems. Finch looked good. He got some tough yards and he also hits the gaps well. I think he'll be pretty good as our lead back. Kimble didn't break a big one, but looked good too. I also like him catching the ball...which made him motioning out to a WR position more credible.

Swigert had a career day. What was most encouraging is that he got some space and was actually able to get yards after the catch. Larmond made some tough catches, but like last week, I felt he sort of gave up on their INT. He's got to adjust and at least fight for the ball. Donte Elliott finally caught a pass. Anderson dropped one and also had a few issues blocking. Pantale wasn't even thrown to.

Cleary's had a pretty good year until this game. He had real trouble with their speed rushers. He was better in the run blocking. Ian White had his best game in weeks, but also made a boneheaded hands to the face play that cost us a TD. Spinney played well. Vardaro was better and pretty good in run blocking. Wetzel was okay, but like Cleary, he had some issues with their speed on the edge.

How do you expect to beat an uptempo high scoring team only throwing the ball 20 times (23 if you count the sacks)? We were just way too conservative. Plus I think with Swigert and Larmond making some tough catches and adding Kimble into the mix, I think we can be a passing team. But restricting attempts is not going to get it done. I have nothing against Brock so far, but his play calling is looking very much like Tranquill.

Defense: C

Quinn hustles, but didn't really change the game or make a big impact. Appiah played much better. Mihalik was a nice surprise and closed well. Ricci played a little. Holloway and Edebali started but saw their snaps decrease a bit. Both were fine.

I know that Kuechly is a great player, but right now he is not playing to his own usual high standards. He admitted he missed an assignment on their big 4th down conversion. He also got beat in pass coverage. Divitto made some good plays rushing the passer but was so-so in pass coverage. KPL was better in pass coverage. Clancy got on the field a bit. The big surprise was Duggan. He's covering a lot of ground and looking good. Josh Keyes also got serious playing time and acquitted himself well.

Jim Noel had a really good game. He made some nice tackles and covered a lot of space. His fellow DBs did not. Fletcher got burned on their deep go route. He had position and couldn't win the one on one battle. He also had some missed tackles. Not his best season so far. I have to imagine he's not 100%. Sylvia is real hit or miss. He makes some great heads up plays and other times has me shaking my head. Early on he was slow in picking up guys in his zone. He also had another play where he took out his teammate instead of the opponent. But then he made some good moves as the game wore on. Rositano wasn't as active. Williams was okay. ALJ is getting better but wasn't as active or near the action as past games.

After getting picked apart early, I actually liked BC's adjustments. We started subbing in more guys. We also started bringing pressure including a nice blitz from Noel. The team also seemed ready for Clemson's various gimmicks. The biggest issue was not stopping enough drives when they had big plays. We were decent on third down and obviously slowed them in the redzone. It just wasn't enough. Oh, and I am tired of the passes to the flats going uncontested.

Special Teams: B
If we want to discuss silver linings or bright spots, I think it is now safe to say the Kimble-Evans kick return combo is our best since Jeff Smith's freshman year. Both show good speed and the ability to make miss. They also seem to find soft spots. I think we are getting close to breaking one.

Collectively there was good blocking on the returns. Clancy had a great one on Evans' longest.

Swigert hasn't been as explosive, but made good decisions and is willing to return borderline fair catch situations.

Quigley was solid.

Overall: D+

Clemson has more talent and played better. Normally that wouldn't frustrate me or earn a terrible grade. But what upset me was our approach after getting the ball down 29-14. We didn't even attempt any sort of hurry up or no huddle. I am sure Spaz could rationalize the move by saying our offense needs to master the normal situations before going no huddle, but it basically amounted to surrender. If we had any hope of winning, we were going to need time. Those are the sorts of decisions that Spaz cannot blame anyone else for. It is a mentality and approach that is just plain sad for any school. It is really sad when it is your team.

BC is getting better. The young guys are starting to make some plays. Now we just need a leader who can get them to play winning football.


CT said...

Go after Grobe.

Knucklehead said...

Alabama offered Grobe. He declined.

Not sure why the grades are so low. Atl, you are grading like it 1971. Haven't you heard of grade inflation?

Seriously, these grades are low. This was the best game the team has played all year. They were physical, shows enthusiasm, ran the ball fairly well, and BLITZED THE QB!

They deserve a B- across the board.

If they played/coached this way against NW and Duke they would have won.

Evertosmell said...

I thought the team playing a Top Ten team had the talent to beat them. Clemson knew it was in a game. BC though having the talent has no zip to its offense which adversely affects the defense.

BC should be a top twenty team every year. It has struggled of late but has pointed to its ability to get to bowls as an indication of its value. With 34 or more bowls each year there are 68 teams going to bowls. That's hardly producing a good team when you extol your being in the top 68 teams.

BC is going to be mired in mediocrity until it makes a decision to change how things are done. The Administration and AD are mired in the 60s and70s mentality when it comes to football. You'd think that after the Flutie years which took BC from a backwater Holy Cross type college into a school of desire they'd understand how much football made BC what it is today.

The President keeps saying that BC has to keep up by adding new buildings etc., if it wants to be competitive. I've got news for him if he doesn't realize BC has to produce a good football team also because as I said that is what got them where they are.

Maybe the problem is the President and AD arrived after the Flutie years and they don't remember what BC was like before. They think BC was always a high demand school. Well it wasn't and after this year of dismal football it has the chance to slip back again.

Father Monan should sit Fr, Leahy and AD GDF down and teach them a little history of BC.

JBQ said...

Good comment! Football is not a high priority for WPL. As stated previously, he came from schools which had dropped football (Marquette, SLU). GDF is an extension of the president. His job is to expand all sports. With all of the "cheating" of the top five schools and the athletes still not going to class and graduating, I would be hesitant also. However, you can look it up. Jags had them number 2.

mod34b said...

A small bone to Spaz,the Team did show improvement over prior weeks. Not enough improvement and improvement coming too late in the season to matter all that much, but there was definite improvement.

Rettig had his best game as an Eagle - or one of his best. His play on the three scoring drives (including one called back) was impressive. His first quarter was awful, but he was resilient and got his focus back.

Almost every other facet of the team showed some improvement. Small applause for Spaz and coaches.

BlockParty said...

thoughts on this?

Conflicts of Interest

An article in The Boston Globe on Sunday became the talk of college athletics, as it reported just how brazen and blatant Boston College’s blocking of Connecticut’s move to the Atlantic Coast Conference was.

“We didn’t want them in,” Boston College’s athletic director, Gene DeFilippo, told The Globe. “It was a matter of turf. We wanted to be the New England team.”

The most stunning comment in the article was DeFilippo’s public admission that ESPN guided the A.C.C.’s decision to add Syracuse and Pittsburgh last month. “We always keep our television partners close to us,” DeFilippo told The Globe. “You don’t get extra money for basketball. It’s 85 percent football money. TV — ESPN — is the one who told us what to do. This was football; it had nothing to do with basketball.”

DeFilippo’s comments give credence to the popular theory that ESPN encouraged Pittsburgh and Syracuse’s exit from the Big East in the wake of the Big East’s turning down ESPN’s billion dollar television deal in May during an exclusive negotiating window. ESPN has a billion dollar deal with the A.C.C., making that move either savvy business or collusion, depending on one’s perspective.

Knucklehead said...

Doug Flutie did not make Boston College.

The students of the 1960-1977 made Boston College. Those were the years that the school transitioned from being a local commuter school to being a regional ie NE and MidWest University. It was also when the school went co-ed and purchased Newton College.

Whoever you are. You show NO knowledge of the history of the University. You yourself must have gone to school during or after the Flutie Years.

If BC didn't expand during 60-77 years it would have gone bankrupt. Precious Doug(who I admire also) would have gone to Brown or Harvard.

Don't get high and mighty about history when you are ignorant of it yourself.

Pompous schmuck.

Knucklehead said...

Jags was the coach when they were ranked number 2 and got beat by 30 points on national tv by Maryland.

Were ranked nunmber 2 because TOB recruited Matt Ryan and Nick Larkin and BJ Raji, all 2-3 star recruits and turned them in top ten draft picks and Yake PhD candidates.

Jags ruined that by recruiting the likes of Ugo Ukpara(spelling) and Josh Hayden etc who were highly "recruited" but had no fortitude or desire to improve themselves.

Your another blowhard with no perspective.

Knucklehead said...


Knucklehead said...

Block Party,
The state of connecticut sued boston college. Richard friggin Blumenthal sued us for conspiracy to break up the big east. He lost. I do not have all the details of his background but he is an IVY League a-hole looking to make a name for himself. He has sued half dozen companies/entities for all kinds of garbage.

It is a conflict of interest for Connecticut to be in the same league as Boston College.

GDF is being honest.

When it comes to football I am not a GDF apologist. When it comes to business. I am.

Is there anyone on this site who knows anything about Boston College?

mod34b said...

Knuck, u are a bit ornery today, but I agree with you.

BC was a prominent school before Doug showed up. heck, the football team was held in higher regard back in those days than it is now. Sad

I think the real unsung hero of BC is Father Neenan and also Father Monan. They build up the academics to national respectability. Academics is was and will be job #1 at BC

mmason said...

GDF may be many things not so pretty or witty or wise, but thank you Gene for blowing away the UConn poseurs and finally ending this threat to our place in the ACC. We don't need a recruiting battle with UConn for ACC bound players nor a return to further mayhem in the courts down the line w/ UConn trying to take us out in our own conference. Go Eagles!