Saturday, November 19, 2011

Close doesn't count

I know there are plenty of people who feel good about how BC played against Notre Dame. Yes, there were many positives. Most were on the defensive side of the ball. Ryan Quigley had the game of his life. Still we didn't win. Spaz is now 0-3 against Notre Dame. He had another game where we failed to score in the 20s. He had another game with some head scratching decisions. And we are now 1-16 under Spaz when trailing at halftime.

We are now 3-8. As today showed, we are better than that record. Underachieving cannot be acceptable. Even though I think he will be back, I remain in the fire Spaz camp.

I will have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday.


William said...

This is 7/8 win talent on the field with 3 win talent on the sideline. All this game did was reaffirm that.

Knucklehead said...

The team has 5-6 win talent, max. That is the problem. The QB is gun shy and not very good. He has all mannerisms, doesn't button the chin strap a la Mike Vick but he is not very good. He has people to throw to contrary to public opinion. Larmond, Sweigert, Amadon and Pantale are good. Where was Larmond in the second half?

This game shows that Notre Dame is not that good. Their QB is terrible also. He basically threw 3 INT's we dropped 2. Floyd is 1st round pick, #80 has the best hands in college football(remided me of Pete Mitchell, the best ever), and #9 was bascally a spitting image of Tom Wadell(throw it near him and it is a catch).

The refs were shady in the 1st hals of the ND game last year. They were shady in the 1st half this year. The Fletcher personal in the first Q was terrible. There was no visual evidence to overturn Sweigerts catch in the first Q.

I though it would be a good game but again ND is not a good team . . .

JBQ said...

Mike Mayock and previous comments pointed out that when you are a big underdog, you cannot make mistakes. Dropped interceptions and dropped passes were the biggest problem. It was stated that Spaz was Flutie's offensive coordinator in the Canadian Foosball League. He is the real o.c. and that is why the run-in with K.R. and the strange game plans. This was senior day for ND. There were large numbers of Fifth year snrs as well as 4th year. BC had very few and Spaz jettisoned them some time ago starting with Billy Flutie. How does he have the nerve to butter up to Doug when he treated his nephew like a pile of garbage? The cutting on his knee & finding no problems is a classic.Dan Williams (33) got some playing time on defense. He is a snr and should be very grateful to the king. His blocking back days were over. Who doubts that he "shall return"?

eagleboston said...

0-3 against Notre Dame. No need to say more. Spaz must go. Bring in a real coach and jettison this clown.

Capital Eagle said...

Close doesn't count. There is nothing to feel good about in this loss or in any loss. 3-8 is just terrible. What happened to our offensive coordinator? Has he been heard from since is medical leave? There are unanswered questions re the coaching staff, the recruiting and the execution. Get used to Spazzing at least for another year. This is all very disappointing. I don't know who controls our schedule but does anyone think there is anything wrong in having 4 home games between Labor Day and Oct. 2?

BCballer said...

I really loved seeing Spaz smiling on the sideline after closing it to 16-14 with time virtually gone. Nothing makes a great coach happier than making the final score look good. I'm trying to think of another coach who would have been giddy at a garbage time ( yeah, I know, on-sides kick and all...right! ) score. Can't think of one...get someone here who can build a program before it's scorched!!!

mod34b said...

We lost to a crappy team today. That sucks.

I do not care for "moral victories" either. We lost. As was said by somebody, "show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser "

Spaz is a loser, and so is BC so long as we keep this dope around.

hsk said...

we have lost to "crappy" three years in a row now. Enough of this already. Felt sorry for the players today as they repeatedly looked to the sidelines for some guts today and they got none. This crew has to go. No way in hell am I getting seasons tix next year unless change occurs.

ObserverCollege said...

Spaz must have done some graduate work in game theory, as yesterday was a classic display of finding the Pareto-optimal solution in a Venn diagram. Coach Spaziani always looks at the bigger picture, in terms of what his team needs and what's best for the college football universe.

These have been trying times in the world of college football. Penn State's presence in a prominent bowl game this year has been unfairly jeopardized, not to mention their recruiting haul this February--people simply forget that "it's about the players". Too many elite teams have fallen this year, opening the way for a BCS Championship Game with less-than-optimal attractiveness in TV ratings and revenue. And, of course, Notre Dame has had some disappointments that have undermined the ratings NBC gets for its games--to the point that even ND's independence has been threatened.

In the wake of this, comes Frank Spaziani. From a myopic standpoint, it would be best for BC to win. But that would give Notre Dame a fourth loss, which neither the Irish nor Disney/ESPN can afford in the drive for maximum profits out of the BCS Series. Coach Spaziani recognized ND's kindness in hosting Boston College and allowing them to play on national television. Spaz recognized the least BC could do is show some respect for its host. He didn't really need to get a win, as he had sufficiently bashed his talent such that people had set ND as a 24 point favorite. He simply had to keep it close, so that traditional media commentators would hail Coach Spaziani for almost knocking off Notre Dame in South Bend(!) with the barren talent Jags left him.

That, friends, leads to a Pareto-optimal solution. Kelly refrains from stepping on the gas, in exchange for Coach Spaziani declining to take chances in a quest to "play to win". You get a back-and-forth field position game, one that keeps BC close. That's all Coach DeFilippo needs to convince the Board of Trustees to keep Coach Spaziani, rather than do a buyout.

Yesterday is a microcosm of why so many love Coach Spaziani and all he has done for college football. Ask Brian Kelly--he would tell you to keep Coach Spaziani. As did Jim Grobe. As would Frank Beamer. As would Jimbo Fisher.

Unlike people tapping at their basement keyboards, they all believe Coach Spaziani deserves another five years at BC--to take him to full retirement age with a generous 401k package. Coach Spaziani is a master of the "win-win" scenario. He can coach his team to victory in a large share of the minutes played--yesterday he won the last 52 minutes 14-6!!! Yet the team that needs the win in conventional terms can get it, benefiting the greater good and profit margin of college football.

Well done, Coach Spaziani. Well done!

William said...

I assume Knucklehead is channelling his inner OC but I'll answer nonetheless

So this team has 3 wins right now. With decent coaching let's assume we have a real coach.

Against NW we actually prepare for the no huddle in the offseason +1 win
UCF is 4-7 has beat no one (we are no one)
Against Duke we center the ball +1 win
ND sucks, we should've beat them with this dolt at coach, let alone a decent one.

There's your 7 and that's not including a very mediocre Miami team that just put up 6 points against USF


mod34b said...


Well done.

It is now the theatre of the absurd when sarcasm blurs into realism and much of what you say ihas shades of truth !

I think we need a post analyzing the psychology of GDF and his stooge (Spaz) and how that fits into traditional authoritarian Catholic church approach to governance (yes Jesuits do this too!)

janebc said...

The highlight for the night for me was hearing Mayock's condescending comment on our courageous performance as David against the ND Goliath - "this is their bowl game." This-about a team we were beating routinely just several short years ago. Thanks so much for ruining our football program, GDF!

janebc said...

And well done, Observer, as always.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Incidentally, Mayock is a BC grad. Actually, I don't think his comment is too off the mark.

mod34b said...

EB -- Not off the mark? ND is our bowl game? I think not.
I agree with jane

Too many from BC overvalue the ND series, particularly recent grads . We did not play ND very much at all before 1990 or so because they refused to play us. Isn't our first victory against them only in 1992?

ND and its wannabe fans have always been condescending, rude and arrogant to BC. ND does not respect BC at all. Yet, we stay in the relationship? Why? as in life, the healthier choice is to walk away from an abusive jerk. But we stay in the relationship and even relish it as "special". -- as if it is a way to validate our program after 100 years of proud history. Weird and loser-ish. It baffles me why so many think this is such a wonderful series. We need to win the ACC, not beat these jerks.

mod34b said...

Oops not EB but BCDE

janebc said...

For what it's worth, I did not take the remark literally-as in BC is not going to a bowl this year. To me it is reminiscent of what people say about UMass or URI when they play BC: "this is their bowl game" e.g., we are not in the same class as ND and any showing is a good one. This team was winning the Atlantic Division of the ACC and routinely beating ND just several short years ago? Don't you see how indicative it is of the regression of our football program????

dixieagle said...

Absolutely, Jane!!! I was livid when Mayock said that. It is as if he has adopted Spaz's loser "we are what we are" mentality. Totally unacceptable.

Patrick said...

It was our damn bowl game. We were 3-7, playing in a full house against a storied program.

And we played it just as aggressively as last year's bowl game, which is to say not at all.

Tough to win when all you do is try not to lose.

Four years ago we left South Bend as the number 2 team in the country. And this year, we leave South Bend with our worst team in 15 years. It's not Mayock's fault that playing a mediocre team turned into our bowl game.

Did you see the used car salesman roaming our sidelines wearing the sweater vest yesterday, even though he's not a coach? The guy who introduces himself as the team as Coach Flip, again, even though he's not a coach? It's his fault.

janebc said...

Patrick, I think you miss my point (and Dixie's); You are correct-it WAS the bowl game for our once-proud program. I'm not angry at Mayock-I'm angry at the person who created this situation, along with his puppet, who took on a job for which he has neither the energy nor the ability.

mod34b said...

Jane and Patrick, by your logic I guess we have our second "bowl" game next week, because we again are playing "our betters", another "storied program" in an historic stadium on National TV. Also since Miami today renounced its chance to go bowling this year (self punishment) , it must be Miami's "bowl" too.

Gee why don't I feel so fortunate to be playing arrogant, fading programs on national TV two weeks in a row.

Patrick said...

I can't in good conscience call ND "fading" given the mess we have on our own hands.

ND is a special place. I don't like their arrogance. But that doesn't make it any less special. Especially when compared to, oh, I don't know, a bowl game in a converted baseball stadium that has a new sponsor every time we're in it.

Don't get me wrong, I always want to win the ACC, always. ACC games are the most important ones on the schedule. But unless it's the Orange Bowl, I'll always prefer a win out at ND to some fake exhibition.

Knucklehead said...


Duke and NC State should have been wins. We got crushed by UCF. Alot of schools have games that they should have won that they didn't. Look at Alabama.

BC is a 5-6 win team. They are 3-7 and should have beat Duke and NW.

Knucklehead said...

ND is a fading program.

I wrote this months ago and am writing it again now.

ND is joining the ACC. The ACC will allow them to keep their TV deal with NBC. Two reasons: 1) Look at their current football schedule, three ACC schools, 2) Hockey East accepted ND for 2013. Boston College must have exerted its influence for this move to have happened. Coincidentally, ND and NBC signed a deal to make Versus the Irish college hockey network.

So here is the deal ND gets their football program into a conference with like schools: BC, Wake, Duke, UVA(hate Brad Butler), and UNC. They get their hockey program into the SEC of college hockey, Hockey East. They get to keep their TV money.

Eventually, they will joing for hoops. I don't think ND can justify staying in the Catholic Conference(remaining B.Est Ctholic hoops schools will form their own conference) for hoops while beiing in the ACC for football.

Although this would opent the door for BC to leave the ACC for hoops and join the new Catholic Conference. No real BC hoops fan would be against this move.

Point being, all this money and hanging around with ND gives Gene the power he needs to keep Spaz as the head football coach. It also makes Gene the front runner to be the next commissioner of the ACC. Swofford ahs been around for 14-15 years.

Knucklehead said...

correction: Duke and NWestern

eagleboston said...

Watching Herzy getting his props on NBC. Raji also scored a Fridge-style TD today. We have to live through our former Eagles since they remind us of the glory days of BC football.