Friday, November 04, 2011

Football Alumni on Spaz

As fans and alumni we are all stakeholders in BC football. But the football Alumni are in a little more vested club. Most of them are closely identified with their time at BC even years later. And I am not just talking about the current guys playing in the NFL or Canada. Your typical BC football player is in a normal job and like all of us fans is hearing: "what happened to you guys?"

What's interesting is that despite their gripes and frustrations with the program, most are pretty loyal. They might be critical of a coach, player or admin at a cocktail party or in an email, but rarely will they go public. Thanks to social media, that is starting to change.

Matt Tennant has been one of the more vocal critics of Spaz. After slamming Spaz during the game on twitter, Tennant backtracked a bit today:

Sorry Eagle fans, last night my emotions obviously got the best of me.I care a lot about the program, and while the losses are not directly

Spaz's fault, we do all need to work together to help BC football get back to where it belongs.

Tennant shouldn't have to apologize. He wasn't the only one questioning the leadership and direction of the program. I hope other football alums start speaking out. We need a change and it will only happen if influential alumni take a stand.


EL MIZ said...

marcellus bowman (started every game in spaz's first year and may have been hardest hitting BC player ever) also had anti-spaz comments....

MRBoom38 Marcellus R. Bowman
Its time for the Mustache at to step down. BC needs change..

Jimmy said...

Matt Tennant is a sell out.

Be a man, buddy, and stand behind your words.

Tennant has just gone from being a leader to being part of the problem and becoming a Spaz apologist. Pathetic.

How much did they pay you retract the truth? Oh it does not matter. If they paid you a dollar or a million, same result: you sold out your former teammates and your school.

Erik said...

First Vinny, now Tennant.

Benjamin said...

Jimmy, if Matt Tennant were if front of you right now, would you still stand by your words?

Jimmy said...

Yes Benjamin. I am not pussy like you and Matt.

About Five said...

OK Jimmy's comments are a little strong. But Benjamin, why be afraid of someone who will not stand by their words when the words they spoke made perfect sense, while their recast sounds weak?

Benjamin said...

My question was mainly if Jimmy would still call Matt Tenant a sell-out to his face.
I'm not sure how being tactful is confused for cowardice.
Here's the thing: it's known now that Tennant has called out Spaz and GDF regarding this season and Spaz' tenure. His apology displays some level of maturity and tact. If he wants to have some influence within the program now, he's not going to have it by burning bridges.
With the new round of tweets, GDF know that there are high profile professional BC players very unhappy with the state of the program, but are willing to lend their support. I respect Tennant, not only for his original tweet, but that he is willing to work with them.

EasyRider said...

Agreed, Benjamin. Sports often illicit the basest emotions in us all; however, away from the field, it is often those who act with care who succeed. I love Mike Leach as a play caller and a character, but as an entity off the sideline he was a train wreck, which explains his extended unemployment.

Lenny Sienko said...

Another Saturday night and the so-called "All Access" for the audio to the BC men's hockey team is not working again.

More incompetence from #fireGDF

Big Jack Krack said...

Do AD's get contracts like Head Coaches? If so, why?

What is the situation with Napoleon DeFilippo?

I will feel much happier when he is gone from my Alma Mater.

And HCFS as well.

chicagofire1871 said...

Like BJK, Spaz has saved me a lot of money this year! No trip to Boston and those related costs, no donation to the Flynn Fund and no merchandise sales to buy the stained glass window jersey UA is pushing on us. Hooray for GDF!