Saturday, November 12, 2011

Senior go out fighting and get win in their final game at Alumni

That won't go down as a pretty nor impressive win, but it is still a win. The first half was actually decent. The offense moved well and looked aggressive. BC's defense generated a lot of pressure. But given a big lead, Spaz went conservative and the QB rotation turned bad. But the guys played hard. Technically they don't have anything to play for, but we are lucky they are playing for pride.

For those who were at the game, Spaz got emotional in the post game interview. I am sure this season has been trying and he is proud of his guys playing hard. But that emotion nor the win change my opinion that BC needs a change and Spaz is not the guy who should rebuild this program.

I will post second viewing thoughts and grades late Sunday.


EagleManhattan said...

Despite the emotion, the first thing he did is pat himself on the back for being a great coach before giving credit to the players. Spaz can go screw himself.

Spaz in 2012. This program is dead for years to come.

BaltEagle00 said...

Does anyone else feel dirty and ashamed after watching that game?

mod34b said...

Portrait of a bad offense via Spazooo

2d half drive # 1 (Run Run Pass Punt. Net 5yds)

1st-10, Williams rushed to the right for no gain

2nd-10, Williams rushed up the middle for 5 yard gain

3rd-5,  Rettig  sacked by D. Johnson

4th-11, punt.

Drive #2 (pass, pass, pass, punt net 0 yards) 

1st-10,  Rettig passed to T. Kimble to the right for no gain

2nd-10, Rettig incomplete pass to the left

3rd-10, Rettig incomplete pass down the middle

4th-10, Punt . 
Drive #3 (run, run, pass, punt; net 8 yards) 

1st-10, Williams rushed up the middle for 5 yard gain

2nd-5, Amidon rushed to the right for 3 yard loss

3rd-8, Rettig incomplete pass down the middle

4th-8, punt.
Drive # 4 (run, run, run, run, pass, pass punt; net 17 yards)   

1st-10, Williams rushed up the middle for 2 yard gain

2nd-3, Williams rushed up the middle for 2 yard gain

3rd-1, Williams rushed up the middle for 2 yard gain

1st-10, Amidon  rushed to the right for 7 yard loss

2nd-17, Rettig passed to B. Swigert down the middle for 4 yard gain

3rd-13, Rettig sacked 

4th-22, punt.
Drive #5 ( run, run, run, punt; net 9 yards)  

1st-10, Williams rushed up the middle for 6 yard gain

2nd-4, Williams rushed up the middle for 3 yard gain

3rd-1, Williams rushed up the middle for 1 yard loss

4th-2, punt.
Run out clock (-3 yards)

Walter said...

Let's just be happy with the win.

Spaz wasn't getting fired even if we went 2-10.

mmason said...

Alas, Walter is right. The only Senior who is not going out fighting, is Spaz.

mod34b said...

Alas, Walter is wrong. Spaz will be out.

I believe. I believe positive change will happen at BC Football. Yes!

EL MIZ said...

seniors [and kuechly] go out fighting.

i'd be surprised if luke returns for his senior year. guy projects to be a top 20 pick. his decision will incorporate his opinion of the coaching staff and the general direction of the team/program. he's gone.

Big Jack Krack said...

Glad I missed that game. Mod has it summed up for our second half - such a disgrace offensively.

We have no plan on offense - none. Is Brock that bad, or is Spaziani scripting the plays? Either way, Brock needs to find another job.

The D played well I guess, but will potentially be humiliated next week.

This team has no chance for years to come with these coaches - especially the Head Coach.

Lenny Sienko said...

The offensive coaching problem was exemplified with the use of Bordner and the "zone read", Tim Tebow-style scheme.

Bordner came in and made a couple of yards running himself. He handed to the slot rceeiver coming back in motion and Amidon picked up yardage. The next time Bordner handed to Amidon he got less. The next time, Amidon was stoned in the backfield for a loss.

There are other variations of this read, including a pass; but to keep running the same handoff with negative results is crazy. In fact, its Einstein's definition of "insanity"; i.e., doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Once NCSU figured out the first option, the idea is to change the option called/chosen. That never happens with BC. We don't make the progression and use the variations.

Ry said...

I realize Kuechly projects as a high first rounder, and I won't be shocked if he bolts. But, I won't be shocked if he comes back either. The guy is a completely different breed. He's as humble, grounded, and thoughtful as he is talented and he values the degree highly. I imagine this isngoing to be. Slot tougher of a decision than many people would think.

hsk said...

good luck to mens soccer! would be nice. first half was watchable,
2nd half was as miserable as it gets. all year long half time has proved to be a mistake, don't know what goes on in that locker room, but it just doesn't work. maybe having an alleged 33k at Alumni today will wake someone up. doubt it.

Benjamin said...

I just want to say congrats to the team for winning on senior day. Whether the team is winning or losing throughout the season, this is a game that still meant something to the coaching staff and players.

Yes, the second half was devoid of any type of offensive identity, but the defense still played a great game.

So again, congratulations seniors. Thank you for your time at the Heights. Win or lose, you still give alumni like me the opportunity to wear our superfan shirts.

And Kuechly... please don't go anywhere.

Tim said...

A highly ranked BC team is currently competing for an ACC title on national TV. Go BC soccer! (It's on ESPNU)

mmason said...

The BC/UNC ACC soccer 'ship game was a showcase for Eagle no quit toughness--UNC had their hands full with our guys--some great BC shots on goal, but their keeper had 5 saves. BC's Becker sure can kick a roundhouse. Fun to watch, even with UNC homers calling the 3-1 match in the loss to the Heels. Go Eagles Soccer! On to the College Cup!

Jimmy said...

The new BCS poll is out.  BC's win did not help much. We are still 4th worst BCS team in the USA.  Where will BC be after ND and the U?!

1. Indiana 
2. Colorado 
3. Oregon State 
4. BC 
5. Minnesota 
6. Maryland
7. Duke
8. Mississippi
9. Washington State
10. Arizona