Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanks for playing hard

Winning is so much better than losing. The game is more fun. You feel better after. And most importantly the players are smiling and hugging on the sidelines. The team deserves credit for playing hard when there was nothing to play for. Rettig was awesome. Outside of a few plays, the defense was awesome. Quigley was really good too. And of course Kuechly changed the game.

The game was more interesting than it had to be because of the game management. But it was a win.

I am pretty sure that Spaz is coming back. I think that was decided before this game happened. We have multiple problems but Spaz is the most fixable. That theme will populate our offseason.

I am on the road and will be traveling but will have a recap and grades up. Just not sure it will be Sunday.


AlbanyEagle said...

Thanks for the awesome memories, Luke!
Good luck in the bigs!

janebc said...
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janebc said...

Thanks for playing hard, guys, despite the abysmal coaching, you won this game today. No Spaz is not"fixable," he ran off an offensive coordinator who might have improved things, a;long with several players who would have made a difference. Another season of him and this program is a complete nonentity. Do the honorable thing Spa-resign, before you ruin another season.

eagleboston said...

I think ATL is right. Even though many of us want Spaz gone (the Bordner switcheroo was unconscionable), he ended the season on a positive note, winning in Miami, something the past 4 BC coaches were unable to do. His team is very, very young and several players earned valuable experience that should pay off down the road. And, he had his two top offensive players out for most of the season (Can you imagine how different this season would have been with Momah and Harris?) He will be back. I want him gone, but I think he did just enough to get one more year.

eagleboston said...

Also, despite the win, I'm kind of bummed that this is the last BC game for over 9 months! It's gonna be a loooooooooong off-season. The first time since 1999 that we are not playing past November. A weird feeling.

Ryan said...

This season with Harris and Momah = one more win. You can't fix what's wrong with this coaching staff. There's lots of extremely talented teams with awful coaches (see FSU, OSU, Tennessee, etc.) who go nowhere - we're just a slightly above-average team with awful coaches. We need great coaching to reach an elite level.

Thomas said...

Urban Meyer should welcome the challenge at BC. Back up the Brinks truck and get him here.

Big Jack Krack said...

Nice BC crowd at the game. The players looked confident, played hard and won IN SPITE OF SOME REALLY STRANGE COACHING DECISIONS.

The TDs were awesome, and as you can imagine - the home team would not show the replays on the big screen.

Pantale's TDs were great to see - especially the second one, and Keuchly's Pick 6 was a great demonstration of the stiff arm - even though it happened towards the opposite goal line from where we were sitting.

First and goal at the 2 yard line; call/waste a timeout; stiffle your own momentum; then bring in Fumbles Bordner (who has already fumbled on a 4th and 1) and we know what happened. This is not an attack on the individual, although he has proven to be a fumble machine (on a play that EVERYONE in the stadium knws is coming - never mind the opposing team. In terms of coaching, it's a fireable offense as far as I'm concerned.

The Prevent Offense in the 4th Quarter was tough to watch, but the D played great and the strategy worked somehow.

Different coaching and we win this game 37 to 17 or 37 to 14.

Great victory BC players - especially for our seniors. The Miami seniors ran onto the field for what seemed like a half an hour before the game for individual introductions. Big difference in experience, and our kids prevailed. Terrific.