Friday, November 18, 2011

Women's soccer make best of bad Friday

After OT, the BC women beat Cal 3-1 on Penalty Kicks. With the win, they advance to play Stanford on Sunday.

The men's basketball team lost to Holy Cross. Now a loss to Holy Cross is never a good thing, but in this case BC was blownout. I am not going to overreact. This is still a very young team and they were playing withot Heckmann (ankle injury). I didn't see the game but did listen and my biggest concern was the defense. If we let Holy Cross shoot really well, how will we shut down elite ACC teams? But let's give the young guys time. I still believe they will be much better come January.

In a omen that I hope doesn't spread to Saturday, Notre Dame hockey beat BC in OT. BC was up early, squandered the lead, forced OT and then let in a goal late. It was an up and down night.


eagleboston said...

God, I wish BC had an exciting, winning coach such as Iowa State's Paul Rhoades. He may be the best coach in America. Paul Rhoades is the kiind of guy BC needs. When you can't compete on talent, you need a coach who instills confidence, calls aggressive plays and is always positive.

EL MIZ said...

tough loss for the team w/o heckmann. he was definitely the best player from what i saw of game 1.

i wasn't able to see the game so if anyone saw it i'd love to hear what went down.

from the looks of the boxscore...

--anderson only played 23 minutes. i am very interested in his progression; i think he has a higher upside than most of the freshman. 9 points - only 2 of 6 from the field (1/3 from 3) . looks like he was in some foul trouble?

--humphrey didn't play well. for a transfer with more experience than the rest of these guys, he only had 9 points in 29 minutes. struggled shooting - 3 of 11, and 1/6 from 3. he did have 3 o-boards, a team high.

-clifford had a pretty good game; not sure what HC's front line looks like. from what i see and hear from clifford, he's pretty coordinated and agile for a big man, which is quite the rarity. if he has good hands, i think his development could really propel this team in 2-3 years. you can't teach size. had 10 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 block in 29 minutes. had 3 fouls so may have played more if not for fouls.

- daniels got the start with heckmann out. i remember his recruiting videos; he looks like a pretty deft ballhandler and superquick. the knock is obviously he's so little. he played a team high 33 minutes and had 15 points. got to the line 4 times and made all 4.

cahill also started and played 28 minutes. why are rubin and moton playing so sparingly? they actually got minutes last year, tonight they had 9 and 3 minutes respectively. whats up with that?

odio played 18 minutes. i haven't seen him play but the description was a pretty athletic 6-8 PF? had 4 points and 3 boards.

Ryan said...

Iowa State is 6-4 and Rhoads is 17-17 overall. Hardly setting the world on fire. He's Spaz with a marquee win.

eagleboston said...

Ryan, trust me, Rhiades is one of the best coaches in America. He will take a non-traditional football school to its 2nd bowl game in 3 years. Chizik only won 2 games with this team and he is a national championship coach. Paul Rhoades us the real deal.

Rob said...

I only listened, but what came through loud and clear was pp not getting back on defense and pp jot rotating to stop the 3. Steve asked for 50 games and ill give it to him. My biggest concern is front line depth (no Pf recruits for next year), poor rebounding, and not getting back on d, were seeing the same problem as last year, bc hits shot, doesn't get back on d and immediately gives up a "fast break" bucket. I put that in quotes because it really shouldn't be a fast break since we scored. Unacceptable. Also, with this young team is like Steve to be less trigger happy with his rotations. Anderson started, looked ok, got an early bucket, then straight to the bench after two minutes. Give these guys some time to get into a flow.