Saturday, December 03, 2011

BC beats BU, BC loses to BU

The Hockey team salvaged some of their weekend by beating BU 6-1. This game was sort of the reverse of Friday. BU had more shots but couldn't capitalize. Neither team was strong with a man advantage. Congrats also to Goalie Brian Billett for his strong night inbetween the pipes. He saved 40 shots.

Unfortunately we didn't have a perfect day against BU. The basketball team lost to the Terriers 75-61. We had leads and played hard but there are so many problems with turnovers and shot selection. Sunday I will post a snapshot of Donahue's current struggle. I am not worried at all as I think this season will be bad regardless of what we try. But I don't think that Donahue can just forgive all the mistakes as growing pains. We need to get better over the course of the season and need to establish a decent rotation.


Jimmy said...

Hoops: Sucks to B Us!

eagle1331 said...

I'd like to see Billett get some more starts for the hockey team. As a whole, they are playing well, but Milner has not looked good against the better teams we've matched up against (ND, BU, Denver, etc). He was nothing short of a beast in the Empire League (22-2 as a rookie, 2.12 gaa) and hails from Maine so he's been playing good competition all his life. I don't know why Milner seems to struggle as a starter, but hopefully Jerry will give Brian the shot and at least split time more evenly like he did with Cory his freshman year.

lbkjj said...

BC won the Division 1 championship yesterday at Gillette stadium 21-7.
What a great headline. Well it was BC High and this was their second championship in 3 years.

John said...

When my daughter was a freshman we won 20+ hoop games, 9 in the ACC and earned a birth to the NCAA Tournament. In football our defense was a terror and we went to the ACC championship.

Flash forward four years later and now she is a senior. Our football and basketball team are embarrassing.

Thanks Gene.

Patrick Lane said...

Luke won the Butkus Trophy!

Lenny Sienko said...

The SI report says it was presented at the Eagles Football Banquet. What gives with no coverage?

Lenny Sienko said...

BTW Pat Hill, who has 4-9 record at Fresno State, playing all comers at any field available, was fired today.

Joe Bags said...

Dabo won the conference. It may be time for a long, cool drink off the Tobin.

Lenny Sienko said...

Apparently, the trophy presentation was a surprise, with Butkus walking up behind Luke at the banquet with the trophy in hand.

This made for great fun, I'm sure and the trophy is well deserved; but the manner of presentation, unless the surprise aspect can catch someone's imagination is gonna downplay the honor.

If Luke wind the Nagurski, no games...promote it professionally for the good of the program. BC needs anything it can get after this season.

mod34b said...

The ACC bowl line up is out

Had we beaten Duke and NW, we were headed to the Military Bowl. Almost glad to be staying home!


1.  Orange Bowl -- Clemson v WVU

2. Sugar Bowl -- VT v Michigan

3.  Chick-fil-A   Dec. 31  Atlanta, Ga. ACC No. 2 vs. SEC No. 5 Virginia vs. Auburn

4.  Champs Sports Dec. 29 Orlando, Fla. Big East No. 2 vs. ACC No. 3 Notre Dame vs. FSU

5.   Sun  Dec. 31  El Paso, Tex. ACC No. 4 vs. Pac-12 No. 4 Georgia Tech vs. Utah

6.  Belk      Dec. 27 Charlotte, N.C.  Big East No. 3 vs. ACC No. 5 Louisville vs. N.C. State

7.    Music City Dec. 30 Nashville, Tenn. ACC No. 6 vs. SEC No. 7 Wake Forest vs. Miss. State

8.   Independence Dec. 26 Shreveport, La. 5 p.m. MWC No. 3 vs. ACC No. 7 Missouri* vs. N. Carolina

9.    Military    Dec. 28 Washington D.C. 4:30 p.m. ACC No. 8 vs. Navy* Air Force* vs. Toledo*

Rob said...

Donahue says he wants 50 games with these guys before we start judging. I think that's fair given the youth, but I am concerned about his staff. Would feel more comfortable with the coaching if he had brought in a more experienced number two to replace Jones. Hope that he's got the right crew to get this done because they are going to need a lot of teaching.

Raj said...

50 games? Can he play 20 games in the summer? He chose to rebuild us, but will the fan base be patient?

50 games is basically two full seasons. What happens if we still stink? Then another few years of more re-building, if we have to part ways with Donahue?

My worry is the athletes he is recruiting. None of these guys seem to be D-1 caliber athletes. BU had 1-2 players who could "take over", we need that one player. Maybe in the next recruiting class.

Joseph said...

Might as well fire him now and save the trouble. Who were the BU players who could take over? Freshmen? Does anyone think that this first recruiting class will be all there is? It will never get better? Just look at what he was able to do at Cornell. He didn't do that in one year either. Look at what's going on at Harvard. They might break into the top 25. Any d-1 players there? Look at coach K's first several years at Duke. Now, I am NOT saying that Donahue is going to be like K, but we can hope and give him the benefit of the doubt and stop the negative speculation. If three years from now you can post the same with a ring of truth I will be shocked, but agree with you then. But now, no way.