Monday, December 26, 2011

Voice of Flutie era retires and other links

I am always jealous of college programs with established radio play-by-play men. One of the big upsides of having a "voice" is that their is an added depth and connection to all the big moments. The man who called BC football for a decade -- Dan Davis -- retired right before the Christmas holiday. Despite his tenure and his moment in Miami, Davis hasn't been associated with BC for decades. It's a shame that even since Davis moved on we haven't had a long tenured voice of BC sports. Maybe we will luck out and have Meter calling BC games for years to come.

Davis's call

Future Eagle Justin Simmons earned a defensive honor from his local paper.

BC is going after IL Olineman Logan Tuley-Tillman.

BCI has a good update on the potential division shifts within the ACC. Let me restate that I would looooooove to see us drop Virginia Tech as the cross division game in exchange for Syracuse.


mod34b said...

"Maybe we will luck out and have Meter calling BC games for years to come."

I hope not. This guy is awful. His voice is so grating,

And if you listen to him every morning on WEEI, you would have even less respect for him. He is the butt of jokes and the dumb whipping boy. Absolutely no spine in him.

Big Jack Krack said...

I haven't heard Meter but he's no Don Davis! Is he a Fenway Sports Group guy? What a disappointing failure that group has been.

I haven't paid too much attention to the ACC 9 game schedule.

Whenever it happens, I'd like to see BC replace Virginia Tech with Georgia Tech and keep Miami from the Coastal Division.

After that, I'm okay with Pittsburgh as the 9th game - those are big cities with pro teams, etc. I never liked our association with Virginia Tech - we don't have much in common with them.

Pretty rough schedule, plus ND and some other national toughs.

NC State
Georgia Tech

Let's go Swofford - If you've come this far, real in ND and one other school and get it over with.

If it had to be a school we don't like, I'd say go with Rutgers.

Big Jack Krack said...

My wish for 2012 and beyond is that we return not only to respectability in football and basketball - but return as a serious challenger for the league titles.

It's really hard to stay positive with DeFilippo and Spaziani rowing us down the River Styx.

Good strong leadership provides the vision, hires the right people (coaches) and gets out of the way.

You have your discussions with your coordinators and individual coaches, and then you let them do their jobs.

When will we ever get back to that? I'm afraid not until those two individuals retire to Florida or wherever.

As I said - it's difficult to stay positive.

JBQ said...

The more times that video is played, even D. Flutie is worried that Phelan will drop the ball. The same holds true for the Jewish kid with the left foot. One of these times, it will go wide right. Both of these are indeed wonders to be appreciated in the season of miracles. Frank Leahy laid the foundation for greatness. Prayerfully, it will return just like MacArthur.

Knucklehead said...

Meter was another Gene D hire

eagleboston said...

What is the problem with Meter? I always know what is going on when he calls a game. He is so much better than those hacks ESPN 3 hires.

The best college guy was Tony Roberts who used to do Notre Dame broadcasts. I think they ran him to bring in Criqui an ND alum.

I have been very impressed with BC grad Joe Tessetore.

janebc said...

Ha ha -BJK-Your Image of Flip and Spaz rowing us down the River Styx is brilliant. Yesterday, I watched the 93 ND game on ESPN Classics. I found it heartbreaking, knowing that today, if Gordon's kicked had clanked off the uprights, it would have been "a moral victory" and the fans would not have gotten "spoiled" from winning too much. How far we have fallen in 18 years.

mod10aeagle said...

Meter is horrific! He's a screamer who makes a time out sound just like a TD. I stopped listening to BC games on the radio after his third game. I'd rather just wait and read about it in the Globe the next day. Yes, Meter is actually worse than day-old Globe coverage!

Jimmy said...

Meter is a hack, just how GDF' likes it.

As for style, Meter is loud and uses all the sports cliches . I cover my ears when BC scores because i know what is coming in the Meter loud dumb voice: "There is an Eagle in the End Zone. Take a bow". Wow that is some bad radio.