Monday, January 23, 2012

Catching up with Jared Dudley and other links featured Jared Dudley. He continues to do the little things the Suns ask. I also find it interesting that despite his growing media profile, Dudley still sees his future as a college basketball coach.

After spurning BC, Akeel Lynch officially committed to Penn State.

BC used the open scholarship to offer Massachusetts Tight End prospect Jameson Mcshea. BC also locked in a verbal commitment from Ohio DB Bryce Jones.


John said...

With a name like Jameson McShea, they had better make sure he doesn't have the alcoholism gene.

In all seriousness, Harvard, UMass or BC.

Not long ago, there wouldn't have been a question. Thanks a lot, Gene.

John said...

Not to be disrespectful, but how long had Joe Pa been wearing a wig? Certainly not just the last 4 months.

I'd say probably 10-20 years anyway.

Why? It all adds to the make believe.

Big Jack Krack said...

Jared Dudley was and is special. It's too bad more recruits didn't pick their school based upon the school's need.

He found BC, as I recall.

Recruiting at its best.

mod34b said...

John - We don't need pathetic Irish stereotypes. Seriously, rather than being concerned with "disrespecting" the dead (JoePa), instead trying not disrespecting a large swath of the population.

And, per Scout, McShea had offers from Temple and Maryland -- not bad. see THIS

I like that Spaz had a quick replacement for the prima donna Sam "I am too Special" Grant future Michigan bench warmer and practive squad specialist.

John said...

Sorry Mod.

I was having some fun with the kid's first name and it was meant as tongue in cheek. It didn't come across as intended.

Bob B. said...

Bryce Jones plays on offense with a very good 2013 WR by the name of Shelton Gibson. Kid already has offers from a handful of schools including Auburn and tOSU. Maybe Spaz is angling for the QB/WR package deal. Can't fault him for opening a pipeline with a high school that produces consistent talent. I don't see Jones really becoming a standout at DB, as most of his tape shows him lobbing passes to talented weapons.
My main concern is that Spaz is building this class around undersized 2-star athletes, most of whom will never produce at the D1 level. This would be okay if we had 22-25 guys on board, but 15 mediocre players doesn't give the staff very many cards in the deck. Meanwhile, BC's last opponent, Miami, has 31 players in its 2012 class and Al Golden is still on the trail. I'm not saying BC is going to get 30 studs, but we should be able to get at least 20 D1 caliber players. Embarrassing to see us in battles for local recruits with FCS teams (McShea). We will be worse than Duke in two years because they run their program as if they CAN win, while Spaz runs ours as if to say that we SHOULDNT win.

mod34b said...

Bob. McShea had offers from FBS teams.

And, Spaz is no dummy! He saw how successful York has been recruiting undersized speedy kids and applying it to the gridiron. :-)

We do have some decent recruits. Not enough. But some excellent kids. Miami is not a good comparator for BC recruiting-wise

bcoakhill said...

As was said on Around the Res, Bryce Jones, who was also recruited by Army and Air Force, obviously is of strong character, of high intelligence and has strong leadership capabilities. Army and Air Force do not recruit slouches.