Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eagles beat Clemson, avoids winless ACC schedule

This isn't the same as beating a No. 1 North Carolina, but tonight's win over Clemson is an important step. I am glad the team avoided a winless ACC season. I trust Donahue and a 0-16 ACC season would have created a ton of baggage. With that out of the way, let's get another two or three. Here are my thoughts:

-- Lonnie Jackson hitting 3s. If the other team gives him a little space and a little time, he is dangerous from out there.
-- Defensive rebounding. One of the reasons Clemson could score for stretches were due to our defensive rebounding.
-- Dennis Clifford close to the basket. He looked good down on the block. You can see how he might blossum as he gets used to the speed of the ACC.

-- Not converting on Free Throws. With a team full of shooters, we need to get to at least .500 from the line.
-- Humphrey's turnovers. Humphrey had another good game but was too sloppy at times with the ball.
-- Heckmann's minutes. I know our other wing players got hot, but Heckmann needs to play more than 12 minutes.


EL MIZ said...

how about "Likes: not going 0-16 in the ACC."

what do you know, but BC is 1-1. to think we beat an ACC opponent with the production from anderson and heckmann is pretty amazing. big nights from jackson, clifford, and daniels. really happy for the team to get the monkey of their back.

Danny Boy said...

The kids looked legitimately happy to win. Hopefully this helps the buy in, and lets them get a little more comfortable as they transition to college ball.

Benjamin said...

El_Miz's note that we're 1-1 in the ACC is on point. With the way we stayed in against UNC and the win tonight, I am optimistic.

I'm not saying I expect an ACC championship, but the improvement of these players is visible. I'm a big fan of the Don, and what he's trying to do with the team. Go Eagles.

Ry said...

Last night's win convinced me that this team will not be remembered as being as bad as the '98-'99 team that won only 6 games.

apbc12 said...

I like the idea that the team just "avoided" something that was still 15 games away. Not that I think we're going to win a lot this year, but that's the kind of thing you usually say after the second-to-last conference game, not the second.

Knucklehead said...

They won a close game. That will give them confidence in close games going forward. If they are able to win 3-4 games in the league the games will be very close. Obviously this helps.

They left alot of points on the floor which was good as well. If they hit 75% of their missed free throws and layups then they would have won by 10.

Clifford is very good as a player and a teammate. Donohue should use him to help recruit locally(ie New England Prep schools). Anderson and Jackson always seem to be in the right position. They will be finishing the plays they are missing by the end of the year.
Daniels is tough and good. Hopefully O'hanlan and rahon can drive to the basket. That is what we are missing.

Heckmann is a decent shooter. He plays a terrible floor game. Bad passes, turnovers etc. Saw him against Sacred Heart a few weeks ago. He was bad against them as well. Wouldn't be surprised if he washes out.

Still want to see a Baltimore or NYC area player get signed. There are not alot of tough teams in the ACC. I think that can differentiate us long term and help us against Syracuse/Pitt

Big Jack Krack said...

Congratulations Team - keep fighting with your heads held high.

Teej said...

did you watch the game? Heckmann played 12 AWFUL minutes. That's why he didn't play. Donahue put him in at the end of the game and his 2nd play he made a terrible pass that we couldnt deal with down the stretch.

You have to let him focus, but not when he doesn't look to score, doesnt look to make good passes and just looks out of it all game.

Donahue's biggest mistake was not calling plays for Jackson when he was hot. Jackson scored 3 straight possessions and then got an assist, then didnt see the ball without a hand in his face until that 3 late in the game. He should have had set plays with the hot hand.

Great win. Happy for the guys. Now lets try to keep it rolling

And for Pete's Sake. Will you people in Boston come to a freaking game? The team is fighting hard in front of a 1/3 at max full crowd.

Knucklehead said...

Did you read what I wrote?