Sunday, January 08, 2012

Hockey ties Merrimack

I know that most BC fans were watching former Eagles battle it out in the Meadowlands, but BC Hockey had a game against Merrimack this afternoon. After getting an early lead, BC allowed Merrimack to come back and tie the game. Despite the competition, the crowd was strong. BC listed attendance as 7,114. BC is now 22-0-3 against Merrimack in their last 25 games at the Heights.


Tim said...

"Despite the competition, the crowd was strong."

Merrimack is actually very good. Thyey're #7 in the country, with an 11-4-4 record. They were good last year, too.

BC is now 2-2-1 in our last 5 games against Merrimack. Every game was decided by 2 goals or less.

Teej said...

but usually were losing out to pro teams. Pretty solid turnout with NFL on & students not here.

Tim said...

It was a good crowd. BC sold a bunch of discounted ($10) tickets. Also, given the 1:00 pm start, there were a ton of families with kids. It was also nice not to have to listen to the incessant moronic "you suck" chants from the students.

sportsfordummies said...
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eagle1331 said...

I'm not sure to what degree you are a fan of the sport of hockey and to what frequency you attend live games, but based on your statement I'm guess the answer would be a variant of "not much."

Yelling "You Suck" when a player is announced is prevalent in every level of this game, from high school to the NHL to the Olympics. It is a violent game and the adult content spills over into the stands; BC "kids" are not doing anything 60 year olds aren't doing down at Boston's Garden.

Really, that's pretty tame compared to games in the NY Rangers, Flyers, and Devils rivalries, where you get "Rangers Suck, Flyers Swallow" from NJ fans, Flyers fans beating up Rangers fans outside of stadiums, and Rangers fans throwing anything they can find in a stadium at opposition team fans.

So please, next time, before you post something calling out BC students, know a little bit more about the subject matter...

Tim said...

Thanks for the primer. I've only attended hockey games regularly for about twenty years, seen BC play on the road in almost every Hockey East venue, plus neutral site games in Boston, Worcester, Albany, Providence, Manchester, Detroit, etc. etc. And of course, I've attended countless BC home games. Got the picture?

But I completely agree that if fans at other venues engage in certain behavior, then BC students should do the same. We should never try to be better (or classier) than anyone else. Never to Excel. Nice attitude.

Those "What's the matter with Merrimack? Merrimack sucks! Merrimack sucks! Merrimack sucks! Merrimack sucks!" chants are just plain stupid. Every year the BC magazine tells me how brilliant the incoming classes are, but this is the best they can come up with? Pathetic.

Again, though, thanks for the hockey primer. It was so helpful.

eagle1331 said...

I'm sure you're the same type of proud BC alumni that gets upset about fans outside of the student section standing during football games as well. It's hockey, Tim, and the fan behavior is part of the game.

West-Coaster said...


Power down. Ain't worth it.

Jimmy said...

Tim -

You made a nice piece of Eagle1331 toast.


And Tim, I am guessing you also did have to hear the lame "it is all your fault" bit directed at the opponent's goal tender. That one makes me cringe.

John said...

Here's one for you.

LSU sucks! What, one first down in the first half?


John said...

Why didn't Bama take a knee? That's not fair.

Tim said...

You're wrong yet again. In fact, I wish BC fans would stand up and cheer more. You've confused enthusiasm for one's team (standing up, cheering, making lots of noise when BC's on defense in football, chanting Let's Go Eagles, singing the fight song, etc.) with yelling "you suck" at the other team, which is (a) poor sportsmanship and (b) stupid and unimaginative.

Here's a piece of free advice: when confronted with an opposing viewpoint, try to resist the temptation to assume that the other person is a moron. First you assumed that I've been to very few hockey games (wrong) and then you assumed I must be part of the "sit down shut up" crowd (wrong again). Have you ever considered that maybe -- just maybe -- you're the one who should rethink his own views?

eagle1331 said...

Nope, I'm pretty set in my ways Tim, especially when confronted by someone holding an opposing view point that refuses to accept the facts of the game, the role fans play in it, and the possibility that the unique atmosphere, completely different from every other sport, is actually what draws fans to that arena.

There is no other sport that allows this type of behavior, and while it may not be up to the standards you hold yourself, it is a major selling point of the sport and factors in to attendance. There is a reason Gary Bettman hasn't outlawed fighting in the NHL and the rules haven't changed so it's moniker isn a variation of the "No Fun League" like the NFL.

People go to hockey games to get rowdy and Jerry York noted the atmosphere the first few games of the season for getting the players fired up. While I may have been wrong saying you don't attend games, you're the one refusing to accept the atmosphere that has been prevalent in the game and has endeared it too many.

Joseph said...

So, if the fans and players were not acting like dopes, no one would go? Sort of like NASCAR without the crashes what would it be but another high speed commute.

It might be best if you all said that SOME like it crude and gratuitously violent. Others enjoy the athleticism, physicality and competitiveness. Did you ever notice that the most celebrated hockey players like Gretsky, Orr and Bourke were rarely in fights? Sure terry O'Reilly was in lots of fights, but he was never close to being as good as Gretsky.

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